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April 1, 2023

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Health and Wellness

Elizabeth Aldrich


Living Life in Balance
Eating for Energy
Nourishing Your Life
Take Charge of Your Food
Nurture the Planet


Beth Aldrich, Nutrition Coach, writer and public speaker~is the founder of For Her Information Media, LLC and Restoring Essence, LLC She is a Certified Integrative Health and Nutritional Coach through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP). Beth received her education from Columbia University’s Teachers College and The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City. In addition to her work as a Integrative Nutrition and Health Coach, Beth is an engaging speaker and trainer, who delivers core health and nutrition fundamentals through keynote addresses, lectures and events. She hosts her own Seattle and online radio show, A Balanced Life with Beth Aldrich, and writes for various online and print publications.


I have often been described as charismatic, witty and clever. As a presenter, I get to the heart of the topic and truly resonate with my audiences. I care about the evolution of people and our planet and I put my heart and soul into each person I meet.
Attendees will leave with a full basketfull of ideas, solutions and information about health, wellness, nutrition the environment and how to live the best life EVER. WE will laugh, share, inspire and create–together!

Rave Reviews

Beth epitomizes the meaning of “energizing people.” She came to our Agency to speak as part of our Energy For Life Corporate Wellness program and could not have been more energetic, enthusiastic, or knowledgeable about Eating for Energy and Living Green, the two topics she covered with our Agency. Her zest for life, people and wellbeing makes her such a compelling, interesting and engaging speaker, that we left inspired and rejuvenated with a different perspective on daily living. One of the best things about Beth is that she is realistic, and offers simple, practical and meaningful ways towards becoming a better, healthier, more enjoyable you!

Mary Boersma
Energy BBDO

Downtown Chicago Business and
Professional Women

Beth gave a presentation at one of the monthly meetings of Downtown Chicago Business and Professional Women (BPW) that focused on ways working women can take small steps towards creating a big change in our impact on the environment. She was engaging, interactive, and very passionate. Our members were most impressed with her personal journey and how frankly she shared her story with us.

Laura Balson
Downtown Chicago Business and Professional
Women, President

Hoffman Estates Park District

We had the pleasure of having Beth Aldrich speak at our staff’s quarterly staff training. Beth spoke to a very diverse group of men & women and motivated everyone! Attendees included everyone from business department employees to maintenance workers to recreation directors and she connected with everyone! Beth’s advice on maintaining a healthy, happy and balanced life was empowering and motivating. We were very pleased with her enthusiasm & passion!

Alisa Kapusinski, CPRP
Program Manager
Hoffman Estates Park District
Michigan City Area Schools


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Ellie Phillips, DDS


The Power of Xylitol–Dentist Ellie Phillips describes the use of Xylitol for dental health and which over-the-counter oral care products work in harmony to heal early cavities and improve dental health and which ones you should avoid.
Avoid Cavities Forever–Dentist Ellie Phillips discussed the use of Xylitol for dental health and which OTC oral care products work in harmony to heal early cavities and improve dental health and which ones you should avoid.
The Secret to Clean White Teeth–Fed Up With Flossing? Attendees of this seminar learned the secret to clean white teeth. Dr. Ellie Phillips, DDS led an informative seminar on how to develop and maintain clean, healthy, and strong teeth.
Preventing Dental Diseases–Dentist Ellie Phillips describes the use of Xylitol for dental health and which over-the-counter oral care products can be used to avoid dental diseases.
Fed Up with Flossing!


Dr. Ellie Phillips, founder of and inventor of the CWT system and Zellies mints and gum, and specializes in preventive dental care.

Professional Training:
Dr. Ellie Phillips is a member of the American Dental Association, The New York State Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists. She is a graduate of Eastman Dental Center Rochester NY, with U.S. specialty qualifications in pediatric and general dentistry. Dr. Ellie has years of dental experience caring for geriatric patients, special needs children and adults and the developmentally disabled.

