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2011 Magazine

Editorial Team | On March 2, 2010

Flip through the Women For Hire 2011 Magazine.

Past Issues

Women For Hire Magazine Fall 2008: Know How to Negotiate

In our fall 2008 issue 11 women explain how to negotiate at work; an essential skill for advancing any career. Women For Hire also caught up with Emmy Award-winning makeup artist Elena George whose clients include Gayle King, Mariah Carey, and Robin Roberts among others. George shared with us how she got her start, what it is like being a stylist to the stars, and how she got the guts to develop her own exclusive line of lip glosses.

Click here to read more

Women For Hire Magazine Summer 2008: The Networking Issue

It’s essential to cultivate relationships and network-with people you perceive to be smarter, wiser, or even funnier than you. Usually these people are right around us, completely accessible, but we don’t open ourselves to the possibility of meeting them.

Our summer issue is dedicated to help you do just that, start talking to strangers! Click here to read more.

Women For Hire Magazine Spring 2008: Faces of Leadership

In this issue we focused on effective leadership. Are strong leaders born or shaped? We took a look at how great women can develop the neccessary traits, and in some cases, how all of us might have to change some of our current habits and work styles to get ahead. You’ll hear first hand from women we hold in high esteem and find that each woman has her own leadership style and her own nuggets of wisdom to share. Click here to read more.

Women For Hire Magazine Fall 2007: What If…

For this fall’s issue we asked what if. What if we all had access to flextime? What if we had 36 days of vacation per year? What if more men encouraged women to take leadership positions? These might seem far-fetched now, but in the near future these fantasies may become realities. Pursue the endless potential of what if—and how to make it happen for yourself and other women in the workplace. Click here to read more from experts in their industries on how to make what if a reality.

Women For Hire Magazine Summer 2007: How To…

If only there was a guidebook on navigating the workplace. You know, plain and simple how-to instructions on balancing life and career, finding happiness and fulfillment, and dealing with the challenges that come with this fast-paced digital age. Since no such surefire bible exists, it’s often a miracle we make it out of bed each day—and back again—with our sanity intact. Now there is! Click here to gain valuable tips on everything from how to build a business for less than $500 to how to build an online identity.