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Survivor. Achiever. Un-carrier.

Ask what the keys to a successful sales career are, and Missy will tell you that it’s all about hard work and relationship building. It’s also about facing challenges head on – especially the tough ones. She’s done a lot of that since she joined T-Mobile in 2004 as a B2B specialist bringing wireless solutions to large companies.

A lifelong Floridian at heart (and a proud Florida State University grad), Missy had just moved with her husband Tony from Miami to Nashville, and she quickly went to work, building a roster of loyal T-Mobile clients. Back then, the wireless industry was in a state of rapid change, and T-Mobile was at the center of it.

“It’s crazy to think that when I first started, Blackberries were black and white, and they’d just gotten voice. And now we’re in this age where everything we do is on our phone, and we’ve transitioned from a world of landlines to a world of wireless. From a phone-first environment, to a data-first environment. Back then, it was exciting – and it’s still really exciting today.”

Missy’s journey with T-Mobile has seen her take on a lot of challenges, but in 2007, she faced the greatest one of her life: she was diagnosed with Stage 3 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. As a mother of a then two-year old child, she was looking at six months of chemotherapy and an uncertain future. She was at her lowest point, and she saw her company step up and support her in ways she never expected.

“T-Mobile was the backbone – one of the big reasons why I survived. They gave me the time to heal, and the time to survive. They also gave me the benefit of knowing that I had people behind me. At the lowest point in my life, they stood by me, and it wasn’t necessarily about sales. It was about caring about their employees, and making sure that I was okay.”

While our outstanding T-Mobile benefits helped ensure that she got the best care possible, the support from her team went even further. When she came home from her first surgery, T-Mobile had sent her family a month’s worth of groceries.

“They made sure I was taken care of, and that my family was okay. That support meant more to me than almost anything.”

Ten years later, Missy isn’t just a cancer survivor. She’s an award-winning sales achiever, having earned numerous awards for top performance through the years, including #1 Senior Major Account Executive in the nation in Q416. She’s also been nominated for 2017 Business Woman of the Year by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. With the level of dedication she brings to every customer, and her growing list of sales achievements, we’re not surprised. Way to deliver, Missy!

Ready to deliver your very best with the Un-carrier?
In 13 years with T-Mobile, Missy has made a difference for thousands of customers and built a sales career that just keeps growing. And when her life took a difficult turn, support from a caring team made all the difference. T-Mobile is a place you can do work that you can be proud of, and this is your invitation to explore a career with a company like no other.

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