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March 31, 2023

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Abby M. Locke


Building Bridges to New Careers: How to Leverage Your Past Career Achievements
Creating a Winning Non-Profit Resume
Over Forty: Combating Age Discrimination in Today’s Job Market
Navigating the Federal Job Market
Job Search Strategies
Putting Your Best Foot Forward: Creating a Distinctive Resume and Cover Letter
Developing an Effective Job Search Strategy
Writing Successful KSA Statements


“Purpose + Passion = Unparalleled Success” – My Personal Philosophy. Embracing this personal philosophy, I started Premier Writing Solutions, LLC, an executive resume-writing and personal branding services company in Washington, DC. Fueled by my deep passion for helping others, I have perfected a talent for “extracting” their unique strengths and getting valuable nuggets of information through focused strategy sessions and personal consultation. I emphatically use the power of words to help my clients come alive on paper through customized, branded résumés and career marketing documents.

Anne M. Obarski


Gen Who? What to do when the Generations Collide!

Make Your Business Contagious! Let Your Customers Spread the Word

Boomerang Customers: 5 Critical Things Keep Your Customers Coming Back!

Retail Business is Show Business! Keep Your Customers Applauding and Returning!

Bullfrogs Have it Easy… They EAT What Bugs Them! – Unbeatable Communication Skills To Use Around Your “Pad”!


Anne M. Obarski is the “Eye” on Performance”. Anne’s goal is to help businesses become “CONTAGIOUS”! You’ve got it and the customer needs it so how do you make the connection? Her Customer Retention System will show you how!

She is Founder and Executive Director of Merchandise Concepts, a business consulting service since 1984. As an internationally published author and professional speaker, she helps people see themselves through their customers’ eyes.

As a previous sportswear buyer for the May Co. department stores, Anne found herself traveling worldwide to find just the right merchandise for her customers and her million dollar department.

Anne’s background also includes that of a college professor for 15 years teaching retail buying and mathematics classes which prompted her to write the workbook, “Applied Retail Mathematics”. She is also the author of “Surprising Secrets of Mystery Shoppers” and a contributing author to the books, “Confessions of Shameless Self Promoters”, “Real WORLD Customer Service Strategies That Work” and most recently published “Conversations on Customer Service and Sales” featuring business guru Brian Tracy. Her company’s mystery shoppers, better known as Retail Snoops, have secretly “snooped” over 2000 stores nationwide searching for excellence in customer service. Guess what, she is still looking!

She is Past President of the National Speakers Association – Pittsburgh, PA Chapter, of which she received the Chapter Member of the Year –2000 award. She is currently on the board of the National Speakers Association, Saint Louis Chapter. She is member of the National Speakers Association and sits on the board of a number of non-profit associations.


Anne M. Obarski is the “Eye” on Performance”, and delivering a great performance is what Anne does for her audiences whether in a keynote, breakout or customized training session. She believes that businesses should hold their employees accountable for giving great customer service and Anne practices what she preaches.

As a past college instructor, Anne brings her love of teaching and a great sense of humor to her lively sessions and helps companies get “back in the box” and focus on the basics that keep their customers coming back….enviable, repeatable, remarkable customer service. You can bet there won’t be any sleeping going on in the back of Anne’s sessions!

As a speaker and trainer, Anne personally customizes programs for 5 – 5,000 and she knows how to engage any size audience and help them learn the critical essentials to being savvy and successful in their businesses. Audience members have been heard recently saying, “You really did your homework about our industry and you hit every issue that is important to us. You sounded like you were one of us!”

So don’t hire Anne if you want a “feel good speaker”! Hire Anne if you want to learn and be able to implement ideas and systems that will bring quantifiable results to your company and its customer service performance!

(A secret of why she is outstanding on the platform….she is a closet chocoholic!)

Rave Reviews

“I take this opportunity on behalf of the team at Cite Up Limited to thank you for the two inspiring presentations you gave to the retail community here in Trinidad in September and November 2005.”

We have taken the opportunity to stay in touch with many of the organizations that attended ‘Retail Is Detail’ and continue to hear great reviews and success stories resulting from what participants have learnt.

