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Immunotec Inc has over 30 years of scientific research behind its cornerstone product, Immunocal ® and is the leader in the immune segment of the health and wellness industry.

Immunocal®, Immunotec’s cornerstone product, is a dietary natural health supplement, marketed by Immunotec over the past 13 years. Immunocal ® was issued an NPN (Natural Product Number) by Health Canada on October 31,2007 based on the credibility, strength and quality of evidence provided to support the health claim “Immunocal is a natural source of the glutathione precursor cysteine for the maintenance of a strong immune system.”

Following a business blueprint that provides an opportunity for both health and wealth, Immunotec’s products are distributed and sold in Canada, the United States, Korea, Ireland and the United Kingdom through a network marketing system and in other countries through exclusive distributorship agreements.

Your life. Your time. Your future.
Whether you are looking to earn some extra income or fulfill your financial dreams, the timing couldn’t be better with Immunotec.
Fact: The $500 Billion wellness trend is destined to reach 1 Trillion over the next five years.
Fact: Everyone not only wants better health, but they also want to look and feel younger as they age.
Fact: Immunotec and it’s scientifically proven natural products are the perfect vehicle to take advantage of the 4 Mega-Trends: the wellness industry, aging baby boomers, the growth of entrepreneurship and increasing awareness that a healthy immune system is the cornerstone of wellness.

Currently, 15,000 Independent Consultants across North America have made the conscious decision to take control of their lives with Immunotec’s “work from home” opportunity.

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