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Environmental Services Management Careers with Sodexo

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By Trish Freshwater

At Sodexo, our management employees are able to work in several different business sectors — from healthcare to schools to corporate and military locations. With these varied career opportunities, our employees are able to embrace their passions and work in areas that bring great personal satisfaction.

One area that crosses almost all of our business sectors is our Environmental Services Management business. In this field, employee careers grow while managing people, departments and entire divisions of companies.

What exactly is Environmental Services Management? At Sodexo, this career field is about so much more than cleaning. Our managers are focused on individual customer’s needs — whether they are college faculty and students or children entering school for the first time; medical professionals and hospital staff or patients and their families; or corporate executives and company employees of every job description.

Amy Albright

Amy Albright

“The amazing thing about this career field is that you don’t necessarily have to know a lot about healthcare to break into the field,” said Amy Albright, Sodexo District Manager for Healthcare in Central Florida. “You need to know how to manage people and the job.”

Delivering innovative expertise and leadership to schools, hospitals, senior living facilities and corporate clients, Environmental Services Managers also provide extraordinary care to someone who needs it every day.

“For example,” said Albright, “your team might be cleaning a hospital room and consider it a routine task. However, for the patient, this may be the only person he or she talks to that day. As the manager overseeing these activities, this job and your impact on clients and customers goes well beyond getting the work done. It’s also about relationships and impacting — improving — the lives of others.”

As a 24-year veteran with Sodexo, Albright began her career working as a bartender in college before she was encouraged to apply for a supervisor position in Environmental Services Management at the then Sodexo-Marriott. From there she grew her career working for a large teaching institute in St. Louis and then a trauma center in Chicago before being offered a General Manager/Director position in Indiana, just three years later. It wasn’t long before she moved her family to Orlando, Fla., advancing her career in department and resident director positions before moving into her current District Manager role.

“Growing your career at Sodexo isn’t very hard if you have the drive, dependability and abilities necessary,” commented Albright. “If you understand the principles of managing different people in different ways, are organized and able to multitask, if you’re open minded and willing to try new things — it doesn’t matter what field you’re working in now, we can teach you about Environmental Services.”

Albright notes that career advancement may require some additional effort. But, the rewards are worth it.

“You have to be willing to take a risk and step out of your comfort zone,” she said. “You need to be willing to fight for where you want to be and show that you are just as good — if not better — than your counterparts. But if you’re willing to put in the time, if you learn how to juggle family and career, you’ll get much more out of your career and feel tremendous satisfaction. Simply put, I love my job.”

Think an Environmental Services Management career might be right for you? Check out our career site for more details.

Trish Freshwater is senior communications manager with Sodexo Talent Acquisition.

Chat with Sodexo recruiters during the Women For Hire Online Career Fair on Thursday, April 24 for details on these opportunities and positions in Engineering and Facilities Management.

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