“Your personal presentation style is quite dynamic and most if not all of the participants echoed this sentiment.”
-Ken Corbie, Managing Director, Cite Up

“Thank you for joining us in Louisville to present two strong sessions during the 2007 ANLA Management Clinic. As you know, your sessions were very well attended and the second session grew in attendance as the word spread. We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback of your sessions. Our attendees particularly valued the “Making Your Business Contagious” session.”
-Stephanie Stockton, Director of Business Education, American Nursery & Landscape Association

“…Your enthusiasm, knowledge…and interactive atmosphere not only was well received but fostered an atmosphere that supported change and excitement!” -Kenneth E. Gorton, Chief Administrator, Arthritis Foundation

“She was great. Upbeat. One of the very best speakers we have ever had.” -Pattie Miller, Giant Eagle

“Very well done…You were polished, packaged and presentable!”
-Norma Liebenquth, Family Resources of PA

“Scale of 1 to 10…a 10!”
-Mary Swedrun, Giant Eagle

“Did a great job bridging our skits with some concrete advice on listening skills and their impact on the customer” Rebecca Lamperski, Pittsburgh Radio and Television Club”

“Your energy and enthusiasm certainly captured our merchants’ attention…I believe that they hung on your every word”
-Mindy Suhoza, Marketing Director, Monroeville Mall

Anne’s client list includes, corporations, associations and conference meetings within the US and the Caribbean.

Contact Anne M. Obarski

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Carol Webster


Effective Communications for the Global Executive

The Forgotten Factor: Cross-Cultural Communications

Preparing to Market Your Product Internationally

Introduction to Export Marketing

Tips and Tales from a Battle-Scarred Travel Veteran


Interested in “Going Global and Growing Global”? Carol Webster is an accomplished speaker on international marketing and cross-cultural communications, and has spoken at conferences worldwide, including the U.S., Czech Republic, Germany, Brazil, Australia and the People’s Republic of China.

Carol Webster founded Cassel International in 2003 to provide strategic planning and marketing services for businesses that wish to enter or expand their presence in the global marketplace.

Carol graduated from Georgetown University in 1978 with a B.S. in Languages and Linguistics. After serving as an executive in several industrial environments, Ms. Webster received her B.B.A. in Business from Belmont University in 1986, with a concentration in Industrial Marketing and Product Management. Intrigued by the global marketplace and its opportunities, Carol subsequently earned an MBA in International Management from the renowned Garvin School of International Management (Thunderbird). This intense program included several months at the European Business School in Germany, and a professional internship with Dr. August Oetker Nahrungsmittel. Carol also completed a Leadership Program at Ashridge Management College in England in 2001.

Carol has over 25 years of experience in the U.S. and Europe in international marketing management, in such diverse fields as engineering, automotive, apparel machinery, specialty food and industrial textiles. Her expertise lies in the areas of strategic business planning, business analysis, marketing management for consumer and industrial products, establishment and management of worldwide agent/distributor/sales networks, and corporate communications. Carol has excellent professional and personal contacts the world over, and her reputation for efficiency and performance is unmatched.

In addition to speaking English, Ms. Webster is fluent in German and conversant in both French and Spanish. She has traveled extensively for both business and pleasure (at last count more than 70 countries), and is well versed in cross-cultural communications.


I have a passion for international business and marketing! The trend toward globalization continues, and anyone and everyone should be cognizant of it, and willing to be an integrated participant!

It is my goal to help you “Go Global and Grow Global”. It’s time to reach out to potential clients and consumers in the 193 countries around the world!

I can help you take the first step into international business by giving you a plan to move forward – identifying those markets which need your product or service, developing a marketing plan to reach those markets, finding the right business partners and distribution channels, and doing it all in a culturally correct way.

Cross-cultural communications is an important part of doing business internationally, and I offer several presentations on the subject, many presented with humor, and all laced with my personal experiences over the past 25 years!

