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May 28, 2015

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Likeability Counts at Work

Business TeamBeing good at what you do is obviously important, but being liked by your coworkers, colleagues and clients is just as important. Without the likeability factor, people are going to be less likely to want to work with you, which can have devastating consequences in business.

Jacqueline Whitmore, an internationally-recognized etiquette expert, author and founder of The Protocol School of Palm Beach, offers these 10 tips to be more likeable at work:

1. Master the BLT factor.
In this case, BLT stands for believability, likability and trustworthiness. Cultivate a reputation that embodies these three key traits. When clients decide with whom to do business, they ask themselves, “Is Mike capable of the work and will I enjoy working with him?” Obviously both criteria matter, but when we need help getting a job done, we most likely choose a congenial person over a more capable but less cordial one.

2. Show empathy.
The struggles and triumphs of your life affect how you empathize with others. Empathy doesn’t require you to agree with someone else’s opinion. You can politely agree to disagree while you thoughtfully consider his or her feelings. Respect others and try to find common ground. A shared experience can form an instant bond.

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The Door Closes on Mad Men


Sunday’s finale of Mad Men drew over 3 million viewers and critics are still weighing in.

The episode tied up many loose ends and closed the stories of four female characters. From Betty’s diagnosis, Joan’s new venture, Peggy’s relationship and Sally’s new responsibilities —  the women of Mad Men saw many changes in the workplace and at home.

How would you have ended their stories? And do you think Don wrote the Coca-Cola ad? Share with us below.

Secret to Success? Become Indispensable

Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe once advised job seekers that instead of looking for the right job, we should focus on getting hired then “become indispensable.” CareerShift’s Val Matta agrees and gives four tips on how to do that.

National Small Business Week Has a Strong Lead-In with the Female Entrepreneur in Mind

Did you know that there are 8.6 million women-owned businesses in the United States? Pair that with the fact that small businesses account for two out of every three new opportunities in the U.S. each year, and it’s safe to say — small business is booming.

Arise Virtual Solutions is proud to announce it will not only be celebrating the Small Business Association’s Annual National Small Business Week, May 4th-May 8th, 2015, but Arise is dedicating the entire months of May and June to celebrating American small businesses. This special period will be a time to highlight small business owners, entrepreneurs, and in the case of many in the Arise Network, mompreneurs, by showcasing their accomplishments and drive to succeed.

Why the two months to show affinity for these amazing success stories?

Arise Virtual Solutions partners with tens of thousands of small businesses that are home-based- many of which, are run by women!

Based on stats from Womenable, between 1997 and 2014, the number of women-owned businesses in the United States increased by 68 percent — that’s twice the rate of growth of male-owned businesses within the same time frame.

According to Small Business Trends, in 2013, home-based businesses accounted for 69% of small businesses recently started, with 72% of these businesses being run by women. Not only that, 59% of these businesses continue to operate all from home once established (at 3 ½ years old).

What inspires you?

Though large empires now, famous female entrepreneurs that got their starts in small business include: Estee Lauder, Martha Stewart, Coco Chanel, and Debbie Fields of Mrs. Field’s cookies. In fact, the National Small Business Association is led by a woman! A huge factor as to why these businesses stay around so long is not only the consistency in their products, but due in large part to the quality put behind delivering a great customer experience.

Currently, many small business owners in the Arise Network are finding their own personal and financial successes. Some Independent Business Owners have over 300 actively servicing customer service reps in their company, delivering outstanding customer service to Arise’s Fortune 500 clients. Those small business owners find satisfaction in not only achieving financial security through running their own home-based businesses, but being able to take care of sick children while working from home, or just to simply achieve a better work life balance.

Entrepreneurship is often argued to be the only avenue in which you are truly in control of your earning potential.

With Arise Virtual Solutions, customer experience plays a pivotal role in the success of your small business. By partnering with Arise, you have the opportunity to provide customer support to Fortune 500 companies and deliver customer service to exciting industries. In the Arise Network, client opportunities in telecommunications, travel, and hospitality are all available. The technology and infrastructure to give these services is provided by Arise — it just takes an entrepreneurial spirit and the drive to succeed to get started! Inspired yet?

To stay updated on National Small Business Week 2015, and Arise’s two-month long celebration, don’t forget to follow Arise on Twitter (@AriseWorkFrHome), using #SBW2015, or visit the Arise Home-Based Business Blog for more articles on small business.

Get Started on Your Home-Based Business Today by Registering in the Arise Network. Arise Virtual Solutions is an industry leader and has been featured on many national news segments, such as: Good Morning America, Bloomberg Television, Fox News, CNN, and the TODAY Show. Learn More About Arise.

How To Snag the Job

iStock_000006916327X small

by Vicky Oliver

You landed an interview for a sought-after position at a top-notch company. You’ve heard that the competition will be fierce. There could be as many as ten people competing for that coveted slot. It’s more important than ever to be at your best so that you can trounce your competitors.

With the economy in rebound mode, there is a burst of new hiring. There are more jobs, but there are also numerous qualified people to fill them. It may require extra effort to stand out from your competitors on the big day. How do you position yourself as the ideal candidate for the job?

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Lifelong Women’s Advocate Dies

2014 Web Summit Day 2 - Centre Stage

Dave Goldberg
Web Summit, CC BY 2.0

Sheryl Sandberg is known for her role in building Facebook into an information powerhouse and her book Lean In. But the man who was with her every step of the way was her husband, Dave Goldberg, who died unexpectedly Friday at age 47. A  successful start-up entrepreneur, Goldberg was “perhaps the signature male feminist of his era,” The New York Times says.

Looking to Impress? Here’s How

standoutbrightDo you stand out in a crowd or blend in? In this article, Inc. columnists share stories of why certain people impressed them the most.