Dr. Ellie graduated from Guy’s Hospital Medical School and has worked as a dentist in the UK, Switzerland and the USA and is an Honorary Member of the Eastman Academy, University of London, England.

Clinical Experience:
Dr. Ellie was in private practice in England for many years, specializing in preventive dentistry for all ages with focus on the fearful and phobic. In Rochester New York Dr. Ellie has worked with the elderly in a number of community care facilities, with special needs children and with the developmentally disabled. Recently, Dr. Ellie was the pediatric outpatient Clinic Director at the Eastman Dental Center, Rochester, New York and a member of faculty at the University of Rochester. She has lectured to medical professionals on ways of identifying and preventing tooth decay for babies, children and adolescents.


Dr. Ellie has lectured to the public, medical professionals and corporations about how they can use creative ways to prevent tooth decay for babies, children, special needs patients, adults and the elderly. For thirty-five years Dr. Ellie has worked to show people how easily tooth decay and gum infections can be prevented by eating a natural sugar called xylitol.

Dr. Ellie shows how to use this sugar in a system to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Unfortunately dental myths and misinformation are everywhere. Who wants the discomfort and pain of disease or avoidable dental treatment? Dr. Ellie’s system is a revolutionary way to prevent dental problems. Dr. Ellie’s system controls mouth acidity and harmful bacteria.

Don’t blame too little flossing or too few visits for your problems. Dr. Ellie offers a delicious and easy solution for dental health.

The main secret is the use of Zellies product line – one hundred percent xylitol mints and gum to be eaten during the day and after meals. This is a natural sugar from birch trees and it offers a wonderful solution for dental health.

Rave Reviews

“I’ve been using the Zellies system since we talked, and I’m utterly convinced – somewhat to my surprise, since at first glance all those bottles seemed like more attention to my teeth than I wanted to give. My mouth has never felt so clean, and my teeth are loving every moment.”
– Dr. Pam Klainer

“Thank you so much for sending me the package I have been doing everything you told me to do and eating lots of Xylitol!! I don’t chew gum anymore and have replaced it with those candies you sent me! I love them and everyone I offer them to loves them. Thank you so much again. My teeth are happy and feel clean all the time. Also, the sensitivity that I had been experiencing before is practically gone- I no longer cringe when eating ice cream. I hope that you receive my letter soon, and look forward to talking to you again.”

“Dr. Ellie Phillips was excellent in her seminar, “A Passion for Excellence: Two Divergent Careers”. By sharing her experiences and beliefs with students, they were able to see how motivation and determination to achieve goals can get them where they want to be. I highly recommend Dr. Ellie Phillips as a speaker. She keeps the audience engaged, interested, and involved.”
– Leanne Sisbarro, Student Coordinator, Pamela Klainer Center for Women and Business

“A much belated thank you for your kindness for sharing your amazing products and knowledge about xylitol. We have all been using your products and love themWe truly can’t believe that the word is not out more about this marvelous finding – it truly makes perfect sense and from my own looking around on the net has exponential benefits beyond dental health. We are hooked”
– Kristin Lynch


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Kimberly Elliott


Staying Safe in a Dangerout World
College-Knowledge: Safety Training
Are Your Habits Killing You? – Tips for Personal Safety
Health Care in the U.S.


Kimberly Elliott is a seasoned marketing professional with 18 years experience in pharmaceutical sales and management. As a victim of crime, she is very passionate about her career as founder and managing partner of Executive Defense Technology, LLC, an anti-victimization education firm. As a speaker, author, consultant and certified RAD instructor, she helps clients optimize their personal safety. As a seminar leader, she provides a comprehensive course that begins with awareness, prevention, risk reduction and avoidance, while progressing on to the basics of hands on defense training.

Speaking at an international conference in Glasgow, Scotland, she is an active advocate for Children’s Health Care in the US. She is available for seminars speaking out on Pharmaceutical Reform.


“High-energy, timeless & timely, educational, powerful & poignant” are the words most often used to describe Kimberly’s tailored presentations.