Rave Reviews

Nonwovens Conference on Filtration – Prague, Czech Republic
“I am happy to report that you received our highest speaker rating ever!” –Lutz Bergmann, President Filter Media Services

Technical Presentation – Ilfracombe, UK
“I would like to thank you for an excellent presentation. The content and style were of the correct pitch for the audience.” –Sandy Gliddon, Supply Manager

National Association of Women Business Owners National Conference – Orlando, Florida June 2005
“Many thanks to Carol Webster for her terrific presentation on the successful and well-received international panel”. –Betsy Weber, International Chair

National Association of Women Business Owners – Nashville, Tennessee July 2006
“Carol is a wonderful speaker and received rave reviews” –Letha Edwards, President

U.S. Department of Commerce Export Assistance Center – Nashville, Tennessee March 2007
“Carol is very knowledgeable about international business and we have called upon her on several occasions for speaking engagements on international business” –Ericka Stevens, International Trade Specialist

Georgetown University Alumni Teleclass -Washington, D.C. August 2007
“I just wanted to pass along some very positive feedback from your presentation yesterday! It was very well received and quite
informative. –Bridget Bowers, Direct of Alumni Career Services

Contact Carol Webster

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Colette Ellis


Career Development – Discover Your Competent Advantage™

Transitioning into Success

Making Your Net-Work


Stress Management – Coping with Work & Family Stress™

Reduce Stress – Focus Energy

Creating Balance in a Fast Paced World

Is Your Stress Weighing You Down?


Colette Ellis, is the founder of InStep Consulting LLC.  Collette is a dynamic communicator and trusted advisor to pivotal leaders of Fortune 500 and nonprofit organizations across the United States.  She has been a featured speaker for 85 Broads, 100 Women in Hedge Funds, Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, Citibank at Work, Downtown Women’s Club, HSBC Bank USA, National Coalition of Black Women, US Small Business Administration and Women For Hire.  Colette encourages innovative and continuous learning as an Adjunct Professor with New York University, teaching graduate courses on Managing Diversity.  Her leadership program, Discover Your Competent Advantage helps clients leverage their power, passion and relationships to achieve sustainable results.  Colette graduated cum laude from Dartmouth College, and from New York University, where she was a Dean’s Scholar, with an M.P.A. in Public Finance.


  • @Who’s Hiring- How to Leverage Social Media for Your Job Search
  • Attack the Problem, Not Your Team-8 Steps to Resolving Your Biggest Challenges
  • Bring Your Future into Laser Focus- How to Define & Communicate Your Vision
  • Can You Hear Me Now? – How to Achieve Communication Breakthroughs
  • Create a Buzz- How to Brand Yourself in 140 Characters of Less
  • Follow the Evidence- How to Manage Diversity in the New Normal
  • Healthy Habits, Healthy Minds-How to Manage Stress in a Fast-Paced World
  • Know Your Market- How to Find Your Next Best Opportunity for Success
  • There’s No “I” in Team- How to Motivate & Inspire for Sustainable Results
  • The New Normal– How to Position Yourself for Success in a Changing Environment

Programs and activities can be modified based on the goals and priorities of the target audience.  For more information, contact us at:

Rave Reviews

  • “Colette was enjoyable to work with.  So often faciliatators are not well spoken and cannot keep the group going.  She was both well spoken, kept the group going and interacted well with the group.”
  • “Colette was clear in her instructions and explanations but never tried to dominate the discussions as some facilitators do.”
  • “[The retreat that Colette facilitated] created a platform for the development of a vision for the next 20+ years.  This platform is only in a discussion stage but the major points have been identified.”
  • “One of the pluses [Colette] possesses is the ability to ‘make you think.'”
  • [Colette] was excellent and pleasant and knowledgeable.  She sets a presence for everyone to be comfortable and respected.  She is very good at what she does.”

Contact Colette Ellis

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Daisy Saunders


Achieving Optimum Success in Business and in Life
Attitude: The Difference-Maker
Empowering Yourself and Others
Retaining Your Best Workers
Motivating and Appreciating Staff


Daisy Saunders, founder of Big Eyes International and author of Big Eyes…Big Eyedeas for Achieving Optimum Success in Business and in Life, is a speaker, trainer, and consultant who helps organizations create a culture that allows people to flourish and maximize their potential. Her personal motto is envisioning the possibilities.

For more than fifteen years, Daisy has been making a difference in the lives of people from all walks of life. She has presented keynotes, workshops, and seminars for clients such as Freddie Mac, Marriott, NASA, The John Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, and numerous state and local government agencies and non-profit organizations.

