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November 25, 2014

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Arise Virtual Solutions Teleclass II – Click to Listen


Escape Corporate America
Presented by Arise Virtual Solutions

Click below to hear small business coach Jenn Lee and Arise Virtual Solutions’ Online Sourcing and Marketing Specialist, Jeanette Morris discuss how you can escape corporate America by starting your own business with Arise.

Arise is one of the leading providers of virtual business services, delivering world-class customer service, sales and support to many of the largest Fortune 500 companies through a network of Independent Businesses.

Specifically they discuss
- Factors encouraging women to leave corporate America
- Starting your own small business
- Steps to partner your small business with Arise Read More

Veteran Hiring: A Commitment to Our People and Our Country

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Veteran Hiring: A Commitment to Our People and Our Country
By Trish Freshwater, Senior Communications Manager


Today, we honor our veteran employees and their families for the extraordinary sacrifices that they have made. But when it comes to hiring this group of men and women who have served our nation, the conversation really needs to take place all year long – not just at Veterans Day.


At Sodexo, we have been recognized many times for our company’s support of employee veterans, guard members and reservists and for our recruitment efforts to employ military members and their families. We are recipient of the Secretary of Defense Freedom Award, the highest recognition given to employers for exceptional support of our nation’s defense, once again listed as a G.I. Jobs Top 100 Military Employer for the seventh year in a row.


To support our nation’s military families and those who transition into the civilian workforce, Sodexo takes a proactive approach to ensuring their success.


Hiring Heroes


Sodexo is keenly interested in hiring, supporting and retaining military veterans and reservists because their leadership, management, logistical and technical experiences in the military are directly transferrable to Sodexo’s business needs. All of our recruiters have been trained to understand military job titles, grades and ranks and can provide information to veteran candidates about how their skills align. Additionally, veterans can enter their Military Occupation Classification (MOC) into our crosswalk to identify similar civilian careers at Sodexo.


Networking and Learning Opportunities


The Sodexo business resource group HONOR – Honoring Our Nation’s finest with Opportunity and Respect – launched on Veterans Day 2009 to provide support, guidance and resources to employees and families connected to the military. HONOR members coordinate and take part in training, fundraiser and recognition events, in addition to veteran-specific job fairs.


Improving the Quality of Life


Through a partnership with Lifeworks, you will have access to resources and counseling to assist with managing personal issues at work or home, including:


  • What to Send Someone Who Is Deployed
  • Ways to Support a Co-Worker or Friend Whose Loved One Has Been Deployed
  • Supporting Employees Returning from Military Duty
  • Maintaining a Strong Relationship through Deployments and Separations


And, as part of our ongoing support of the Joining Forces initiative launched by First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden to serve and support military service members, veterans and their families, we pledge to hire and train more veterans and military spouses in the private sector and continue our ongoing focus on strengthening the company’s existing military-friendly programs.


To learn more about career opportunities for our former military, visit Sodexo Hires Heroes.


Happy Veterans Day!

Discover Why a Work-From-Home Business is Started Every 11 Seconds

Women for Hire November Sponsored Post 1105

There’s a movement sweeping the nation — women who are choosing to become home-based business owners in order to create the life they want, or that they need. While there are plenty of entrepreneurs whose only motivation is to make money, today more people are choosing to start a business primarily to fit their lifestyle; to bring more harmony to their work and personal lives.

How do these work-at-home businesses bring about work/life bliss? Simply put, they offer more free time for personal and family matters while still providing financial success and stability. Changes in job situations often cause people to re-examine their lives and open up new opportunities that better fit their lifestyle. Becoming a work-at-home business owner offers a viable and desirable alternative to the daily grind. You may have spent hours sitting at a desk job thinking that while the money may be good, the lifestyle is not. Read More

Five Tips to Getting Your Dream Job

In her new eBookWow Your Way into the Job of Your Dreams, Frances Cole Jones shows job seekers how to take their skills, smarts and willingness to learn and transform their visions into reality

We asked her for her five top tips for getting a job.

1. Getting a Job is Your Job: Sometimes being unemployed looks a lot like sleeping until 10, picking up a coffee in your sweats, doing a bit of light internet surfing, meeting a friend for another coffee…No. If you’re looking for work, you have a job. It needs to look a lot like getting up at 8 a.m. Getting dressed in something a step up from sweats, and buckling down at your computer to generate leads and follow up on details. Afternoon coffee should be your networking opportunity. Read More

Mentors – They’re All Around Us

In Tapping The Wisdom That Surrounds You: Mentorship and Women, author Elizabeth Ghaffari writes that young women seeking mentors often had no idea where to find such support or what they needed to receive from such a relationship.

But women who aspire to leadership roles, she says, seek and find mentorship all around them: at home, at school, at play, at work, and in the media. Here’s more from her:

Mentors at home include mothers, fathers, siblings, and other relatives — those who have traveled these paths before us and who teach us simple truths: the joy of reading, how words are put together, teasing, different cultures, and different life experiences.  Our choice is to listen to their examples or ignore them. If we gather those lessons together, we gain great wisdom and insight. If we ignore their lessons or fail to give them the respect they have earned, we walk away empty-handed. Read More

Networking Averse? Five Tips to Make It Easier

flexibleDo you equate attending network events with getting a tooth pulled at the dentist? You’re not alone: studies show that many people are introverts and shy away from small talk. Read Hannah Morgan’s five tips for getting over your fear. Read more on U.S. News.

Success, Motherhood, and Creating Your Dream Job


Michelle Kruse of ResumeEdge interviews Women For Hire’s CEO Tory Johnson on success, motherhood and creating your dream job.

As the founder of two multi-million dollar career-focused businesses—Women For Hire and Spark & Hustle—Tory Johnson serves as an inspiration to women all over the world. It’s almost hard to believe that she was inspired to begin her entrepreneurial journey following a painful firing. Today, Tory makes regular appearances on Good Morning America, she’s a contributing editor for Success magazine, and her recently released book The Shift is a #1 New York Times bestseller. Tory recently took a few minutes out of her busy schedule to chat about her career path and how she created her own dream job.

Michelle: From your time in the corporate world, you certainly know what it’s like to becomfortable in your career rather than being fulfilled. How do you motivate people in that situation to take a brave step toward a career that they are in love with? How do you inspire women to have it all? Read More