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April 29, 2016

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A Personal Website Can Help You Get Hired


Hiring managers say that a great personal website can absolutely increase a job candidate’s chances of getting hired. Read Aja Frost’s tips on how to create an inviting website.

People to Have in Your Career Network

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Mentors are fine, but they’re not the only people you should be talking to about your career. Cathy Paper says you should also have someone who is a good listener, an industry expert in your field and someone who hold you accountable. Read more here

Complementing Your Resume With LinkedIn

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Your chances of getting a job interview will vastly improve if you make sure your resume and LinkedIn profile complement each other instead of copy each other, says career strategist Virginia Franco. Read her tips on how do it here

Work-life balance: It’s an epic fail!


That’s what I told a younger colleague recently. My friend was just back from maternity leave and nothing was going as she imagined. She crafted a plan to “do it all,” and on paper it worked perfectly. But after a few months back at work, she was faced with the struggles so many of us experience while trying to manage a career and a family. She was pained when she asked: How do I manage? 

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Tips on How to Manage Up

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Some bosses like to say that they spend their entire days dealing with problems. But if you happen to be one of their problems, you can expect long, hard days. You don’t have grin and bear the pain or be a suck up  — if you know how to effectively manage your boss. Read these tips from Inc. 

Repeat: Your Social Media Posts Can Get You Fired

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If you were a high school math teacher, would it be smart to tweet scantily clad photos of yourself and one purporting to show you smoking pot in the high school parking lot? Of course not, and the 23-year-old teacher in question was fired for it. Read these nine cautionary tales from people who’ve been there.

The Pitfalls of Working at a Tech Startup

Thinking about transitioning from a traditional job to a tech startup? It “all too often involves getting bossed around by undertrained (or untrained) managers and fired on a whim,” says writer Dan Lyons. “Bias based on age, race and gender is rampant, as is sexual harassment.”