As a National Sales Leader in the Pharmaceutical Industry with 18 years experience, author, entrepreneur, professional speaker & Nationally Certified R.A.D. (Rape/Aggression/Defense) trainer, Kimberly brings a unique depth of knowledge and sensitivity to her specialties of: Advocacy for Change in the Medical Industry and Personal Self-Defense and Anti-victimization Education.

She gives readers & audiences powerful insights into the Pharmaceutical Industry. She has been featured in the British Medical Journal and has been a guest on numerous National Radio Programs as well as a consultant & expert guest for her local NBC station.

As a victim of crime herself, she is also dedicated to providing workplace, personal, and field staff safety training classes to senior executives, management, and employees of a vast array of private businesses and corporations, professional organizations and associations. As a R.A.D. trainer, she also trains teachers, parents and children in school districts nationwide in personal protection and awareness. This is done by teaching simple mental and physical techniques and strategies individuals can use to avoid victimization in their daily lives. Her safety programs have yielded positive, immediate and long lasting outcomes.

Her behavior based anti-victimization presentations will shape & change the attitudes of your employees. This in turn will help you change portions of your safety culture and liability! Her combination of warmth and sensitivity along with her expertise, substance and inspiration, invigorates and energizes people to take action in their personal lives.

Kimberly focuses on the needs of each client, customizing her message to each group she addresses. She speaks around the country to Corporations, Associations and Consumers about personal safety and the need for health care changes in the U.S.

Kimberly’s diverse clientele include: YMCA, Bryan-Cave Law, Anheuser-Busch, New Frontier Bank, Bonneville Radio Group, Catholic Health Association, SCI Engineering, Jefferson Smurfit, Ronnoco Coffee, Coldwell Banker Realtors, Maritz, MO Nurses Association, US Bank, Prudential and a host of other household names, educational institutions, churches and non-profit groups.

Kimberly lives happily in Missouri with her amazing husband, two spirited children and a “zoo” of animals including a Newfoundland, three cats and a rabbit. She enjoys traveling, swimming and reading.

Rave Reviews

What did previous participants think?

Thanks Kimberly – I enjoyed the class and am feeling much safer walking around with this in my hands. Peace of mind is priceless. Thanks so much!

Sherri C.
Administrative Assistant
Husch & Eppenberger, LLC

Thank you so much for all of your helpful information.

Pam M.

Husch & Eppenberger, LLC

Thank you again for everything – the presentation was very informative but not over-bearing, everyone seems to have taken something out of it which is the purpose. Paul and Larry did a great job

Jessica T.
UHY Advisors MO, Inc. tax and Business Consultants

I wanted to thank you for your excellent presentation on Saturday, Aug 11th at the Women’s Center off Tesson Ferry Rd. I have forwarded your website to our HR department. Keep up the good work! You are doing the world a great service!


Susan N.

Process Optimization

Kim – Hello, I attended the free session you guys held at St. John’s last Saturday. Thanks for what you do, us women need people like you to help. Keep up the great work! You all were a delight to learn from. Thank you.

Angie S.

“Excellent instruction, relevant, informative and valuable.” – Paula – MONA meeting
“Excellent, comprehensive, interactive and informative.” – MONA meeting
“Very good mix of issues. Helpful springboard for future use. Well presented and resourced.” – Robert – Essex Corporation
“Very informative and enjoyable day. Has brought a number of issues to my attention, not only with regards to my own personal safety in my role but also issues around the ‘office’ set up and management systems currently in place.” – John – Essex Corporation
“Good instruction. Excellent balance of talking and exercises – useful.” – Vennie – Husch and Eppenberger
* Great course, great trainer. People left saying they felt empowered, valued and a little more street-wise. We hope to make this course part of our core training for all staff.” – Lori – UHY Corporation
* “The facilitator was well-informed and kept everyone interested for the duration of the session. It was a great course, and all employees who attended our pilot session said it should definitely be rolled out to everyone – a great initiative. It really raised our awareness.” – Faye – Wrap-Ups
* “Our eyes (and ears) have definitely been opened to potential everyday risks to our personal safety. Even the men in the group had to admit that the session had been really useful. Despite the serious nature of the subject, our instructor had a great sense of humour, which ensured that we all enjoyed the session too. A must for everyone.” – Joel – Frontier Bank


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Kristina Leonardi


Women & Diversity: Identity, Inclusion and Empowerment
Pink Slips: Learning from Life’s Disappointments
Who Are You & What Are You Supposed to Be Doing With Your Life?
Spring Cleaning for the Soul
Use Your Freedom to Create the Life of Your Dreams!


