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March 31, 2023

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Lucy Rosen


Champagne Marketing on a Beer Budget
42 Tips to Free Publicity
Now What? What to Do Once You’ve Found Your Big Idea
Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Networking…(* But Were Afraid to Do)
Networking: The Power of Your ‘Inside Circle of Ten’
Why Doing Good Does Good For All – How Professionals Today Can Make a Difference
Easy Marketing Strategies for Difficult Times


When it comes to women and networking, Lucy Rosen does more than just “talk the talk” about the value of networking for businesswomen. She’s done something about it that few women can claim … and which continues to help hundreds of women across the country in their jobs each day. Back in 1991, upon noting the lack of networking opportunities for professional women, Lucy founded Women on the Fast Track ( in New York City – a networking group devoted specifically to helping women throughout all industries “connect” with other professional women to form strategic alliances that could enhance their careers. Before long, the organization (which started with six women) took off … and quickly began expanding on a national level. Today, with chapters of her group now in New York, Long Island, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New Mexico, Lucy continues to be Long Island’s “networking guru” – and one of the country’s most sought-after experts on how women can enhance their careers through the power of networking.

Through her groundbreaking work at Women on the Fast Track over the past 17 years, Lucy has continued to help thousands of women grow and nurture their own careers – all while nurturing and growing her own successful company — The Business Development Group ( A savvy businesswoman who has grown her firm into one of Long Island’s leading marketing/public relations agencies, Lucy has helped a wide variety of entrepreneurs, corporations and not-for-profit groups organizations develop and expand their businesses. In addition, through it all she has also balanced the demands of motherhood, serving as single mother to daughter Samantha, now 13.

The author of a series of business “how-to” booklets for women, Lucy is frequently interviewed by the media (including recent articles in Pink Magazine, Working Mother and an appearance on “Career Talk with Maggie Mistal”, a national radio show airing on Martha Stewart’s Sirius channel. In addition, she speaks to groups across the country about current issues in public relations, marketing and, of course, effective networking.


Lucy’s list of credentials — and enthusiastic referrals based on past speaking engagements — are extensive. But what truly makes Lucy a value-added speaker is her ability to engage her audience, and provide unique insight into the topics on the minds of so many professionals today. Whether she’s offering a not-for-profit group “42 Tips for Free Publicity” to help in their fundraising efforts – or speaking to a group of sales executives or business professionals about how to put an effective networking plan in place to dramatically improve their bottom line, Lucy speaks from experience – and from the heart. She speaks with candor, with confidence – and with commitment – about how people can enhance their professional lives –and her presentations have been proven to make a tremendous impact on thousands of professionals in all phases of their careers.

A mentor and role model for women and girls, Lucy’s leadership in this arena prompted her to be selected as a facilitator at a unique entrepreneurship program sponsored by Guardian Life Insurance. The program, called “Girls Going Places” was an inspirational leadership program for underprivileged girls ages 12 to 16. In addition, she makes “giving back” an important part of her everyday life – working on a number of pro bono accounts, and being an active participant in numerous civic organizations and philanthropic activities. Her important work has not gone unnoticed – in addition to being one of the area’s most sought-after speakers, she has been honored with a number of highly significant awards – including this year being named by Distinction Magazine as a 2008 “Woman of Distinction”, in recognition of her leadership in the Long Island business arena and overall contributions to the local community.

With her years of business experience, dynamic (and thought-provoking) presentation style and insight into the needs of today’s professionals, Lucy is sure to be a valuable addition to any organization and/or speaking engagement. She speaks candidly, and with tremendous insight and experience, about topics of interest to women in all phases of their careers – and is a living testimonial as to what truly great networking can do for businesswomen looking to bring their careers to the next level.

Rave Reviews

“Lucy is that rare individual who not only motivates, but inspires. Her practical, no-nonsense approach to how to maximize networking opportunities made me realize some important steps I could be taking that could enhance my career – and I attribute many of my valuable new business contacts to the work of Lucy and Women on the Fast Track.”

“As a long-time member of Women on the Fast Track, I’ve experienced first-hand how Lucy impacts the lives of everyone she comes in contact with – whether it’s helping to arrange a business partnership that makes sense for both parties, or providing advice as to next steps for an entrepreneur to help them launch a business. There are some amazing ‘success stories’ that have come out of Women on the Fast Track … and so many women, like myself, can attest to the important role that Lucy has played in their lives.”

