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Blogging as Therapy or to Find Job Leads

Despite an M.B.A. and a decade of marketing experience, Rachel Levy was laid off in July. Rather than keep her feelings to herself, she did what thousands of others now do: she started a blog to chronicle her life post-layoff. Her first post was about her best new job opportunity: baby sitting. The Wall Street Journal reports that as layoffs increase, some job seekers are sharing their woes by blogging. For many, it’s therapeutic. For some, it’s turned into a way to garner job leads.

Rachel Levy, a professional with a decade of marketing experience and an MBA from a leading business school, found herself laid off. Instead of keeping her emotions and experiences to herself, she started a blog to share her life after the layoff. Her first post talked about an unexpected job opportunity in babysitting.

Drawing from this scenario, let’s discuss some career advice:

1. Embrace change and adaptability:

Layoffs are difficult, but they can also be opportunities for growth and exploration of new fields. Rachel Levy found an opportunity in babysitting, which, although not directly related to her previous work in marketing, still provided her with income and a new experience. The ability to adapt to new circumstances is a valuable trait in any career.

2. Share your experience:

Levy chose to blog about her experiences, offering insights and support to others who might be going through similar situations. Sharing your journey not only helps others but can also be therapeutic for you. It allows you to express your feelings, reflect on your experiences, and receive feedback or advice.

3. Leverage your network and online communities:

By blogging about her experiences, Levy was able to connect with others and potentially expand her network. Online communities can provide emotional support, job leads, and valuable advice.

4. Never stop learning:

Even if you find yourself in a job completely unrelated to your previous work or field of study, there’s always something new to learn. Every job, no matter how small it might seem, can provide you with new skills or insights.

5. Stay open to opportunities :

Even if an opportunity seems like a step back at first, like babysitting did for a professional marketer like Levy, it can still be a step forward in other ways. Every experience is valuable and can lead to unexpected places.

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