Kristina Leonardi is the Founder and Executive Director of The Women’s Mosaic, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing education, inspiration and motivation for women to express their full power and potential in the world. As a speaker and seminar leader, she provides a practical framework for each attendee to make the most of their personal and professional lives, allowing them to recognize, connect to, and fulfill their role in the world at large. Kristina has a B.A. degree in International Relations from Boston University, and has taught extensively for New York University’s Center for Hospitality, Travel and Tourism and the Center for Career, Education and Life Planning and was recently featured as a guest on the all-women owned radio network, Greenstone Media. She was listed as one of Hispanic Magazines Top Latinas of 2004 and is currently the Tango Diva 2007 Diva Visionary Award winner.

Rave Reviews

Kristina is an amazing inspiration to women in NYC and all over the world. She brings together such a diverse group of women for her programs and events and inspires all who meet her to be their best always. – Melanie McEvoy, President of National Association of Women Business Owners NYC

Kristina has worked tirelessly to create a community of women in New York City who support each other, learn from each other, and challenge each other to create better lives for our selves and our world. – Patti Binder, former Director of YWCA Center for Girls

….she is not only a visionary, but also an empathetic and able practitioner of her vision. She believes in the creative and collective power of women, so she devotes her time to facilitating just that. – Rebecca Cathcart, Journalist

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but this topic couldn’t have come at a more perfect time in my life. I found Kristina’s points to be very clear and direct. Not “over my head” and filled with textbook phrases. I feel very motivated and excited to take what I learned into my life. – Cindy D., Workshop Attendee

I feel that Kristina’s workshops are incredibly helpful. She teaches people how to view life’s disappointments in a more compassionate light. These challenges can indeed become significant learning experiences. Kristina is an inspirational example of taking a personal setback and using it to empower herself. Most importantly, she cares about the healing process and will share her resources for healing. I totally connect with her because her delivery is so down-to-earth, warm, and intuitive. I’m still reaping the benefits of her wisdom and guidance! Thank you Kristina! – Larie Hwang

After attending Using Your Freedom to Create the Life of Your Dreams] I gained a new realization and appreciation for my pure potential and resources.
– Ruth


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Margaret Norton


“What is a Life Coach?”
“Don’t Let Your Family Drive You Crazy”
“The Many Faces of Abuse”
“There is Life After Divorce”
“Getting Started as a Writer”


I am a middle-aged wife, mother of two, step-mother of one, grandmother of four, and rich in life experiences.

I married young, was abused, divorced, made many mistakes and struggled with low self-esteem for many years. Enrolling in college at the age of 28, I found more success in the business world than in my personal life. For 15 years I was self-employed and received numerous awards for my contributions to women in the sales field.

My degree is in Business Administration, which has been a tremendous benefit to me, but completing the Dale Carnegie Class was what finally helped me to understand and love myself. I donate my time as a coach with this organization and receive much satisfaction in seeing others break out of their shell just as I did many years ago.

As my confidence grew, I started to get involved with domestic violence organizations. I wanted to share my experience with others by giving them hope that they too could escape the cycle of abuse. Currently I am a volunteer with Lydia House in St Louis.

My work experience includes mortgage banking, franchise owner, life insurance sales, retail management, and non-profit organizations.

In 2004 I started to write about my life experiences which turned into a 400 page memoir. My agent is currently looking for a publisher. As a result of the writing, I decided that I wanted to spend the rest of my life helping others in a more personal way. That’s when I became a life coach.