“I’ve worked with Lucy in many capacities – as a client, as a member of Women on the Fast Track, and as an audience member at a number of her presentations. Every time I meet with her, I come away with something that I didn’t know before about how to grow my business. In addition, I always come away energized with new ideas – and, more often than not, I come away with a valuable new business contact or two!

“These days, it’s really about the bottom line … and working with Lucy has provided me with the results that I need to continue to grow my business. Her business expertise and insight have provided me with some innovative ways to market my business during these tougher economic times, and I continue to value her guidance and expert counsel.”

“Lucy provides exactly the right mix of candor, charisma and confidence that makes her so enjoyable to listen to … and brings new life to a variety of business topics. She’s a visionary whose presentations truly stand out from the crowd, and she continues to be one of Long Island’s most requested speakers.”


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M. Michelle Derosier


Taking care of black skin and hair 101
Career – introducing your “minority” to their “majority”
How to introduce your white boyfriend to your black parents (and other tales of racial integration introductions)
Taking the fear out of mentoring
Introducing young boys to the topics of sexual assault and rape


I’m naturally inquisitive – others refer to it as nosey. Either way, my doe-eyed interest in the world propels me to spend hours researching answers to a variety of life’s questions. Understanding that there are people with my curiosity, minus the obsessive compulsive attachment to research, I decided to focus on specific areas of interests (for me) and then spread the gospel.

At the moment, my target areas are anything in the realm of racial and cultural integration, career motivation for young kids, rape and sexual assault, and education and mentoring. However, this list is not extensive. I am more than ready to expand the scope of my investigative mind to meet the needs of a catalogue of clients.


Hire me if you want someone who will be worth your investment. I provide professional service wrapped in a blanket of warmth. I engage the audience, rather than stand stiffly on a podium; in order to introduce them to knowledge within themselves they never knew existed.

Rave Reviews

Career Day – Middle School 8, Mr. Ken Goetz, Counselor – 2007

Oasis and Haven Crisis/Non-Crisis Hotlines and Walk-in Centers – 2000 – 2004


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Margaret Graziano


THE 5% FACTOR™: The key to turning “Should” and “Can’t” into “Did” and “Done” and Had a Blast
Choose Wisely: Impact Your Hiring Batting Average
Keeping Your Top Producers
So You want to be a Big Biller
Sell John Brown through John Brown’s Eyes: Increasing Sales with Communication Effectiveness


HR industry thought & action leader Margaret Graziano, CPC, CTS, CERS is today’s “go-to” source for best practice strategies on talent recruitment, development, performance management, and retention. With tools and tactics that propelled her staffing agency, Alliance HR Network, into a multi-million dollar business, this top producer has been named one of the nation’s top 50 recruiters, honored by NAWBO as a “Woman Business Owner of the Year” and distinguished by Chicago media as one of the region’s “Most Influential Business Leaders.” With her commitment to empowering people and organizations, Margaret now leads the KeenHire strategic hiring and retention initiative, consulting and speaking globally about leveraging the power of people.

At 21, single mother Margaret Graziano had a tough choice to make: to fight for child support or try supporting her family with a straight commission sales job. She chose the latter and never looked back. Graziano began her personnel career as an employment consultant earning a six dollar an hour draw and within 10 years, had opened her own staffing agency. In testament to her business savvy she has established a client base stemming from 80% repeat business, earned more than $5,000,000 in personal “desk production” income, and placed more than 2,000 candidates in direct hire positions with a 98% placement satisfaction rating.


A top producer in the staffing and recruiting industry for more than 20 years and business owner since 1993, successful entrepreneur Margaret Graziano is also a published author and sought-after business coach, consultant and speaker with the unique ability to lead change. Margaret’s expansive knowledge of industry trends is critical to winning the war on talent and managing the complexities of the human capital business. From benchmarking programs to behavioral interviewing and other industry-leading assessment tools, her dynamic, provocative and innovative presentations will challenge your audience, catapult their thinking, and set forth the context for learning and development that is sure to make any conference a huge success!

Don’t expect an evergreen presentation. Margaret’s laser-pointed messages target the trends and issues of the day. Her contagious enthusiasm motivates, empowers and inspires her audiences. Your attendees will be entertained, engaged and moved to participate in the conference fully. They will be compelled to bring all of themselves to the development opportunities facing them and will walk away with:

–An “aliveness” and hunger for learning
–A renewed motivation to take action in their life
–Inspiration to create goals that awaken their passions
–Awareness of what stops them
–Ability to use tools for turning breakdowns into breakthroughs
–Empowerment to make superior choices
–Capacity to turn “should & can’t” into “can, did, and had a blast!”

