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Job Making You Miserable: Quit!

Editorial Team

Don’t settle for a job that’s making you miserable, says career coach Dan McCarthy, even if the economy is stressed and opportunities in your field are few and far between. Why? “Because it’s not just a job – it’s a huge part of your life, and unless you’re coated with Teflon, a bad job could turn you into a bad person. Life’s too short – no job is worth selling your soul.” Besides, he says, many companes are hiring.


  1. Martica

    Really?? Quit? That’s really good advice…NOT! In this economy with so many unemployed, unfortunately people are having to take jobs they would never have before. BILLS HAVE TO BE PAID Mr McCarthy.

  2. Martica –
    Please read my entire post – not just the headline that Tory used. I NEVER said quit your job.

  3. Clover

    I was given a promotion 3 months ago and I hated my new duties. I was so miserable. I had been so happy and satisfied in my previous job and the contrast to how unhappy I was after my promotion was so stark. I was just at the end of my rope. Trapped not knowing what to do.
    I am really very, very timid but I actually got up the nerve (out of sheer desperation) to call my boss at home (the boss had not been in the office for some time) and say I just could not go on in the new job. I never had to admit such a thing in my life before. It was so uncomfortable and I sure I sounded pathetic.
    But thank God the boss was understanding and demoted me and gave me my old job back. Oh my gosh I am sooo glad and so happy to be my old self again! It was so hard to call but I had to. My job is not a career type of job but the principle is the same.
    If you hate it do not ruin your life doing it. Your employer and you will prosper only if you are the right person in the right place.

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