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Professional Networking

Editorial Team

As many as 80 percent of job openings are filled by networking: which means that solid networking skills are essential to career success, especially in a competitive economy. Since most of us don’t have an “old boys network” to lean on for career advice, we’ve assembled tips and information about the value of identifying potential mentors and building a network of personal and professional contacts to aid your job search process. Here are ways for you to develop these skills and put them to work.

By the way, the best way to keep track of your contacts is with a notebook dedicated to your job search. Buy one that has a bright cover to energize you. Be sure to make note of the anticipated follow-up steps. You can also use Excel or a similar program to monitor your progress and ensure that nothing – and more importantly no one – falls through the cracks. Make a habit of carrying the notebook with you at all times. Whip it out any time something triggers a great idea to help fuel your progress. Refer to the notebook several times each day to stay on top of your tasks and goals.

Cold Calling 101

In this section: Cold Calls Breaking the Barrier Cold Calls Smart job seekers know that they don’t know everything, or everyone. As your networking progresses, contacts will recommend that you call others who may be able to … Continue Reading »

Resume Business Card

As seen on ABC’s Good Morning America. New York-based Nova Graphics created a fold out business card, called “epitoME,” featuring a mini resume. It’s a brilliant idea because it’s … Continue Reading »

Business Cards

Passing out your business cards as if they’re flyers will ensure that they will be thrown away as if they’re flyers. Only pass out cards to those with whom you have had a … Continue Reading »

Formal Networking Events

In this section: Ready, Set, Network! Passing Out the Cards What are you Going to Say? Make Your Way Around Memorization is Key It Doesn’t Stop There Ready, Set, Network! Mark your calendar. Seek out professional organizations that relate to your … Continue Reading »

Find a Mentor/Role Model

Mentors Sometimes you need an expert with specific information, life experience, and advice that will help you move forward. That’s when you need a mentor. She is a counselor, guide, leader, and pin-up picture … Continue Reading »

Networking 101

In this Section: Specifics to Get You Started Beyond the Basics Employee Referrals Specifics to Get You Started The aim of networking is to develop and maintain relationships – something women are naturally good at in their personal … Continue Reading »