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April 1, 2023

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Douglas Sawin


Enlightened Leadership
Maximize Personal Power
Balance: Making it all work.
Effective Communication
Inherent Self: Be Who You Really Are


Dr. Sawin offers strategic guidance and empowering support for female leaders. Since women in business often work in a culture that has been traditionally dominated by men, he helps women bring their values and voice more powerfully and effectively for maximum performance and job satisfaction.


Dr. Sawin speaks with passion and humor. He is well informed and loves sharing his knowledge and wisdom. He is passionate about the issues facing women in business. He has been in business his self. He has done 15 years of University teaching with awards and has had speaker training.

Rave Reviews

“Working with Doug Sawin has resulted in growth of my business and effectiveness in relationships, family and communication. I have found balance in my life. Once we claim our full power, we will lead with a sense of success, well-being and passion.”
-Carrie Woodburn,
CEO, Sterling Medical Products


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