Margaret’s powerful “take-away” ideas provide instant opportunities to initiate expanded service offerings and implement innovative staffing and hiring solutions that directly affect profitability and enable exponential growth.

Rave Reviews

“If you’re considering having Margaret Graziano speak to your group, prepare to have your world thinking turned upside down. From the probing pre-event interviewing Margaret did to assure that her remarks were on message, to the mind-stretching, engaging delivery of her speech, Margaret raised our awareness of issues that drive the future of our industry.”
— Terry Rohde, President, Wisconsin Association of Personnel Services

“You rocked our world! The intensive training was nothing less than amazing. It was incredible how you were able to transform the way that we do business in just two days. We have a completely new perspective that will enable us to meet our goals.”
— Spencer Schmerling, Managing Director, VTI Staffing Professionals

“Margaret provides a powerful action-oriented format for taking your business to the next level – whatever that may be for you. I’m finding it to be a jumpstart approach for an already established business.”
— Alane Watkins, Systems Administrator, Kraft Foods, Inc.

“Your management training seminar was great. Everyone walked out appreciating what they learned with a better understanding of the personality types of the other managers. It was an important value-add for our company.”
— George Kriza, President, Marketing Technology Concepts

“The work you did with our management team clarified our goals and values, making it so much easier to discriminate among candidates. The tools you provided are invaluable. The interview questions and behavioral checklists are used by all of us who meet with potential employees. They have enabled us to standardize the hiring process that you designed especially for our needs – saving us time and money.”
— Barbara Rose, President, S. N. Peck Builders


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Margaret Norton


“What is a Life Coach?”
“Don’t Let Your Family Drive You Crazy”
“The Many Faces of Abuse”
“There is Life After Divorce”
“Getting Started as a Writer”


I am a middle-aged wife, mother of two, step-mother of one, grandmother of four, and rich in life experiences.

I married young, was abused, divorced, made many mistakes and struggled with low self-esteem for many years. Enrolling in college at the age of 28, I found more success in the business world than in my personal life. For 15 years I was self-employed and received numerous awards for my contributions to women in the sales field.

My degree is in Business Administration, which has been a tremendous benefit to me, but completing the Dale Carnegie Class was what finally helped me to understand and love myself. I donate my time as a coach with this organization and receive much satisfaction in seeing others break out of their shell just as I did many years ago.

As my confidence grew, I started to get involved with domestic violence organizations. I wanted to share my experience with others by giving them hope that they too could escape the cycle of abuse. Currently I am a volunteer with Lydia House in St Louis.

My work experience includes mortgage banking, franchise owner, life insurance sales, retail management, and non-profit organizations.

In 2004 I started to write about my life experiences which turned into a 400 page memoir. My agent is currently looking for a publisher. As a result of the writing, I decided that I wanted to spend the rest of my life helping others in a more personal way. That’s when I became a life coach.

Though I have spoken to all types of groups, my ideal audience is women and the topics I feel most passionate about relate to women’s issues.


If you want a speaker that is passionate about life then you should hire me.

It is my belief that passion takes many forms and mine is a quiet, inner feeling. To be honest, I am not the most charismatic person one would ever meet, and typically I do not win an audience with my charming ways and words. But I do captivate their attention with my sincerity and my genuine love of other people.

I am not a stand up comic but have been told by many that I have a wicked, dry sense of humor. Often my topics are serious by nature, and I am a serious type person but I do try to use humor as much as possible when doing a presentation.

In giving a speech I try to teach my audience something they do not know or challenge them to look at old ideas in a new way. I use handouts and graphics. And to make the experience more enjoyable I invoke active participation or game playing.

I try hard to connect with my audience and my goal is that they will take away something that will make them a better person and better able to cope with life.

Rave Reviews

“Margaret made me think of abuse in a different way. Her presentation was very informative and brought this unpleasant subject closer home for me. After hearing her speech I am so much more aware of those around me who might be experiencing this problem. Before I was hesitant to get involved but now I know how to speak a kind word or just offer my support. I now know there are many facets of abuse and I am more aware of my own words and actions.”
-Lynne E

“I attended this presentation because I was facing a terrible divorce and feeling hopeless about my situation. Margaret’s presentation gave me ideas on how to cope and how to build a new life for myself. Her candid comments from her own life were much appreciated. Though I am still uncertain how my situation will play out, I now have hope that one day things will be better. She helped the audience to see that divorce does not have to be the end of something but rather can be the beginning of something new and exciting. I highly recommend her as a speaker.”
-Jean B

