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Remote Work with Sutherland: Is Working From Home on our Team Worthy of Five Stars?

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Many people long to leave the shackles of their cubicle and land a cushy job working from the comforts of home.  Truth be told, working from home is great. Just ask some of our CloudSource team! There are indeed many perks when you work remotely that catch the attention of those that dream to work from home. However, you’ll want to make sure to weigh all aspects of any opportunity you are considering, as “work from home jobs” can vary greatly between organizations. Here are some important aspects to consider when looking at Sutherland Global Services’ work at home division, CloudSource.

Jeans Day, Every Day – Five Stars

There is no wardrobe related stress when you work remotely. You don’t need to worry about the latest trends, what others are wearing, or spending money on a brand new work wardrobe. You’re free to work at home in whatever makes you comfortable.  Be sure to keep your slippers under the desk!

Goodbye Idle Chit Chat – Five Stars

Are you the focused, get right to work type? Great. You no longer have to deal with those awkward morning elevator conversations, or endless water cooler chats. When you work remotely, others do not interrupt your day and you are able to stay focused, which results in better concentration.  You are able to work uninterrupted.  You can get in, get the job done for the day, and get out.

Avoid the Cubicle Blues – Five Stars

You can decorate your space however you like. Go ahead and paint the walls the bright color that inspires you, bring in fresh flowers from your garden or cover your walls with masterpieces created by your children.  Some companies limit the amount of personal items or the types of office supplies permitted in the office.  When you work in CloudSource, design your office exactly as you want.  You work from home, your happy place, so let your office space inspire you.  You will benefit from being more relaxed and happy while you work, and that in turn will benefit us.

Bring on the Perks – Five Stars

Reserved parking space?  You bet. Your car will be tucked safely in your garage. Executive bathroom?  Not a problem, yours is right down the hall. Gourmet snacks and meals? Sure. Look no further than your own fridge. There are so many niceties that you can take advantage of when you work from the comforts of your own home.   Hey, it’s often the little things in life that make us the happiest, right?

Portable Workspace – Three Stars

Although you have the advantage of working at home, and can move to a new house or city and keep your job, your position is not completely portable.  Moving, yes. Day to day, no. For example, working while on vacation might not be possible.  When working in CloudSource, we do need you to work from the location in your home where we initially tested your equipment.  This will ensure reliable Internet connectivity, quiet location, necessary privacy, etc.  Silver lining? Not only does your job move with you, you are able to take your breaks/lunch in a location that relaxes you – kitchen, backyard, etc. So soak up the sunshine in a nice patio chair on your break!

Flexible Schedule – Three Stars

While it is true that some remote work allows you to work whenever you want, success as a CloudSource team member requires you to adhere to a schedule that will be provided for you.  The majority of our programs require 7 day/week availability.  How do we get 3 stars in this category you ask? Easy! You will receive your schedule a week to 10 days in advance to allow for planning of your personal commitments.  Better yet…you can swap shifts with coworkers, request time off and additional hours.

There are many great options available to those seeking remote work.  Finding the right fit for you is the key to success. If CloudSource, the global leader in Business Process Outsourcing, appeals to you, we encourage you to click here:

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