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March 20, 2023

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Abby M. Locke


Building Bridges to New Careers: How to Leverage Your Past Career Achievements
Creating a Winning Non-Profit Resume
Over Forty: Combating Age Discrimination in Today’s Job Market
Navigating the Federal Job Market
Job Search Strategies
Putting Your Best Foot Forward: Creating a Distinctive Resume and Cover Letter
Developing an Effective Job Search Strategy
Writing Successful KSA Statements


“Purpose + Passion = Unparalleled Success” – My Personal Philosophy. Embracing this personal philosophy, I started Premier Writing Solutions, LLC, an executive resume-writing and personal branding services company in Washington, DC. Fueled by my deep passion for helping others, I have perfected a talent for “extracting” their unique strengths and getting valuable nuggets of information through focused strategy sessions and personal consultation. I emphatically use the power of words to help my clients come alive on paper through customized, branded résumés and career marketing documents.