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July 28, 2015

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Younger Women Plan Career Pauses

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Even women with high ambitions are more likely than their predecessors to plan to scale back at work at certain times. According to The New York Times The youngest generation of women in the work force — the millennials, age 18 to early 30s — is defining career success differently and less linearly than previous generations of women. A variety of survey data
shows that educated, working young women are more likely than those before them to expect their career and family priorities to shift over time.


Working on Vacation

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In this text/email/cellphone age, unplugging on vacation can be easier said than done. If you can’t put down your smartphone, Fast Company has some tips on how to wind down. You’ve worked hard to get this alone time, so avoid getting too personal about why you’re out of the office and resist the urge to constantly check your email. Think twice before you talk about how happy you are to not be at work in that Instagram caption. Deciding to work on vacation or not is your choice, the magazine says but keep in mind that time off is all about enjoying yourself and coming back to work refreshed.

Arise Virtual Solutions Teleclass V – Wednesday, July 22

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Partner your Small Business with Arise Virtual Solutions

Join small business coach Jenn Lee and Terica Roberts, CEO/owner of TNR Solutions, a small business in the Arise Vendor Network on Wednesday July 22 at 1 PM and 8 PM for a FREE 20-minute teleclass on why tens of thousands of small businesses are partnering with Arise.

Specifically they discuss
– Benefits of being a small business owner and flexibility in working from home
– Advantages to partnering with the Arise Vendor Network
– Start-up costs and admissions process to register and get started with Arise

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How to Avoid the Job-Hunt Rut


If your ongoing job search isn’t getting the results you’re looking for, it’s time to stop and re-evaluate — but not  panic, says Stamford University career expert John O’Neill. Looking for a new job or your first job after graduation can be a long and discouraging process, but O’Neill says the trick is to not let it get you down. He suggests that you revamp your resume, get a mentor’s opinion and evaluate your strategy regularly.  Read more of his tip here.

Can you Start Over at 40+



unnamedOur friend Andrew Brill did just that—- truly going from top to bottom to ditch a career he lost interest in for one he loved.  Men’s Fitness details how he did it.


Are you trapped in a career you wish you could change?


What’s holding you back and what would need to happen for you to make a switch? Tell us below.

The Facts About Women Starting Small Businesses

Do you dream of having your own work-from-home small business, but lack confidence in your ability to succeed? If recent research is any indication, women are taking control of their lives and making a good income doing it!Women-preneurs Infographic copy

There’s no reason to shy away – statistics prove you have a great chance at success!

Ready to Join the Ranks of Like-Minded Women-trepreneurs?  

Owning a home-based business has never been as easy and attainable as it is today.

Millions of people have started one thanks to the smaller investments in time and money than traditional franchises or start-up companies. Owning your own company gives you the freedom and flexibility to take control of your life, and best of all being a business owner means you call the shots.

About Arise Virtual Solutions

For over a decade, Arise has been connecting thousands of small, home-based mini-call centers with major brands – providing call center services from home. Learn more about how to take advantage of the opportunity to register with the Arise network. Or learn more about Arise at

Should You Tell A Potential Employer That You’re Pregnant?


IMG_7579In 2012 at age 33, Talia Goldstein was a successful CEO of a matchmaking start up company. And she had a secret: she was pregnant. In an essay published this month in Fortune magazine, Goldstein shared a journal entry from April of that year. “It’s awful knowing that the second I reveal that I am pregnant, investors will suddenly second guess whether I am capable enough to run a company. So, I am going to hide my pregnancy as long as I can,” Goldstein wrote in her journal. Goldstein told ABC News Monday that she worried investors would not take a pregnant CEO seriously so she covered up. “In one meeting it was 80 degrees outside and I wore a trench coat,” she recalled. “But I thought, better off looking ridiculous than looking pregnant.” In an appearance Monday on Good Morning America, Women for Hire CEO Tory Johnson discussed the case and said it’s OK for pregnant women to conceal their pregnancy from would-be employers because mommy bias against pregnant employees is a reality.  “It is hard enough to get job and the reality is that being pregnant and showing is difficult and it’s almost permission to not choose you.” Check out what else Tory has to day in this video below.

Would you hide your pregnancy from a prospective employer while job-searching?  Why or why not?