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October 26, 2014

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What If You Were Fired Today?

iStock_000004746552Large3-300x250The best advice Lisa Rangel ever got came from a friend who told her “pretend you were fired today. If you were, you would start to make a list of all the activities you would do to land your next job. Take that list, and while you are working, do one item a week to ensure your bases are always covered.” Read more on Career Attraction.

On Second Thought: Go For The Raise!

handsMicrosoft boss Satya Nadella has apologized for advising women not to ask for a pay rise but to have “faith in the system.” Read more on

Asking What You “Should” Do Can Hinder Your Career

girl on computerLida Citroen writes that a simple word – “should” – is one of the biggest self-limiting words we have. “What a powerful, limiting and sometimes hurtful word it has become,” she says.  Read more on

Arise Virtual Solutions Teleclass I – Click to Listen

Click below to hear small business coach Jenn Lee and Arise Virtual Solutions’ Director of Independent Business Communications, Kittine Moreno discuss on current business opportunities with Arise.

Arise is one of the leading providers of virtual business services, delivering world-class customer service, sales and support to many of the largest Fortune 500 companies through a network of Independent Businesses.

Specifically they discuss
- Current opportunities to make money at home
- Benefits of partnering with Arise
- Admissions process to become an Arise independent business owner or join an existing vendor in the Arise network Read More

Wisdom Gleaned From a Summer Job

Media executive Michael Cascio spent a few summers cleaning toilets, mopping floors and smelling like garbage at an outdoor concert venue.  “It had nothing to do with my chosen profession. And yet nothing was better for preparing me for work and life as an adult,” he says. Read Michael’s story here.

‘Tell Me About Yourself’ Four Things to Remember

It’s the classic opening line from a potential employer – “Tell me about yourself” – and how you answer it may very well determine if you get the job or if you move onto the next step in the recruiting process. On Career Attraction, writer Lisa Rangel talks about four things to remember when someone asks you this basic question.

Use Career Setbacks to Reflect

Has your career taken a step backward? It can happen to anyone, but the key is to  used the setback as a chance to rethink your career, collect feedback from others, and wait for the right opportunities to present themselves. Check out how a woman named Sheila did just that.