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Bead Retreat


Founded in 2001 Bead Retreat is proud to be the original concept in home beading parties! Now more than ever people have the need to reconnect and Bead Retreat sets the stage for people to Retreat with family and friends and discover the jewelry designer within. Bead Retreat is a 100% teaching company as all products are presented in kit form for exclusive trend setting bracelet, necklace, and earring designs using beads from around the world that create a quality product that is a true value. Bead Retreat Coordinators guide their Hosts and guests in an interactive experience in creating a custom piece of beaded jewelry in less than an hour!


Imagine turning your love of beading and business into a flexible new career with unlimited earning potential. Starting your Bead Retreat business is easy. Our training programs virtually ensure your success! Never made jewelry before? Not to worry. Our basic beading techniques are simple to learn and teach. At a Retreat Coordinators earn a $10 per person teaching fee as well as start out earning 23-25% from products made and ordered at the Retreat. On average with 10 guests in attendance Coordinators can earn up to $150+ at one Retreat! Bead Retreat Headquarters and your sponsor offer personalized training for a strong start and continued success of your Bead Retreat business. We invite you to discover your Bead Retreat business so you can truly “Make It Your Own.”


Unleash Your Creativity with BEAD RETREAT by Sherry Dunleavy – An exclusive Feature

Dive into the captivating world of beadwork with our exclusive video, “BEAD RETREAT” featuring the talented Sherry Dunleavy. Unearth expert secrets and techniques about intricate bead design and jewelry creation for enthusiasts and homebound entrepreneurs alike. Learn first-hand from Sherry Dunleavy, a seasoned expert with a reservoir of artful knowledge to share. Elevate your craft now. For more exclusive content and expert advice, visit and don’t forget to hit subscribe for updates on upcoming videos!

Exclusive: BEAD RETREAT with Rosanna Stremlau – A Special

Immerse yourself in the intricate world of bead design in our exclusive “BEAD RETREAT” video featuring the remarkable Rosanna Stremlau. Discover expert techniques and tips on creating stunning beadwork and jewelry for hobbyists and home-based entrepreneurs straight from a seasoned virtuoso like Rosanna. Upgrade your beadwork skills now. For more exclusive content and expert pieces, visit and ensure to click subscribe for our latest video updates!