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ChaChanna Simpson


As I transitioned from college to the work world, I found myself wondering, “What do I do with myself once I graduate? How am I supposed to adapt to moving back home when I’ve been living on campus for four years?

What happens next?” Over the past seven years, I find many college graduates asking me the same questions. As a result of this need, I’ve been visiting college campuses working with students on “Real world preparation” skills and successfully transitioning into the work world.

I am a published author, popular radio Generation Y expert and editor of, a biweekly e-zine for twentysomethings. In response to strong demand, I’m visiting college campus talking to students addressing their concerns on transitioning from a teenager to an adult. Through my website, college graduates are successfully entering the adulthood via the tips they learn from visiting my site.


Surviving and Thriving after College: 5 Tips to Making It in the Real World

Pushing Through the Negativity to Accomplish YOUR Dreams after College


If you are looking for a speaker who can connect with a collegiate or young professional crowd and get them motivated to go out and take over the world , look no further.

Attendees at my presentation can expect an interactive session. I don’t just stand in front of an audience an bore them to death with statistics and handouts. No, I get them involved so they can leave having learned more about themselves and how to use that knowledge to be successful out in the real world.

Rave Reviews

“Ms. Simpson is a fabulous presenter! Energetic, attentive and knowledgeable!!!”
-Nadia Maria Matthie-Secretary, Iona College Multi-Cultural Alumni Chapter

“ChaChanna presented scenarios that we’ve all gone through after graduating from college. Useful information from a great presenter!”
-Tanisha S. McFadden-Lilly, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority member

“If anyone is going to talk about getting motivated about pursing your goals, it’s got to be ChaChanna. At the end of her presentation I was ready to take steps toward my career goals and not what my parents want me to do.”
-N’kisha V. Elie, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority member

“ChaChanna discusses a lot of topics I wasn’t even thinking about in relation to graduation. I learned a lot. I hope the college brings her back next semester.”
-Catrina Reid, The College of New Rochelle, student

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