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A Well-Crafted Cover Letter Can Set You Apart

Editorial Team

Given the stiff competition for jobs these days, career experts say writing an introductory note is worth it, especially for career-changers and those whose résumés show a red flag, such as an employment gap. Hiring managers say many job hunters don’t submit cover letters, but those who do stand a fair chance at setting themselves apart.


  1. Tajana

    I have submitted a cover letter to SAP for a position. They are the leader in the industry I am looking to enter with my skillset, and I hope to hear back from them soon. Anyone have an in with the hiring managers in the sustainability group in Dallas? Thanks.

  2. Teresa N. Kentucky

    I am among the many that can relate to Marianne. I’ve been a dedicated employee who put job responsibilities at the top of the list for many years. I’ve been trained to believe that people like that find jobs. But times are different now.
    I understand the importance of networking but even in doing so, you are frequently directed back to the internet because it’s part of the process.
    If a job posting requires “Strong composition skills” and your resume reflects “Excellent written communication skills” you could be eliminated over someone who used the exact wording. I recall someone saying that they lied about their qualifications and got the job. Isn’t the use of the internet just opening up the door for that?
    Honest, unemployed and missing the old interview process.

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