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Are You More Melania or Ivanka?

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There’s no love lost for Donald Trump among some women, but wife Melania and daughter Ivanka are getting plenty of kudos.

This week, it has been the Trump ladies, a powerful combination of beauty and brains, who have dominated headlines.

From Melania plagiarizing Michelle Obama in her stirring speech (a Trump speechwriter ultimately admitted blame) to Ivanka’s powerful introduction of her dad at the GOP convention, all eyes have been on the Trump women.

One widely-shared New York Times piece put forth the idea that men want to marry Melanias (women who are at happiest at home) and raise Ivankas, who nurture families and bring home the bacon, too.

All of that buzz got us talking about what we want for ourselves and our daughters–as professionals, as wives, as mothers–and who we look to as role models.

We’re doing a little poll.

Putting politics and even money aside, with whom do you identify more: stay-at-home Melania or workaholic Ivanka?


And, it goes without saying, you may very well be like many of us who can’t identify with either.


  1. Cass

    I identify with Hillary Clinton.

    • Sandra

      Hillary Clinton is a liar and a criminal. Do your research on her track record. If she is a women that you look up to then you need to do some soul searching on the type of morales you have

      So sad that you would look up to a woman like that.

    • Debra



    I am team neither. Neither has the qualities I like or admire to be. I am definitely more #TeamMichelle. She is dynamic and down to earth. She is stunning and amazing. She is simply awesome.

    • Sandra

      Team Michelle, her husband has ruined this country and it’s quite a disgrace that middle class people are suffering. Obama care is a joke and many thousands of people including myself are forced to get health care benefits that don’t even cover much in care. If you make over the salary limit you have to pay back all the credit the gov’t has given you. This obamacare plan only helps low income and people on welfare . Jobs where are the jobs? Amazing So sad you think that we are better off right now in this country …. Look at what’s going on around you

    • Ericka

      Me too!!!

    • Debra

      What is Michelle Obama’s cause as First Lady?

      I remember Laura Bush took on literacy as did the first Mrs. Bush. I cannot remember Hilary Clinton’s “cause” when she was First Lady.
      Does anyone else know?

      • Toni

        Creating school food that is tasteless and kids wont eat. I doubt her kids would eat it either

  3. Sharmon

    I’m surprised that a newsletter would request a poll to which woman you identify with. How about neither I am a African American career woman and neither of these women I could never identify with because we had different experiences and struggles. These women got to where they are by who they knew and not their talent, education or preservence to obtain goals. Maybe consider woman that have worked hard to climb the ladder and the ladder not being handed to them.

    • Ericka

      I agree!

  4. I don’t identify with either! My brother and I have had a health insurance business since 2004, and our business has been obliterated by Obamacare, and thankfully I’ve reinvented myself by opening a 3D printing business in 2012 because I knew what would be in store for our health insurance business. I’m not sure how many times Melania and Ivanka have had to “reinvent” themselves? Finally, Melania and Ivanka are NOT running for the Presidency, and I’ve been a Donald J Trump supporter since January of 2016!

  5. Candace Campbell

    I identify more with Melania!

    • Toni

      Me too

  6. Susan Kelley

    I don’t consider either of those 2 women role models or any woman I would aspire to be or encourage my daughter to aspire to be like. I am not sure what actions either of them have taken that demonstrate a contribution to the welfare of women and children in the USA or across the globe.

    • Ericka

      #michelleobama …and on this note I will no longer be accepting emails from womenforhire. This is a disgusting poll and is biased beyond belief. Horrible and shame on you.

      • Debra

        What is so biased about this poll? They are just asking a question about 2 women who were recently in the spotlight.

  7. Sylvia


  8. Mary

    Neither one. I can identify with his ex wife Ivana though.

    • Debra

      Like to know why Ivana. What is she doing these days?

  9. Jaquelina Michienzi

    I identify with Mother Theresa, Alicia Moreau de Justo, Susan B. Anthony and more….sadly,some ladies and gentlemen are the shadows of their famous -parents, wifes, husbands, siblings, etc- and they carry psychologycal issues and behaviors for that… the worldwide history, there are plenty of real women that they inspire others….have a great day and thank you for organize the event Women for Hire….,Jaquelina Michienzi

  10. STephanie

    I agree with Lillian as she speaks what I feel perfectly:
    I am team neither. Neither has the qualities I like or admire to be. I am definitely more #TeamMichelle. She is dynamic and down to earth. She is stunning and amazing. She is simply awesome.

  11. Neither. They are both pawns and both are being degraded by the Donald. He needs help.

    • Sandra

      They are not being degraded. That is his family. If your father or brother were running wouldn’t you be up there speaking about what a great person they are. They are doing the same. Think about it.

    • Debra

      Don’t be fooled although it is easy to misunderstand Donald Trump if you don’t take the time to study him.
      He takes life seriously and raised a nice family who are also taking their lives seriously. They all have worked hard to develop self knowledge and develop their skills and talents. They know who they are as people and you can see they are all decent.
      If they were pawns and degraded they would know that and be angry … These were not angry people.

  12. Annie

    I wouldn’t want the extremes. Strike a balance is ideal. Too much of anything is just too much. I believe now and in the future as women evolve and men too. It needs to work for the greater good and family values and goals. To say one is better than the other is not the objective but is it effective and for whom. We must ask our why 7 layers deep.

  13. Lori

    If these women are happy, I’m happy for them. Their lives, their choices. As a feminist, I want to make the choices that best suit me. I don’t understand this unrelenting push to define ourselves – and other women – into one or the other. I have many elements to my personality and my aspirations and they’ve shifted during different times of my life.

  14. Mary Ellen

    Neither one. I much rather prefer Michelle Obama or the late Jacqueline Onassis…beautiful, brainy, intelligent, and independent women.

  15. Fran

    I certainly don’t identify with either! What is wrong with people? They are actually going to vote for a loud mouth coward who insults people and talk about Obama ruining the country. Obama is trying to help those who need help (Healthcare, jobs)! Trump and the two that you have this dumb poll about who support the coward have no clue about foreign policy, and he will have us at war with every country because all he does is throw insults, and no solutions. Those who say that he can fix the economy, do they know how many companies of his have gone bankrupt? Don’t email me with this stupid polls!!

    • Debra

      For what it is worth. Donald Trump used the “reality TV” concept to capture the attention of Americans during the primary while promoting one message.
      It was brilliant.
      President Obama’s healthcare is not working. Healthcare has not become the area of significant jobs for people and Obamacare is not affordable. Millions of Americans cannot afford it and the coverage is incomplete. Yes, he is trying to help but
      Americans need real help that stimulates the economy, creates more jobs ,brings healthcare costs down and reduces street violence so families can be safe inside urban areas. Many wanted President Obama to succeed because of his unique place in history, because he is a nice guy but it just didn’t happen. I would not worry about Donald Trump being a a loudmouth who has no skill. He defeated some of the most talented and experienced GOP leaders. He has the know how.I am certain he will not take America to war in the sense you mean but America does need to do its
      part in defeating Isis to keep our homeland safe.

  16. Gwen

    I don’t understand why all white women are considered beautiful. Melania is not beautiful nor got any brain. She is a liar and a plagiarist. Ivanka doesn’t know a day of struggle her road is paved by her father’s wealth. Pray tell me what about them should one try to aspire. I am just starting the obvious facts.

  17. Yolanda

    I don’t identify with either of these “ladies”. Melania and daughter Ivanka are getting plenty of kudos from who??. They represent Trump.

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