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Spring 2008: Leadership

The Levity Effect: Three Reasons Why it Pays for Leaders to Lighten Up at Work

As a business person, it may be hard to measure the return on investment of levity–whether a go-cart outing, dress-up contest, or a perfectly timed punch line–but a crowd of successful leaders attest that fun is an essential component of their people, business and innovation strategies.

The Case for Saying NO

Taneshia Nash Laird had a chance to get a more important and powerful job. She turned the offer down. Read more of her story here.

A Four-Tiered Look at Leadership

Women in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s weigh in on the “L” word. We asked a quartet of lady leaders, with exactly a 30-year spread between them, about what defines leadership and some of the challenges they’ve faced (and surmounted) forging their career paths.

Go Ahead, Procrastinate

When we received an advance copy of a book claiming that procrastination could be a good thing, we had to call up the author to figure out what she meant. Kerul Kassel talked to us about Productive Procrastination: Make it Work For You, Not Against You!

Jessica Guff on Management

Jessica Guff is the executive producer of ABC News Now, a 24-hour digital network. Prior to this, she was senior broadcast producer of Good Morning America and was intimately involved in the launch of The View.

Jacqueline Liebergott on Accomplishment

Jacqueline Liebergott is the president of Emerson College and the first woman to hold the position since the College was founded in 1880.

Deborah Roberts on Authenticity

Deborah Roberts is an award-winning ABC News correspondent whose reports appear regularly on Good Morning America and 20/20.

Gale Britton on Reward

Gale Britton is the vice president of recruiting and selection for Prudential Financial’s Agency distribution unit.

Dealing with The Imposter Syndrome

Peggy Klaus, author of T he Hard Truth about Soft Skills: Workplace Lessons Smart People Wish They’d Learned Sooner shares tips on how to deal with The Imposter Syndrome.

Politics at Work

If you’re not already a registered voter, visit, a project of the League of Women Voters, for links and information for every state.

Simple Steps to Recession-Proof Your Career Right Now

In a challenging economic climate you might not be able to recession-proof your specific job, but you can definitely recession-proof your career. That means if you’re a mortgage lender and your company is in trouble, that job is likely impossible to save at this time, but that doesn’t mean your career is in the gutter.

Know Thyself and Thy Sticky Floors

We once believed that one of the primary factors keeping women from advancing in their careers was the “glass ceiling”—cultural and societal barriers preventing us from rising to the top. While that might still hold true in some organizations today, it’s important for women to look at what they might be doing, or not doing, to hold themselves back.