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April Welch


April Welch, CPO® (certified professional organizer) – resides in WA State with her two sons (aka – test subjects for future client understanding) & her firefighter husband.

She has been organizing for 13 years & has been getting credit for it for almost 4. Currently, April is one of a few Certified Professional Organizers in WA State. She is also actively working on her certification in Chronic Disorganization with the National Study Group for Chronic Disorganization (NSGCD).


Organizing your personal & professional life

Organize the kids & the family will follow

Chronic Disorganization

Every great leader understands their organizing style


When was the last time you actually enjoyed talking about organizing?

My guess, hmmm…

Join Certified Professional Organizer, April Welch in her one of a kind approach to getting organized. Whether you’re looking to motivate the potential leadership in the room by discussing the importance of order or you feel the audience needs the good old fundamentals of organizing, April will bring humor, tried & true tips as well as a connection that speaks to all learning styles & brain types.

Rave Reviews

“The visual was key to me! It’s making a huge difference in my mindset. I truly didn’t realize I would grasp this way of thinking so much! It’s actually fun! Thank You!”

~ Time Management in the New Year attendee (Bavarian Lodge)

“Thanks for the workshop last night. It was fun, very “meaty” and full of great wisdom. You really know how to take “organizing” to the deeper level – it’s really about time management, discipline, values and ethics… and as you said, “honoring the souls of our children.” I can imagine you taking your workshops to a greater audience!”

~ Mom & Me Workshop attendee (Women’s Retreat)