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Margaret Norton

Margaret Norton, holding the distinguished position of Chief Marketing Officer at IntelePeer Inc, leverages her rich experience from the software and telecommunications sectors to drive the company’s growth. Her strategic initiatives focus on enhancing revenue and profitability through the diverse enterprise services offered by IntelePeer.

Margaret Norton: Orchestrating Growth through Cross-functional Collaboration

In her capacity as the CMO, Margaret Norton takes the helm of crucial areas such as product management, offer management, sales, and marketing. Through her cross-functional collaboration with key departments, she binds these disparate units into a coherent enterprise channel development organization.

Margaret Norton’s Executive Legacy: Mobilitec and Beyond

Before joining IntelePeer, Margaret Norton held executive positions at Mobilitec. As the President and CEO, she masterminded the company’s expansion, leading up to its acquisition by Lucent. Her experience also includes her tenure as the General Manager and Senior Vice President of Octel Communications, where she significantly elevated revenue figures.

The Versatile Professional Journey of Margaret

Margaret Norton’s professional journey is marked by her versatility. She has served in a multitude of executive roles, such as Chief Marketing Officer, and held positions in product management, business development, and sales – displaying her ability to succeed across diverse business areas.

A Blend of Financial Acumen and Economic Theory

Possessing an academic background in finance and economics, Margaret Norton is an alumnus of the University of Connecticut, holding an MBA with a focus on Finance. She also has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of Arizona. This strong academic foundation serves as the underpinning of her successful professional journey.

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