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How about a ‘Milkshake?’

The “milkshake moment” comes, Little says, when individuals decide they can do the right thing and serve the interest of others—rather than follow arcane internal rules that actually prevent them from serving their customers.

Those rules and procedures stifle creative thought and lead to legions of workers who see no connection between what they do and the overall purpose of their organization, he says.

“At least 80% of the employees I encounter appear to have no idea how their job fits into a grander sense of the organization’s purpose,” says Little.

He has some tips for managers to gauge the role purpose plays in their organization. But his tips could easily apply to anyone seeking a job. They’re smart questions to ask yourself before accepting a position.

• Who is your organization trying to serve?

• Do the people in the organization understand whom you are trying to serve?

• What is your organization trying to accomplish over the long term?

• What unique strengths does your organization possess and value?

• What gets you out of bed in the morning?