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September 28, 2016

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Promotions: Mostly A Guy Thing

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We all know women are paid less than men. Now, we know they’re less likely to be promoted, too.
A new survey by Sheryl Sandburg’s found that men are 30% more likely to be promoted as managers. The report say that while men and women enter the workforce on the same level (54% men/46% women) the gap widens as both climb the management ranks (63% men/37% women and in the VP ranks 71% men/29% women.)

Feeling Weak? Try Becoming More Assertive


Calling all wallflowers: you have more of a choice in life than you think and part of the process of becoming more assertive is recognizing it. In this pieceEric Barker says that assertiveness “is like a weed whacker. You take it out of the garage when you need it; you don’t have to walk around with it running all day long.”

Loyalty Takes A Back Seat


Entering the work force, baby boomers were told that loyalty mattered — that they would be rewarded for their years of service. But as they near the end of their careers, that’s becoming quaint corporate history. At Kimberly-Clark, the diaper and tissue maker is aggressively trying to get rid of dead wood, with performance-management software that tracks and evaluate salaried workers’ progress and quickly exposes laggards, according to The Wall Street JournalTurnover has doubled from a decade ago, with 10% of employees quitting or being forced out every year.

Violence Against Women Affects Wage Gap

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While pay equity in the workplace gets a lot of attention these days, violence against women also plays a role in the wage gap, according to a report. Violence against women is one of the six factors impacting pay equity in the United States. “There is a direct correlation between violence and the financial piece,” says Vivian Riefberg, one of the report’s authors. “Women who suffer violence are likely to see an impact on their earning potential due to lost productivity and lost work days.”


Are Unemployed Moms Miserable?



I’ve long believed that all women should earn and control their own money.

My good friend Samantha Ettus says those who don’t are actually deeply dissatisfied and she argues in her new book, The Pie Life, that opting out should not be an option.

Take a minute to read my piece on Sam’s theory in today’s New York Post:
Tell me what you think below.

Get Sam’s book today. It’s filled with actionable advice and inspiring ideas to live a wholly satisfying life.


How to Make Your Resume Shine

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If you’re in the midst of doing or redoing your resume, it can be maddening trying to come up with skills to showcase. Few people think about their accomplishments and abilities in the same terms as a hiring manager, so anticipating what they look for is the first step. Here are 11 ways to make your resume sing.


The Fish Handshake Says All


Ever think about the way you greet someone? Do you look them straight in the eye? How about that handshake? Firm or fish? In this piece, Alyse Kalish says a dead fish handshake can be the kiss of death. “No one’s going to judge you only on how you shake hands…but it does affect how people initially perceive you,” she writes. “And in some cases, those few seconds of interaction, even before you get a chance to speak, could cost you a job offer.”