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Holiday Success for Jobseekers

One of the biggest drags of the holiday season is being asked, “Have you found a job yet?”iStock_000005250604XLarge-951x1024

Don’t shy away from holiday events because you dread the admission that you’re out of work or hate your job. Instead, use this time to put on a happy face and get fresh new leads.

1) The holidays are an ideal time to attend parties and network with people you don’t often (or ever) see.

2) Use the opportunity to refine your pitch and casually discuss your job search and the companies in which you’re interested.

3) Keep the conversation positive.

4) Discuss how you’re staying up-to-date on industry changes or boosting in-demand skills. Share volunteer accomplishments.

5) Even at family gatherings, you may find someone who can advise in your search or make an introduction to an helpful contact.

6) Take time to reach out to your network with best wishes for the season. A thoughtful greeting card or email is a great way to touch base and reconnect. As they respond, learn about their needs to see if you can offer a helping hand before discussing your job search. Perhaps you can offer advice on a project or suggest a valuable resource.

7) If you’re happily employed, the holidays are the perfect season to help someone in your network who is out of work. Connect a friend, share job hunting ideas or offer to review their resume and help prep for an interview. Your contacts will be grateful to you for spreading the holiday cheer and be more willing to return the favor in the future.

A positive plan could help you start the new year one step closer to your career goals.

Tell us below how YOU plan to tackle the holiday season as a jobseeker or connector.

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