“Margaret spoke to our local writing club on how she got started as a writer. It was obvious that she had spend much time and done much research as a new writer. She was eager and happy to share with us all that she had learned. It is rare for a new writer to start out writing a novel and even rarer to have your first attempt accepted by an agent. Knowing she was able to do this inspired me to continue pursuing my dreams.”
-Cathy H

“After listening to Margaret speak about her family I now know that my family isn’t so bad after all and there is no “normal” situation. For years I had struggled to get along with certain family members and felt I was the black sleep. I felt that I had failed myself and my family as I struggled to be perfect. The guilt and pain were almost unbearable. But as I listened to Margaret speak, I was able to put this situation into perspective. I no longer allow my family to define who I am and I know it is OK to be different. I am so grateful that my church decided to have her as a speaker.”
-Linda P


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Margie Warrell


Courageous Conversations! How to Speak Up About the Things That Weigh You Down (No Matter How “Touchy”) Without Putting Your Foot in Your Mouth.
Leadership Is Choice; Not a Position! Five Crucial Questions to Grow Your Influence, Expand Your Contribution & Fulfill Your Leadership Potential.
Upping Your Courage Quotient (CQ): Five keys to living with greater clarity, confidence and courage… everyday.
Success is a Balancing Act
Harnessing the Power of Vision: Daring To Dream Bigger & Live Bolder


Originally from Australia, Margie Warrell is an Executive & Life Coach, Speaker, syndicated Columnist and Author recognized internationally as an expert on courage as it relates to communication, relationships, leadership and life! A mother of four, in July 2007 her second book “FIND YOUR COURAGE!” became an Amazon Bestseller. Margie has degrees in Business & Pyschology and formerly worked as a marketing executive with large multi-nationals corporations including BP Oil and KPMG. A dynamic speaker, clients include NASA, Verizon, American Airlines and ExxonMobil.

In 2006 Margie co-authored “101 Ways to Improve Your Life” with Jack Canfield, John Gray, Richard Carlson & Bob Proctor. Her latest book “Find Your Courage!” has received extraordinary praise from experts in her field, academics and industry leaders.

As an ICF accredited and certified ontological coach, Margie works with individuals and teams to expand their vision, enhance communication effectiveness, strengthen leadership competence and fufill individual potential. A dynamic and sought after speaker, her most popular programs including Courageous Conversations!, Success is a Balancing Act! and Leadership is a Choice!

Since leaving her parents farm in rural Australia at 18 (where she rode her horse to school!), Margie’s work and intrepid spirit has taken her to nearly 60 countries around the world from the Middle East and Africa to South America and Papua New Guinea.

In more recent years Margie’s sense of adventure has extended into the realm of family: she is ‘mum’ to four young (and noisy)children. As a mother of four, she is passionate about helping other women successfully pursue the goals that inspire them – professionally and personally – with greater clarity, confidence and courage.

Margie has been interviewed as an expert on TV/radio/press extensively across the US including appearances on ABC, NBC and Hallmark Channel.


Margie’s upbeat and down to earth style, entertaining stories and powerful message will challenge the minds, touch the hearts and ignite the spirits of your audience.

An internationally accredited coach, Margie has an extraordinary ability to get to the core of the issues which limit success, stifle potential and keep people ‘stuck’. An experienced speaker who has given hundreds of presentations to tens of thousands of people, Margie highly interactive programs empower her audience with fresh perspectives and practical strategies they can use immediately to rise above their doubts, fears and limiting beliefs to enjoy greater success and a deeper sense of purpose in their relationships, career, business and life.

Margie’s warm and genuine personality quickly engages her audience and earns their trust because she genuinely walks her talk when it comes to living a courageous life. Her very unique & entertaining stories and powerful lessons draw from her diverse personal and professional experience: from her childhood growing up in a large family on a farm in rural Australia to her intrepid travels to nearly 60 countries from Algeria to Papua New Guinea to her experiences as a Marketing Executive for international corporations including BP Oil and KPMG to the challenges of raising for young children whilst moving around the world, Margie eloquently captures the keys to living a bigger, more rewarding and more courageous life.

The reviews of Margie’s clients attest to the real and last impact she has on the members of her audiences. Her enthusiasm is infectious, her message is powerful and the spirit of adventure which she embraces in her own life truly inspires her audience to live with more clarity, confidence and courage!

A demo video of Margie speaking is available upon request.

