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Inspire Me

I need constant inspiration in order to succeed at reaching my goals. Yet we’re constantly bombarded with negative images, negative news and all the doom and gloom of the present day. How can anyone expect to be successful and rise above it all if we’re inundated with completely opposite messages?

My life has been like one big sugar rush. I go way up, then crash back down. I take a break and go back up again, then crash right back down.

Recently, I realized it had to do with keeping myself inspired to reach the end goal. The times when I was able to sustain success for long periods were the result of blocking out the news, certain family members and even so-called, “reality.” I also listened to “law of attraction” speakers and tried to always keep myself vibrating at a higher frequency.

Sometimes it just doesn’t work. Sometimes I feel beat, spent and fatigued by the constant struggle to reach my goals. What can I do to make the down times shorter?
What helps to keep you going at full throttle for long periods of time? I need some new inspiration. Tell me what works for you.


  1. Amy Buser

    Break it down. Accept you challenges, prioritize them, and handle them one at a time. The big picture can be overwhelming. But if you have daily, weekly, and monthly goals established to meet deadlines you can manage one day at a time.
    My personal favorite, when I encounter a speed bump in my plan. I remind myself and others. We don’t have a problem, we have an opportunity to change the ways things are.

  2. The key is probably different for everyone. Amy makes a good point. We cannot climb a mountain in one day. Oddly enough what I find myself doing is forcing myself to slow down, when I’m at full tilt. Then I am able to control the ups and downs more effectively. So I stop and do things like pet my dog on the head, scratch my cat under the chin, stop and talk to a co-worker and really ask him or her “how are you” and lose myself in their answers and their issues. It totally defocuses myself away from my hectic, frenetic pace, forces me to give someone else the attention and, you know what? I’m somehow able to go forward. It works!

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