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Got an Office Pet Peeve?

Editorial Team

If you hate the office, your co-workers are probably to blame, according to a new survey. Having “grumpy or moody” colleagues pushes people’s buttons even more than slow computers, a London-based market-research agency has found.

Some two-thirds of the nearly 2,000 British office workers surveyed said that workplace irritations boosted their stress levels, causing one in 10 to walk out the door. Among bothersome buzzwords that drive workers crazy: “thinking outside the box” and “let’s touch base.”
Are those Brits just a tad touchy or do you agree? What are your office pet peeves and who or what is driving you insane at work? Vent it all here.


  1. Eula

    I work in the mental health field. We are suppose to lead by example. Everytime we have a workshop, lecture or conference we have all these foods that are not healthy. Left over are left in the secretarial pool area. If you want the staff to eat healthy and lose weight then put better choices out for staff. A number of staff are over 50 we are all trying to change our food choices it is very difficult if your own supervisor brings in an apple pie and leave it out for the staff knowing we are trying to lose weight. That is my pet peeve. Thank you for giving me a voice to unload.

  2. teresa

    I disagree to some extent. Grumpy coworkers become that way BECAUSE of slow computers and ineffective means to do their work, including other processes and procedures set up by people who don’t know how to do or other people who don’t want to follow procedures. That is what I found to be true for myself. I am not grumpy or a problem worker until I am failed by the company and can’t get my work done due to lack of an IT department or an effective finance or HR or marketing department. Then, I get blamed for not meeting deadlines or having the complete info and then, I become a problem employee because my attitude towards these people gets bad. Vicious circle but one I won’t find myself in any longer if God will be kind and find me work outside the corporate structure. Hate it, always have and after being a good employee within problem environments, I want to be on my own for once, God willing. Good fortune to those who have had similar experiences and who have to continue to work withiin them. I pray I don’t have to but who knows?

  3. Charmen

    “Be a team player” drives me crazy when you are the only one on the team who is at work by 4am getting things ready for mad rush of customers.

  4. Julie

    Office Pet Peeve: incessant whispering That psssspppspsspspspsss sound of it. If you’re going to trash talk your coworkers or say something you don’t want others to hear, leave the office because we can still hear you people!

  5. Leslie Egan

    I returned to my old job because the pay was better. It was a bad atmosphere/people before, but after just a week I could tell it was worse. It was crowded with medical assistants, and one of the girls who has been there awhile I know hated me. I tried to be friendly and pleasant, but it was a losing battle. I was there for about a year and a temporary worker burst into my work room, stood over me, and asked why I wasn’t helping them. Well, I always helped when I had down time, so I don’t know what her problem was that day? I said to myself “go out there and help, so she shuts up”. The temporary worker started badgering me about “if I made the money you made I would not be just sitting”, and she said this in front of a bunch of co-workers. This is the same lady who always thanked me for helping her/or medical records. I am an X-Ray Technologist. Well, I didn’t count to ten like I usually do when I get mad and I wrote out a note to the head doctor that I was resigning. The next day the head doctor came into my room and accepted the resignation. So, I know I am a good employee and I believe they wanted to get rid of key people. I feel this was staged to get me mad and resign so they would not have to pay me unemployment. I still feel like I would like restitution for this. It is 1 and 1/2 years later and I am still without a job, but I am very happy I am not working there anymore. If anyone needs an X-Ray Technologist, I am available, call 312-409-3735. I am a pleasant, always on time employee, who rarely take off.

  6. DAR

    I hate whispering too!!!! Especially when there are only three people in the room and two of those people are whispering, it’s rude and only to be assumed that you are the target of conversation.
    I also hate the person who tries to befriend the boss be selling out other co-workers. It makes for such a hostile environment.
    And lastly, the loud talker(s)that stands by your desk to talk to the person sitting behind you! It wouldn’t be so bad if the conversations were limited here and there, but loud & constant blabbering is like nails on a chalkboard!

  7. Lol this reminds me of that quote “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”

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