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Career Growth and Professional Development Opportunities Help Dietitians Reach their Goals

Sodexo Logoby Trish Freshwater, Senior Communications Manager

If you’re a registered dietitian, chances are that you know a colleague who works for Sodexo. With a network of more than 2,250 dietitians, Sodexo is the largest private employer of dietitians in North America.

As experts in this field, we place a high priority on the careers of our dietitians – offering numerous opportunities for career growth and professional development – so that they can focus on reaching their career goals while cultivating relationships with our clients and their patients.

The stories from the Sodexo family of dietitians are many, including that of Nina Crowley, who serves as a bariatric dietitian for the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, SC.

“In my eight years of working with Sodexo, I have grown from an entry level Registered Dietitian, just happy to be getting a paycheck, to a professional specializing in bariatric surgery nutrition with a promising career,” said Crowley.

She credits her success with the flexibility Sodexo offers in career movement and opportunities to add new skills and knowledge to her repertoire.

“As I compare my experience with Sodexo to other employers of Dietitians, I am thankful for the ability to move around seamlessly within the company while trying to find a calling,” she explained. “I knew I wanted to work in Charleston, but was not sold on exactly what type of RD I wanted to be. I began with a clinical inpatient position but eventually settled in my niche with an outpatient bariatric surgery program. Working for Sodexo gave me a chance to work in different positions, while maintaining the continuity of working for one company.”

But Crowley didn’t stop with finding her ideal position. She recently completed her PhD while working full time, utilizing Sodexo’s Tuition Assistance program. Additionally, she is active with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the world’s largest organization of food and nutrition professionals – with her dues paid for by Sodexo.

“The financial support to further my education and to belong to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, state and local chapters, and a dietetic practice group conveys a commitment by Sodexo to our professional success,” said Crowley. “I am proud to say that Sodexo supports research and outcomes studies, and rewards RDs who present research at regional and national meetings with financial assistance and time away from the office. These are enormous incentives for me that enrich and diversify my professional experience.”

Internally, Sodexo RDs gain from networking with colleagues at client locations across the country as well as the opportunity to participate in training programs, including the annual Clinical Update where Sodexo RDs have the chance to give presentations and share information and best practices with others the same region.

“For me, job satisfaction comes from having autonomy, mastery and a purpose in my position” said Crowley. “Armed with flexibility, tuition support, professional membership, training and networking opportunities, I think Sodexo RDs can achieve excellence!”

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Trish Freshwater, APR, is an accomplished HR Talent and Project Leader with a rich experience in the field of human resources. Leveraging her accreditation in Public Relations, she has successfully bridged the gap between internal communications and HR, enhancing organizational coherence and productivity.

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