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Chronological Resume Template

Job Seeker’s First and Last Name

Street Address – City, State ZIP
Telephone Number – Email Address


Your professional summary is your persuasive sales pitch that introduces you to potential employers and allows them to place you in context based on their hiring needs. Compose three to five sentences touting your key capabilities and unique experience, with an emphasis on results. This section focuses on a combination of hard and soft skills. Tie your qualifications to the type of position you’re seeking.


Most Recent Job Title City, State
Employer (Month/Year to Month/Year)

Provide a brief overview of your successes relating to the position’s main responsibilities, including an explanation of the organization if it’s not well known.

  • Outline your most impressive accomplishments using bullet points. Focus on the results of your actions, not just your responsibilities. Include industry buzzwords and tangible numbers to support your experience. The eye is drawn to figures, especially on a sales resume.
  • Focus on leadership roles and demonstrate how you’ve found solutions to challenges.
  • Start every bullet with an impressive action word, and vary words throughout your resume. Avoid fancy fonts.

Previous Job Title City, State
Employer (Month/Year to Month/Year)

  • Keep position summaries short and relevant. A potential employer is scanning your resume to see if you merit an interview—clear and concise is ideal.
  • Don’t try to include your whole life story. Outline your most important and impressive accomplishments, not a complete menu of every task you’ve ever performed.
  • As a general rule, the amount of information—both summaries and bullets—beneath each position should decrease as you move toward older assignments.

Earlier Job Title City, State
Employer (Month/Year to Month/Year)

  • Earlier jobs require minimal information, though they are important to demonstrate career advancement.


MBA, University (Most recent degree goes on top)
BA, College, 2002 (Date is optional, but usually included especially if it’s recent)

  • GPA only if it is above 3.5, Honors Received (e.g. magna cum laude or Dean’s List)
  • Leadership roles and impressive recognition


  • This section is used to enhance your summary and experience while highlighting specific qualifications that are either required for a particular job or are unique about you.
  • You can expand this section when posting your resume online to increase the number of keywords related to your field.


  • Professional memberships and volunteer work show your commitment to your industry and community. Mention leadership positions and briefly note relevant achievements.