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Five Tips to Spring-Clean Your Resume

Five Tips to Spring-Clean <br>Your Resume

By Suzana Simic

For the last three years, I have worked closely with current students, graduates, and alumni to insure career placement assistance through workshops and individual coaching sessions. Follow these five tips below to refine your resume and target in-demand jobs.

1. Research in-demand jobs and add the skills those “hot” jobs are looking for to your resume.
Note your areas of expertise and calculate your areas of growth. Once you’ve established the skills you already have that align with those “hot” jobs, you should add those skills to your resume. If you spot a trend in the job postings, use that as your jumping off point to brush up on work-related courses and/or enroll in new programs.

2. Contact your school’s alumni network members.
Getting together with other alumni is a great way to network. Research companies/organizations where fellow alum are working or have worked with the assistance of your alma mater’s Career Development Department. Find out the certifications, skills, and “know how” that employers are salivating for.

3. Create a video resume.
Putting a face with a detailed employment resume will go a long way. Appearances matter so dress professionally for your video resume. Treat this video as if it were your actual interview…don’t fidget, look the camera in the “eye”, speak clearly, and avoid crutch words such as “um”, “well”, “so” and the like.

4. Brand your talents by featuring a professional online portfolio, professional blogs, posted writing samples, and mini websites.
In addition to a video resume, think about adding other items that brand your talents. Make sure that all your technology-based samples are professional and employment relevant. Do not include personal blogs or writing samples that are for entertainment purposes.

5. Catch the eye of the employer by adding transferable skills to your resume.
Many employers type in key search words when seeking the ideal candidate. You can easily pigeon hole yourself into just one industry if your skills are too specific — don’t exclude specific skill sets that cross over into other industries. Skills like project management, planning, computer programs, presenting, etc. can be easily leveraged into various industries.

Suzana Simic oversees the Career Development Department at Computer Systems Institute, a premier career training school, in Gurnee, IL.

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