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United States Secret Service

We invite you to check out the career opportunities available for women at the U.S. Secret Service. See why these women chose to work in the following non-traditional roles and the benefits they’ve received working with this prestigious division of the U.S. government.

The Secret Service is a federal agency headquartered in Washington, D.C., with more than 150 offices throughout the United States and abroad. It is mandated by Congress to carry out dual missions: protection and criminal investigations.

Its protective mission is to assure the safety of the President, Vice President, former presidents, visiting heads of state, and major presidential and vice presidential candidates. The investigative mission is to investigate counterfeiting, financial institution fraud, computer and telecommunications fraud, access device fraud, and money laundering violations.

Inspector Beverly White

Beverly White is an inspector at the White House Branch of the Secret Service. She’s been in the Uniformed Division since 1981. She says that working for the Secret Service is as exciting today as it was nearly three decades ago when she joined. She has had many assignments over her 29 years, including working in the Foreign Missions Branch, Travel Office, and Tours Section. She was the first female to serve as captain of the K-9 Unit. Today, as operational inspector, she oversees the daily activities of the Uniformed Division at the White House. She works with the presidential staff, White House pass holders and Uniformed Division officers.

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Supervisory Forensic Specialist D. Leben

D. Leben is the supervisory forensic specialist at the Secret Service. In grade school, her goal was to be an FBI agent: she cultivated an interest in fighting crime by watching cop shows like Adam 12, Quincy, and Hawaii Five-O. After graduating from John Carroll University in Ohio she got a Master’s degree in

Forensic Science from George Washington University. Following graduation, she was hired as a fingerprint specialist with the Secret Service, responsible for evaluating laboratory evidence and testifying to her findings in court. In her 20-year career she says she has come to understand the connection between law, science, and technology.

While at the Secret Service, she also completed a Master of Science in Technology Degree from George Mason University which enhanced her abilities to coordinate teams and undertake more technical projects. She has been in her current position for the past 1½ years and serves as director of the Forensic Services Division laboratory.

She is responsible for managing and directing a full range of forensic services and makes major decisions relating to all laboratory programs. In addition to overall caseload management and technical direction, she represents the laboratory as a recognized forensic expert both within and outside the Secret Service.

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Special Agent In Charge Paula Reid

Paula Reid is the Special Agent In Charge of the Protective Intelligence and Assessment Division. She began her career with the Secret Service in 1990 and has since been promoted many times.

Currently, she oversees a staff of special agents, analysts and specialists who work on threats or inappropriate interest in officials who receive Secret Service protection. She is a member of Women in Federal Law Enforcement (WIFLE) and the International Association of Chiefs of Police. In 2009 she received the Public Service award from WIFLE.

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