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Danny Boy: Crazy or an Inspiration?

Editorial Team

Fifty jobs in 50 weeks? Sounds almost like my freelance career, though I haven’t reached 50 gigs yet and can’t say that I really want to. Check out this guy, Daniel Seddiqui. He’s a 2008 USC economics graduate, who after rounds of interviews with well-known companies for fulltime jobs decided to do the unthinkable: take one job a week, for 50 weeks in all 50 states.

On his website he says, “I’m on a mission to explore various careers, environments, and cultures that America has to offer. A majority of Americans are blinded from the opportunities that exist in the United States… I will explore the lifestyle that each state has to offer by choosing one career per state; a career that is popular and represents that state.”

And so Daniel sets out – he’s now on his 21st week, working as a “bouncer, server and music coordinator” at a well-known New Orleans hot spot, the Funky Pirate. Previous gigs included working as a logger, petroleum engineer, real estate agent and park ranger. He wants to understand different careers, lifestyles and cultures.

I can’t say I blame him – I love traveling, meeting new people, being introduced to new places and getting my hands dirty. In this economy, ’08 grads and soon to be ’09 grads have no choice but to be creative and think outside the box. Seddiqui says he’s already gotten ten fulltime job offers from his one week gigs – a pretty crazy statistic after just 21 weeks into his journey. What do you think of his innovative idea? Is Daniel crazy or an inspiration for us all?


  1. Kurt the hurt

    dude hes crazy

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