Though I have spoken to all types of groups, my ideal audience is women and the topics I feel most passionate about relate to women’s issues.


If you want a speaker that is passionate about life then you should hire me.

It is my belief that passion takes many forms and mine is a quiet, inner feeling. To be honest, I am not the most charismatic person one would ever meet, and typically I do not win an audience with my charming ways and words. But I do captivate their attention with my sincerity and my genuine love of other people.

I am not a stand up comic but have been told by many that I have a wicked, dry sense of humor. Often my topics are serious by nature, and I am a serious type person but I do try to use humor as much as possible when doing a presentation.

In giving a speech I try to teach my audience something they do not know or challenge them to look at old ideas in a new way. I use handouts and graphics. And to make the experience more enjoyable I invoke active participation or game playing.

I try hard to connect with my audience and my goal is that they will take away something that will make them a better person and better able to cope with life.

Rave Reviews

“Margaret made me think of abuse in a different way. Her presentation was very informative and brought this unpleasant subject closer home for me. After hearing her speech I am so much more aware of those around me who might be experiencing this problem. Before I was hesitant to get involved but now I know how to speak a kind word or just offer my support. I now know there are many facets of abuse and I am more aware of my own words and actions.”
-Lynne E

“I attended this presentation because I was facing a terrible divorce and feeling hopeless about my situation. Margaret’s presentation gave me ideas on how to cope and how to build a new life for myself. Her candid comments from her own life were much appreciated. Though I am still uncertain how my situation will play out, I now have hope that one day things will be better. She helped the audience to see that divorce does not have to be the end of something but rather can be the beginning of something new and exciting. I highly recommend her as a speaker.”
-Jean B

“Margaret spoke to our local writing club on how she got started as a writer. It was obvious that she had spend much time and done much research as a new writer. She was eager and happy to share with us all that she had learned. It is rare for a new writer to start out writing a novel and even rarer to have your first attempt accepted by an agent. Knowing she was able to do this inspired me to continue pursuing my dreams.”
-Cathy H

“After listening to Margaret speak about her family I now know that my family isn’t so bad after all and there is no “normal” situation. For years I had struggled to get along with certain family members and felt I was the black sleep. I felt that I had failed myself and my family as I struggled to be perfect. The guilt and pain were almost unbearable. But as I listened to Margaret speak, I was able to put this situation into perspective. I no longer allow my family to define who I am and I know it is OK to be different. I am so grateful that my church decided to have her as a speaker.”
-Linda P


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Pamela Pope


Retirement Life by Design: Living Well
Work and Caregiving: What Employees Don’t Know and Can’t Tell You


With over a decade of experience as a health care professional, running a national elder care advisory company, publishing a well regarded book (Retirement Life by Design Living Well), and hosting a radio show (Retirement Life Radio) Pamela Pope is a certifiable expert in strategies for retirement quality of life and caregiving to aging adults.


Informed. Empowered. Inspired. All words that capture the attendee experience with Pamela’s presentations. Whether the audience is individuals, professionals, or policy makers, they are informed with new and outside-the-box strategies, empowered with tools to master their role, and inspired to take decisive action to affect change.

Rave Reviews

I would describe this experience as quite informative and educational for anyone faced with the responsibility of taking care of aging parents or loved ones. The presentation, information, and resources make the seminar lecture well worth it. It was not only helpful for my concerns for my mother; it encouraged me to start making my own home easy to use. Brenda L., -Caregiver

My sister and I came to this class to plan for our mother’s needs. I have to say, I wouldn’t change a thing; you covered everything I wanted to know and gave direction on what to do next.

A seminar attendee about her elderly mother: She did not fall asleep which is a real compliment to you!
Rita G., -Caregiver

Abridged List of Presentations & Recognitions:

* St. Louis Community College
* (small business television) featured small business owner podcast
* Microsoft Vision to Venture women-owned business panel
* Keynote address 2008 Missouri Conference on Minority Aging
* 2008 Semi-finalist $1,000 small business grant


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