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Careers in Sales

If you’re more of a generalist without a strong technical area of knowledge or expertise, you ought to consider sales. We’re often told by women that their idea of sales typically involves unsightly images of a bald man hawking used cars with an insincere smile. Don’t be alarmed: the sales profession as a whole isn’t sleazy at all.

On the contrary, sales jobs exist in every industry and every country in the world, and require just as much professionalism as any other field.

Careers in sales can be big money-makers too, especially if you’re good.

Such opportunities are ideal for women with great personalities, endless energy and solid people skills. Not only does sales experience strengthen these traits, the profession also builds confidence and teaches us how to think more quickly on our feet. Most women who lead fundraisers – whether at their kids schools or for charitable organizations – don’t realize that every aspect of their role as a fundraiser is about selling.

The perks are fabulous in sales and these jobs often place you on the fast track to some of the biggest and best corporate jobs. It’s a great first step to marketing, business development, senior management and other areas. Everyone loves someone with a solid record of generating revenue.

Your best bet is to find an opportunity selling something you already like – a product or service you use or believe in. There’s no shortage of industries and employers to pursue.

But keep in mind: thin skin won’t cut it. There’s lot of rejection in sales, so strong confidence is essential. You must be willing to bounce back from “No!” and keep plugging away until you close the deal!

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