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Blogging and media-sharing on the Internet are super hot right now, with no signs of fading any time soon. Websites with videos, personal content, and gossip are raking in advertising dollars with each click of the mouse.

You can become a professional blogger, too. Websites such as allow you to post videos and photographs, and then receive a percentage of the site’s revenue, which is generated from advertising associated with page views and clicks to the content posted by you. The harder you work to promote your own videos and photos, the more money you’ll earn.

Another way to make money is to create your very own blog at Set up your own page and create captivating content to lure readers to your stuff. Then add the site’s AdSense feature, which allows advertisements to be included on the page. Every time a viewer clicks through on the advertisement on your blog page, cha-ching! Keep in mind this only works if you’re committed to creating a blog that others would find fascinating—and you hustle to attract readers to build a following for yourself.

Here are some other sites to check out:

Click here to read more about how to make money through Google Adsense.

You must use caution when visiting these sites. Even though they contain a lot of legitimate information, they also lead to links to stuff that’s not legit. Be cautious about the sites and the ads you see and NEVER respond to check-cashing, wire transfer or Western Union related offers.