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Big Changes in 2013

Big Changes in 2013

The recruiting world has changed with the times and now Women For Hire will, too.

Going forward, we will focus exclusively on Nationwide Online Career Fairs.

Our decision is based on extensive research and feedback from both job seekers and employers. The future of recruiting is online for a variety of reasons: online events are simpler to arrange, neither recruiters nor job seekers have to travel and since there are no venue fees, they’re more cost effective.

We have a good track record on predicting trends: 13 years ago, until Women For Hire was founded, no one featured career expos devoted to women. We are still the go-to destination for smart and savvy women who are interested in connecting with top employers.

Using the latest cutting edge technology, we connect women with recruiters nationwide – in a format designed to suit you needs.

We know you’re busy–whether you’re a mom on the go, a professional looking for the next great opportunity or a college student ready to embark on your career. Your time is valuable.

That’s why we have partnered exclusively with Brazen Careerist to produce online events designed to connect you with recruiters conveniently, on your own time, from wherever you are.

No more waiting on lines. No more parking and gas charges. All free.

What are the benefits of our free online expos?

Geography. You can participate even if you’re not from a major city or living in one. The web connects us all now and there’s no need to feel left out. Employers are taking to candidates from across the nation and hiring them, too. Women For Hire online career expos open the door for women who otherwise might not have been able to attend. And if you’re looking to relocate, an online event is ideal for you: no travel expenses, no hassle.

Convenience. Many job seekers are employed. Our online events let you to log in, text back and forth with a recruiter from your favorite company, and log out, all during your lunch break or ibetween errands. You can participate in an online event right from home, work or school. The time you save from not having to travel, you can spend striving toward your career goals.

Instant Feedback. Online career fairs put the control back in your hands. Chat with recruiters from as many companies as you can. Itching to get in with a certain company? Get in line twice and try to talk to more than one recruiter. You’ll get instant feedback – from constructive criticism to serious interest.

Come Prepared. Since the online booths are set up beforehand, you can research the companies and apply on your own time. Read company profiles and watch their videos to see what most appeals to you. Your job search isn’t just about being the best candidate for a position, it’s also finding the best position and best organization for YOU.

Take and Review Notes. Ever end an important conversation, then blank on an important detail? Ever second guess what exactly you said? Let your worries fade into cyberspace: nothing is lost in translation when you’re dealing with text-based chats. Afterwards, you’ll have the ability to review your conversations and notes an grade how each interview went.

It’s Easy! With our online platform, the events couldn’t be easier to navigate. Intuitive and streamlined, you’ll fall in love with the software at first visit. Register for the next event in your region to experience the future — for yourself.