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M. Michelle Derosier


I’m naturally inquisitive – others refer to it as nosey. Either way, my doe-eyed interest in the world propels me to spend hours researching answers to a variety of life’s questions. Understanding that there are people with my curiosity, minus the obsessive compulsive attachment to research, I decided to focus on specific areas of interests (for me) and then spread the gospel. At the moment, my target areas are anything in the realm of racial and cultural integration, career motivation for young kids, rape and sexual assault, and education and mentoring.

However, this list is not extensive. I am more than ready to expand the scope of my investigative mind to meet the needs of a catalogue of clients.


– Taking care of black skin and hair 101
– Career – introducing your “minority” to their “majority”
– How to introduce your white boyfriend to your black parents (and other tales of racial integration introductions)
– Taking the fear out of mentoring
– Introducing young boys to the topics of sexual assault and rape


Hire me if you want someone who will be worth your investment. I provide professional service wrapped in a blanket of warmth. I engage the audience, rather than stand stiffly on a podium; in order to introduce them to knowledge within themselves they never knew existed.

Rave Reviews

Career Day – Middle School 8, Mr. Ken Goetz, Counselor – 2007

Oasis and Haven Crisis/Non-Crisis Hotlines and Walk-in Centers – 2000 – 2004