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It’s a Myth that Financial Services Is Not a Place for Women


I’m proud that I’ve spent my career in financial services working to help people. Often companies in this industry are wrongly associated with Wall Street stereotypes — fast-talking, slick suits, backroom deals, and number crunching. That’s not the world we live in at Fidelity. Our core mission remains unchanged: we have a steadfast commitment to our customers (everyday people of all walks of life) to help them manage their savings and investments with a transparent, value-added approach so they can live the lives they dream of.

There’s no time more exciting than now to work in financial services. It’s fast-paced, innovative, mission-driven, and in the midst of massive transformation. So why is our industry facing a talent crisis? I believe there are several myths and misconceptions about financial services that prevent outstanding people from pursuing this dynamic industry.

What are the myths? Read More. 

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