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Spotlight on Desreen Wilburgh— President / Owner, Desreen Wilburgh Virtual Client Services

Desreen Home Office
“Want to realize your dream? Just take the next step.”

In 2008 Desreen Wilburgh was a medical assistant, working nine-to-five, exhausted, taking important time away from family. That year, Desreen welcomed a sweet, little girl who required specialized attention and care. Desreen felt a constant stress for time and a nagging work/life imbalance. Am I spending enough quality time with my daughter? Is this job worth all the hassle and the commute? Am I getting enough satisfaction from my work— and my home life?

The questions swirled around Desreen’s mind… and then she saw an ad on Facebook about Arise Virtual Solutions, and how they provide a platform to connect work-at-home customer service representatives running small call center businesses with clients such as Carnival and other Fortune 500 companies. After reviewing a number of positive comments from other Independent Businesses in the Arise Network as well as finding the organization’s A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, Desreen got excited at the prospect of owning her own call center company.

“I immediately responded,” she explains. “And here I am today, my own boss, working from home and able to respond to my children’s needs and schedule work around MY life.”

“Establishing my own company was intimidating at first, but once I looked into it, I just needed to fill out some forms, pay for incorporation, and take the next step.”

Today, her company, Desreen Wilburgh Virtual Client Services, provides customer support solutions using the Arise platform.

Desreen explains, “It’s wonderful that I was able to start my own call center business by using the Arise platform to connect with clients. I think that when you are someone who wants to own your own business that means that you have something inside of you driving you. You’re not going to be put off by any obstacles. It’s just about focusing on the next best step.”

One of the big advantages of using the Arise platform is that Arise also provides call center companies the opportunities to work with quality, respected client companies. “Working with Fortune 500 clients is the best part,” says Desreen. “It helped me start my business and continues to help me keep motivated, knowing I’m serving legitimate people at impressive, high-profile companies.”

In the last several years, Desreen’s call center company has provided service to a number of clients including one of the nation’s largest retail groups, a roadside assistance company, a few well-known telecommunications companies, and a highly-recognized tax services software group. Having earned an associate’s degree in medical assistance, Desreen understood the value of investing in herself and her business. She quickly and easily decided to pay the small fee required to become certified in the client programs of her choosing. “For each client, I spent a few weeks learning about the client and their systems. It was all online so it was easy. In fact, it’s what inspired me to go back to school online and go after my bachelor’s in business.”

Desreen - You Live & You LearnAnother big lure for many individuals like Desreen to start their own companies, is the ability to schedule work around your own life, instead of visa versa. “When you work 9-to-5, your days off are limited and you need to plan them carefully,” says Desreen. “But now that I own my own company, I can make my own schedule and that’s a big advantage. I can service clients half of the day, take care of the kids, and then service clients at night again. This works out perfectly for me.”

Desreen says, “Overall, I have learned a lot about being a smart business owner and planning effectively. Plus, owning your own company is exciting! In fact, when I’m talking to people about using the Arise platform I tell them “This is your business; you’re going to be working for yourself now. You’re going to be even more excited once you begin to use the platform and you see other single moms, retired teachers or someone in the military. You’re going to meet a lot of different people doing the same thing all over the United States, and it feels good.”

About Arise

Arise Virtual Solutions Inc. provides a virtual platform to connect primarily work-at-home service professionals, running small call center businesses, to Fortune 500 and other large companies.  For over two decades, Arise’s platform has created thousands of work opportunities for small businesses run by stay-at-home moms, veterans, students, retirees and other entrepreneurial-minded individuals. This is a perfect opportunity for those interested in customer service, tax preparation, customer service representative, customer support, customer care and call center representative opportunities.