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Margaret Graziano


HR industry thought & action leader Margaret Graziano, CPC, CTS, CERS is today’s “go-to” source for best practice strategies on talent recruitment, development, performance management, and retention.

With tools and tactics that propelled her staffing agency, Alliance HR Network, into a multi-million dollar business, this top producer has been named one of the nation’s top 50 recruiters, honored by NAWBO as a “Woman Business Owner of the Year” and distinguished by Chicago media as one of the region’s “Most Influential Business Leaders.”

With her commitment to empowering people and organizations, Margaret now leads the KeenHire strategic hiring and retention initiative, consulting and speaking globally about leveraging the power of people.

At 21, single mother Margaret Graziano had a tough choice to make: to fight for child support or try supporting her family with a straight commission sales job. She chose the latter and never looked back. Graziano began her personnel career as an employment consultant earning a six dollar an hour draw and within 10 years, had opened her own staffing agency.

In testament to her business savvy she has established a client base stemming from 80% repeat business, earned more than $5,000,000 in personal “desk production” income, and placed more than 2,000 candidates in direct hire positions with a 98% placement satisfaction rating.


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A top producer in the staffing and recruiting industry for more than 20 years and business owner since 1993, successful entrepreneur Margaret Graziano is also a published author and sought-after business coach, consultant and speaker with the unique ability to lead change.

Margaret’s expansive knowledge of industry trends is critical to winning the war on talent and managing the complexities of the human capital business. From benchmarking programs to behavioral interviewing and other industry-leading assessment tools, her dynamic, provocative and innovative presentations will challenge your audience, catapult their thinking, and set forth the context for learning and development that is sure to make any conference a huge success!

Don’t expect an evergreen presentation. Margaret’s laser-pointed messages target the trends and issues of the day. Her contagious enthusiasm motivates, empowers and inspires her audiences.

Your attendees will be entertained, engaged and moved to participate in the conference fully. They will be compelled to bring all of themselves to the development opportunities facing them and will walk away with:

– An “aliveness” and hunger for learning
– A renewed motivation to take action in their life
– Inspiration to create goals that awaken their passions
– Awareness of what stops them
– Ability to use tools for turning breakdowns into breakthroughs
– Empowerment to make superior choices
– Capacity to turn “should & can’t” into “can, did, and had a blast!”

Margaret’s powerful “take-away” ideas provide instant opportunities to initiate expanded service offerings and implement innovative staffing and hiring solutions that directly affect profitability and enable exponential growth.

Rave Reviews

“If you’re considering having Margaret Graziano speak to your group, prepare to have your world thinking turned upside down. From the probing pre-event interviewing Margaret did to assure that her remarks were on message, to the mind-stretching, engaging delivery of her speech, Margaret raised our awareness of issues that drive the future of our industry.”

— Terry Rohde, President, Wisconsin Association of Personnel Services

“You rocked our world! The intensive training was nothing less than amazing. It was incredible how you were able to transform the way that we do business in just two days. We have a completely new perspective that will enable us to meet our goals.”

— Spencer Schmerling, Managing Director, VTI Staffing Professionals

“Margaret provides a powerful action-oriented format for taking your business to the next level – whatever that may be for you. I’m finding it to be a jumpstart approach for an already established business.”

— Alane Watkins, Systems Administrator, Kraft Foods, Inc.

“Your management training seminar was great. Everyone walked out appreciating what they learned with a better understanding of the personality types of the other managers. It was an important value-add for our company.”

— George Kriza, President, Marketing Technology Concepts

“The work you did with our management team clarified our goals and values, making it so much easier to discriminate among candidates. The tools you provided are invaluable. The interview questions and behavioral checklists are used by all of us who meet with potential employees. They have enabled us to standardize the hiring process that you designed especially for our needs – saving us time and money.”

— Barbara Rose, President, S. N. Peck Builders