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Kathy Perry


Kathy Perry is a Speaker, Author and Social Media Specialist who inspires and motivates people to live an empowered life.

She guides her clients through the what, why and how to simplify and quickly discover a way to grow their business, without any fear of getting left behind in today’s Social Media maze.

Kathy is the Founder of a social networking site for women at, and is a co-author with Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield & Dr. Denis Waitley in Stepping Stones to Success.

Personally, Kathy is known for her high ethics, caring about people, inspiring confidence in others to achieve their goals, utilizing creative and innovative ideas in business and community.


– A Women’s Guide to Social Media Marketing
– The Mirror Factor, a Reflection into You
– Releasing Stress & Increasing Creativity with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
– Reality TV & You – 8 Secrets to being the Director in Your Life’s Reality TV Show Using the Law of Attraction
– The Life/Work Balance Tree


My presentations are motivational and educational and they inspire solutions for Peak Performance in individuals and organizations. I am multi-faceted and offer a diverse view to my audiences, as I impart my knowledge and experience. My career experience spans the corporate boardrooms of Time, Inc. and General Motors to the small independently owned business.

My personal development work has taken me from being an overworked corporate executive to being the author of a self-help book on how to change your life. I inspire and motivate my audiences because I openly share stories about my life and career. My genuine and authentic message touches lives in a profound way.

Each of us has our own journey and the way a person learns and grows is unique. We all ask the questions, “Why am I here?” “What is my purpose?” “What is my life all about?” It’s a journey. I didn’t find directions for “my journey” in one book or one seminar or in one tape or CD.

There is no “magic pill”. I gained insight by reading one book, which led to another book, which led to a seminar, then to a CD, all joining to create a huge jigsaw puzzle. As each piece of the puzzle fits into place, you soon begin to see a bigger picture. My life purpose is to Inspire, Motivate and Empower people to achieve their Unlimited Potential.

I recently spoke at a local Chamber of Commerce “Women Leaders in Business” luncheon. My topic was “Your Marketing Tree Matrix – Does it need Pruned or Nurtured”. The members found the presentation so valuable that 25% requested my follow up assistance. My presentations are very interactive and easy to understand. Attendees leave with a valuable tool that helps them with their life and business.

Rave Reviews

“I thoroughly enjoyed your motivation, energy and enthusiasm.”
-College Senior

“I really enjoyed all of your creative ideas and positive advice.”
-College Senior

“I found your ideas both exciting and relevant. The energy and passion you have is wonderful, you kept the class on the edge of their seats.”
-College Junior

“Thank you for the dazzling presentations…I have been overwhelmed by students expressing enthusiasm… the descriptives they used included ‘the utmost professional’, ‘so enthusiastic’, and ‘the best speaker and greatest person’. You are an inspirational speaker.”
-Professor, University of South Florida

“Many entrepreneurs talk the talk, however not many walk the walk. Ms. Perry walks the walk and will show your group how to as well.”
-Joanne Weiland, CEO/CPCM, Commanding View

“I cannot think of another person I know who more fully demonstrates such an intense desire for learning and an unquenchable thirst for contributing to the well being of others.”
-Nancy Laine

“Kathy knows her stuff. Her experience and passion to help people spills over in every contact she makes. I’m excited that she has finally put together this book/workbook that will allow you to get to know yourself and her better. You’ll find answers that have been hidden and brought out only due to Kathy’s talent. Enjoy!”
-CSP Sheryl Nicholson

“A wealth of information on marketing our businesses, thank you! Plenty of needed information was given and will be implemented. I’ll be weeding out/thinning out the branch of our Marketing Tree that is top heavy.”
-Kathy M, Travel Industry

“Informative presentation and Kathy comes across as one who knows what she’s speaking about. It was well prepared. I intend to attach $$ values on my Marketing Tree to see where time and energy is spent vs. my return on investment.”
-Judi F, Service Business