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Get Famous with HARO

Today marks the one-year anniversary of HARO, a free, three-times-a-day (I hate the word thrice) email service that empowers everyone to be their own publicist.
Peter Shankman started by sending simple emails to friends containing queries from reporters, authors, bloggers, producers and bookers–all of whom were looking for expert sources. It caught on; the service now reaches more than 70,000 people daily–some of whom learned about it from me.

A few months ago I did a “Good Morning America” segment on how to start a business on a shoe-string. I named HARO on-air as a great resource to help get you and your business known.
I got more than a few nasty emails from publicists chastising me for promoting the service. They argued that by doing so I was making it harder for them to get their clients noticed amid the growing competition.

That was precisely the point! While I wasn’t looking to cause anyone trouble, I wanted those small business owners and entrepreneurs without the means or desire to hire a PR firm to have access to the same queries as the big guns.

And that’s Peter’s mission too.

In this economy, everyone should tap into their inner publicist to promote their own expertise. If you want to be successful, you can’t afford not to.

Just yesterday in Boston, Carol Fishman Cohen stopped by my Women For Hire event to say hello. She founded and thanked me for recommending HARO to her. (She’s a GMA viewer!)

If you have a business and/or an area of expertise, and you haven’t already done so, sign up today for HARO.

Go ahead….Get Sourced. Get Quoted. Get Famous.
Visit Help A Reporter Out.


  1. You got nasty emails from PR Peeps?! I love it! Don’t they realize THEY can use it, too, and if they’re good at their job, it shouldn’t matter?! I love it.
    Thank you for the love, Tory! HARO loves you!! 🙂

  2. Tory, Great to see you at the Boston Women for Hire event on Thursday! Yesterday I spoke to one of your GMA Career Clubs – Susan Kang Nam’s Salty Legs Career Club. A terrific group full of interesting people who are sophisticated social media players.
    And Peter Shankman, thanks for the great HARO service. I have responded to several reporters through it about my specialty – returning to work after a career break.

  3. Hi Tory-
    I too have used HARO to get PR for my expertise and business. It is a wonderful free resource and everyone – yes everyone – should get on board. I was quoted twice (InfoWorld & CareerBuilder) and will be in a book about women travelers.
    Even those who are **not business owners should participate. Why? There are posts out there on general life issues. Respond.
    Your life and future career are about any/all possibilities not just about your current job path.
    Bravo Tory and Peter. And you can follow @ToryJohnson, Peter (@skydiver), and me (@katenasser) on Twitter. Peter puts last minute HARO media alerts out there between the regular posts.
    Take an action and your life will spring forward,

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