Rave Reviews

Margie knocked our socks off! She was both really educational and truly inspirational. I would recommend Margie as a speaker to any group wanting to get clear on their priorities, be more effective in their careers and find more meaning in their day to day life. Margie made our event a huge success! -Brooke O’Shae / Sabre Holdings

What an enlightening and outstanding program! Margie delivered her program with tremendous enthusiasm, great passion and great depth knowledge. It was extremely well received by all and we look forward to having her back at NASA soon.
-Kim Haney/ Director/NASA HQ/ Washington DC

Margie was a BIG HIT at our annual physician’s conference getting the highest rating possible by 94% of attendees! She completely engaged our audience – not an easy feat with a room of 90 tired and distracted physicians. A joy to work with, I would not hesitate to recommend her to other event planners.
-Kathleen Bozis / Medical Society of Virginia

Margie is energetic, professional, easy-going and quite a breath of fresh air. Without notes, props or even a chair, Margie delivered divine words of wisdom for women seeking to make changes and promote themselves at work and at home through conversations with others.
-Deanna McRae King / British Telecom

Margie was an awesome speaker who really connected with the audience at our National Leadership Convention. Her stories were funny & touching, her ideas thought provoking & relevant, and her personality down to earth & delightful!
-Lynda Bayliss/ American Business Women’s Association

Factual, not fictional. With both feet on the ground, and a delightful accent that delivers a straightforward message, Margie Warrell can and does, in the best business sense, ‘tell it like it NEEDS to BE.’
-Susan Wight / eWomenNetwork Executive Managing Director

“Your presentation was a superb and your dynamic style was just what our group needed.”
-Jacque R. Lytle, Ph.D/Southern Methodist University

“Margie’s presentation was professional, her candor and energy refreshing, her remarks highly valuable and her strategies extremely relevant, practical. Undecided on a speaker? Hire Margie”
-Melody W.Orrantia/ Accenture

“Wow, what a fun presentation! It was great to get information for bettering our lives while laughing. It was one of the best presentations we have ever had!”
-Stacey Perkins / American Business Women’s Association

“Margie’s presentation was powerful. We got nothing but great feedback – our members want her back!”
-Jennifer Dicks/ Dallas Career Women’s Network


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Maria Bailey


The Art of Juggling: Balancing Family, Life and Work
Marketing to Moms: Getting Your Share of the Trillion Dollar Market


Maria T. Bailey is an award-winning author, radio talk show host,
internationally known speaker and the foremost marketing authority on marketing to moms. She has been an invited presenter to Burger King, Coca Cola, Best Buy, General Mills, Buena Vista Entertainment, and many other major corporations.
Her book, “Marketing to Moms: Getting Your Share of the Trillion Dollar Market”
(2002, Prima) is the first to examine the buying power of mothers and the most effective
marketing initiatives to tap the $1.7 trillion market and is published in several languages.
Maria’s newest book, “Trillion Dollar Moms: Marketing to a New Generation of Mothers” (Dearborn, 2005) focuses on the emergence of Gen X and Gen Y moms and how they compare to Boomer Moms.

Maria has an audience of over 11 million moms a month. She is the host of Mom Talk Radio, a nationally syndicated radio show for moms, co-host of Doug Stephan’s “Good Day”, Founder/CEO of, the award winning Website for executive working mothers and host of The Balancing Act on Lifetime TV. She is also the creator of Smart Mom Solutions, a product line that offers solutions to everyday challenges for busy moms. She has informed and entertained audiences around the globe with her passion and charisma.
She has presented at The International Direct Marketing Association Annual Conference,
The International Volunteerism Conference, The National Association of Industrial Psychology,
Alliance for Work/Life Professionals and many corporate sponsored seminars including
Noni International’s Woman’s Health Summit, Highlights-Jigsaw National Convention, Johnson & Johnson
and Southeast Toyota Lunch and Learn Series.

The mother of four young children, Ms. Bailey lives in Florida with her husband. She is a marathon runner and enjoys travel.


Maria Bailey has entertained, engaged and educated audiences around the globe. Her charasmatic style has made her a sought after keynote speaker as well as session facilitator. She has been an invited speaker at companies such as Disney Global, Nestle, HP, Microsoft, Cartoon Network, Chuck E. Cheese and Office Depot. Maria has presented at industry conventions such as The American Diary Association, Produce Marketing Association, Bowling Alley Owners of America, Youth Marketing Conference, Marketing to Women and many more.

Rave Reviews

“In ten years of meetings, Maria Bailey was the best speaker we’ve ever had” Disney Executive

“We learned more in your one hour speech than we did the entire conference.” VP, Packaged Goods

“Maria Bailey not only was informative but she was entertaining. She kept us laughing the entire time we were learning.” SVP, Marketing Furniture Industry


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