The strength of Daisy’s message comes from personal experience. She was one of nine children born to sharecroppers in Quincy, Florida. By all odds, Daisy should not be a success. But, she learned early on that it was possible to take control of your life and change it. She learned the skills necessary to move from a life of mediocrity toward a rich, fulfilling, satisfying, successful life.

Daisy resides in Sarasota, Florida. She is a member of the National Speakers Association.


Whether it’s a keynote, two or three hour workshop or a full day seminar, Daisy delivers a powerful message based partly on her own personal experiences growing up in rural Quincy, Florida and her 20 + years as the Founder and CEO of an award winning training and development firm. This hands-on experience has given her an opportunity to gain an up-close and personal look at the many challenges faced by large corporations, mid to small-sized companies, and entrepreneurial firms.

Daisy has this uncanny ability to take old information, repackage it, and make it sound brand new. She delivers information in an easy to understand style that enables people to really “get it”. Her ability to quickly assess your needs…and present solutions in a down-to-earth, humorous, interactive manner…is the real key to her success. She makes learning fun. During her presentations, she blends up-to-date market trends and statistical facts, with humor and solid content, to produce the best possible program for your organization. She doesn’t just tell you what to do, she tells you how. She motivates, energizes and entertains. But most importantly, she educates. Daisy stimulates and challenges participation to take action. All of her programs are customized to meet the expressed as well as the unexpressed needs of participants.

Daisy is a great asset to your roster of motivational and business speakers. Her articles on leadership and personal empowerment have been published on-line and in several trade publications. To learn more about her speaking and consulting, visit

Rave Reviews

“Daisy exceeded our expectations. She is engaging, content-intense, and humorous. Our members walked away with valuable information they could use immediately. They are still talking about the impact Daisy’s presentation had on them.”
-DeWanda Smith-Soeder, Founder, President Black Business and Professional Network (BBPN)

“Attendees reported that they were delighted with your presentation and found you to be a breath of fresh air who gave information that would change their thinking process for ever!”
-Lynn McDonald,Event Coordinator, 2006 Women on the Scene Event

“Daisy’s greatest strength is her ability to quickly assess the needs of participants and present information in a down-to-earth, humorous, interactive manner. In her programs, there is never a dull moment. Participants laugh and learn.”
-Victoria Main, Senior Associate, Abt Associates

On a scale of 1 to 5, attendees rated Daisy’s Empowerment seminar a 5. Not one attendee was able to make any suggestions for improvement. Comments included: “Absolutely none – just more sessions by Daisy”; “this was one of the best courses ever offered”; “Excellent as is!” Daisy truly helps participants “envision the possibilities”.
-Freda M. Lockhart, Chief, Workforce and Strategic Development, U. S. EPA – Region 4

“When you opened your mouth a well of knowledge sprung out and I was able to grab my bucket and filled it with precious jewels for life’s progressing journey. Thank you!”
– M. Johnson

“Words fail me to express how grateful I am to you for your words of encouragement and inspiration at last night’s BBPN event. Not only was I inspired by your words and enthusiasm, but even more so by your beautiful spirit. You have renewed my focus and energized my determination to pursue my dreams.”
-J. Vaughan


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Debra Fine


Business Networking
Building Business and Gaining Visibility in the Marketplace
The FineArt of Small Talk


Author, keynote speaker and trainer Debra Fine began her career as an engineer, an occupation that allowed her to maintain her natural shyness and avoid situations that required social interactions. Debra developed her programs and wrote her book The Fine Art of Small Talk How to Start a Conversation, Keep it Going, Build Networking Skills–and Leave a Positive Impression! (Hyperion 2005) to teach technically oriented professional’s conversation skills and networking techniques that help in developing business relationships and enhancing networking opportunities.

