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Hiring Bright Spot: Internships

Editorial Team

In good times, companies with too much work for existing workers — but not enough to justify hiring full-time staffers — turned to temporary workers, The New York Times reports. But with the economy still stalled, more companies are opting for paid and unpaid internships to get extra work done. For job seekers, real world internship experience is “no longer a nice-to-have addition to your resume,” one expert says, but a requirement.


  1. Helen Muir

    I have an upaid intern ship coming up. I thought it would be a good way of gaining experience and when the hiring freeze thaws I’ll be right there.

  2. Hi Tory,
    Having hired many interns, there is a big difference between paying them and not paying them. The ones not paid can disappear when school or family obligations come up.
    Also, how much help the intern can be is all about preparation. They need clearly defined projects, measurable goals, and definite time-frames. I hope this helps. Liane Sebastian,

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