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February 9, 2016

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Working from home has become quite popular, but don’t be too quick to take it for granted! I have to admit, one great thing about working from home is not having to take your PJs off to get dressed in a suit and tie or heels and makeup. While you might believe that you can laze about whenever you want, the reality is quite the opposite. It’s still work and it can be overwhelming, especially if your tasks and the breaks you take are not organized. Let’s dispel 4 myths that people believe are true when working at home:

Freedom to work, whenever you want –

A work at home job might seem as if you’ve just been granted the freedom to work whenever you want. It does make it a bit easier to fit in minor tasks such as cooking, switching over a load of laundry or taking the dog out for a quick walk. However, you cannot sweep your work at home tasks under the rug and go to the salon or run your errands as you please. As fun as working at home might sound, you’re still required to work during a schedule that is provided for you. Working in CloudSource will have you interacting with customers, answering inbound calls throughout your entire shift, which would make it rather difficult to fit in personal activities.

You no longer need a babysitter –

You might be super excited that you will have more time to play games and watch “Paw Patrol” with the kids. However, working at home requires a lot of energy and focus. Since you will need to portray the image of working in a traditional call center, to the customer on the phone, there cannot be any traditional “household noise” in the background. We can’t hear children, barking dogs, video games being played by your children while you work. You will be required to provide a secure and quiet home office environment while working in CloudSource.

People working from home don’t really work –

People often believe that you’re not working unless you “clock in” at a traditional work place and sit at a desk from 9-5. The reality: employees tend to put in more hours when working at home. Brie Reynolds, director of online content for FlexJobs stated, “People who work from home actually tend to work more than in-office workers. 53 percent of telecommuters work more than 40 hours/week.” On the other hand, when working at a brick-and-mortar company, you more than likely won’t be taking work home with you. If you worked from home you’d probably be up late some nights crossing some more tasks off your to-do list to seize the day ahead.

I can watch my favorite TV shows while I work –

You might think that working from home gives you a chance to catch up on some of your favorite TV shows while you work, but this is far from the truth (at least if you work for us in CloudSource). Our positions require you to be highly trained on our client’s products and services, making you an expert customer support representative. You will need to stay focused on your customer calls and will not be able to perform well if distracted by the television. During your lunch or other scheduled breaks, feel free to grab a snack, prop up your feet, and catch up on a few minutes of the news or your favorite show and re-energize!


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Spotlight on Debbie Lowndes — President / Owner, NicTa Services Inc.

Me“I did it for me.”










Debbie Lowndes was a mother of two working exhaustively as a Senior Purchasing agent for one of the world’s most well-known, all-inclusive, Caribbean resort chains. Maintaining a full-time job that included extensive travel, Debbie always felt pressed for time; she also had an ambition to do something more with her career… “something that felt more rewarding and that also gave me the freedom to be there for my kids when they needed me,” she explains.

In 2004, while feeling an overwhelming desire for greater work-life balance, Debbie thought back to a conversation she had with a close friend about starting a mini call center and working from home, using the Arise Virtual Solutions platform. “My girlfriend introduced it to me in 1996 when my son was about 6 months old but I didn’t actually make the move at that point; I wasn’t really ready.  When I was finally ready to become a business owner, I reconsidered the call center business and the structure made sense to me.” Her wheels started spinning. I can do this, she thought! The idea of being her own boss, creating her own work schedule and working from her own home office excited her. She did her homework and decided the opportunity and timing was right.

Today Debbie is President of NicTa Services Inc. (named after her children Nick and Taryn), providing customer support solutions using the Arise platform. She says, “It literally transformed my life.”

“Being a business owner gives me my independence. I don’t answer to anybody but myself… and I can be pretty demanding. It’s made me grow—as a woman and as small business owner. But ultimately, being my own boss and working for myself makes me feel empowered. It makes me feel that I can do anything,” explains Debbie.   Read More

The Grass Isn’t Always Greener

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Telecommuting Here to Stay

A new FlexJobs survey says there was a 36% increase in the number of telecommute-friendly jobs posted on its site from 2014 to 2015, up 10% from 2013-2014. The top three career fields for telecommuting job opportunities are Computer/IT, Healthcare and Sales.   Writer, engineer, marketing manager, adjunct faculty and software developer are among the most common work-from-home titles.  Read the entire list here: Top 100 Companies to Watch for Telecommuting and Remote Jobs in 2016! 


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Getting A Job Is Taking Longer

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 11.09.05 AMA recent rise in hiring means that employers are taking nearly twice as long to hire new employees as they did a few years ago, The Wall Street Journal reports here.  Employers are trying to make the right hires because getting someone up to speed takes months and replacing one who fails can wreck a tight budget. That means job searchers should expect to jump through hoops to get the brass ring.