Debra travels the world presenting both keynotes and workshops for associations and government agencies along with clients that include First Data Corporation, General Electric, Lockheed Martin, the American Bar Association, GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals, Wells Fargo and New York University Stern Graduate School of Business. Debra’s bestseller: The Fine Art of Small Talk was met with excellent reviews in the Library Journal, USA Today, and Entrepreneur Magazine. Considered the “go to expert” for conversation skills and networking techniques, she has been featured on The Today Show, The Early Show, NPR Morning Edition and CNN and in magazines and newspapers from as far away as the Sydney Morning Herald and as close to home as the Wall Street Journal and Redbook Magazine. Second in her book series, The Fine Art of the Big Talk How to Win Clients, Deliver Great Presentations and Solve Conflicts at Work (Hyperion) arrives on book shelves January 2008. Along with her over 12 plus years membership in the National Speakers Association, Debra has been an active Rotarian and member of the Rotary Club of Southeast Denver for over 14 years. She lives in the Denver area together with her husband and their four children. View more information about Debra and The Fine Art of Small Talk at .


Question: Do you dread networking events, meeting new people, hospitality suites & business related social functions?

Answer: Debra Fine, former engineer now nationally recognized speaker and author. Recently described by the Denver Post as “a mixture of stand-up comic, therapist and teacher”, her keynotes and workshops teach conversation tips and techniques to both the technically oriented professional and the spouse who is dragged along to conferences, conventions and banquets.
Debra’s fast paced, entertaining, informative and interactive programs focus on building business relationships and making the most of networking opportunities. Audiences laugh, learn and leave with insightful, informative tips on: striking up conversations and keeping them going, coming across as composed and self-assured when interacting with people or entertaining clients at conventions, trade shows and other work related functions, becoming “active” listeners, avoiding conversation “killers”, remembering names, making proper introductions, exiting with tact and experiencing more ease at association events, networking occasions, receptions, job interviews and meetings.

We all learn the technical skills or proficiencies required for our current or future careers, but not everyone places importance on conversation skills. The ability to talk easily with anyone is a learned skill, not a personality trait. Acquiring it will help develop rapport with decision makers, clients and customers, colleagues and staff members and leave a positive impression that lasts longer than an exchange of business cards. Partial Client List: Lockheed Martin*CVS Pharmacy*Alaska Forum on the Environment*Texas Dental Association*Texas Bookkeepers Association*Amerus Group*Dividend Capital*SunAmerica Securities*Tax Club of Chicago* International Association of Municipal Clerks*Dallas Law Librarian Association*Brinkers International*Women’s Council of Realtors*CB Commercial Real Estate*International Association of Fire Chiefs*Greater Dallas Chamber of Commerce*Graduate Management Admission Council*Smeal Graduate School of Business Penn State*University of Chicago Graduate School of Business*Wells Fargo Bank*GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals*General Electric*Janus Capital Group*Washington Mutual*United States Treasury Department*Lehman Brothers*Grubb & Ellis*Faegre and Benson Attorneys at Law*Vail Associates

Rave Reviews

“Many people told me we should have given you twice as much time. In the eight years that we have sponsored this Conference, you proved to be our most popular luncheon speaker. The response was simply overwhelming”

“Your workshop had immediate results – our Specialists walked out of the classroom with more confidence in their communication skills and a better understanding of how to strengthen customer relationships. You did a great job of tailoring the presentation to our specific needs. Your ability to address the communication objectives of our employees made believers out of a potentially skeptical group of people.”

“Our capacity crowd was the highest at an AMA program in two years! Many people I spoke with following the program complimented the humorous and realistic way in which you approached the topic of conversational skills – a very relevant topic with holiday networking functions upon us. The way in which you interacted with and involved the audience was fantastic, and it brought home the point of personal connection and name recognition that you made in your presentation.”

“I really appreciate and recognize your contribution and feel that you set a great tone for the entire conference, I hope you realize how truly wonderful you and your presentation were. The substance of your presentation was extremely helpful in beginning the networking process. You held the attention of two hundred very demanding women who rarely sit through a meeting without planning their escape, and who can hardly keep their mouths shut for a moment to listen. Indeed, they listened to you.”

“I want to thank you again, on behalf of all of us at Hinckley, Allen & Snyder, for the terrific presentation you gave us in May. I can honestly say that many of those present made it a point to come up to me after the event to tell me how much they enjoyed what you had to say and they found the information meaningful and useful. And this is a tough group to please!”


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