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Key to Success? How About ‘Career Capital?’


Having a variety of skills that define and advance your career – ‘Career Capital’ – is the key to success, according to a new study by Accenture, the global management consulting tech services and outsourcing company. The survey was of 4,100 men and women professionals in 32 countries.

Eighty-four percent of those surveyed say they are working to increase their career capital in an effort to enjoy greater opportunities for growth, influence decisions and increase their credibility among colleagues and peers. Sixty-seven percent think knowledge and competency in a specific area is the most valuable Career Capital component.

Nine out of ten respondents say the most successful employees can adapt to the changing workplace; nearly as many (89 percent) say they thrive on or don’t mind change.

“Developing career capital helps engage and energize employees who will maintain a competitive advantage as they grow and reach their goals,” says Adrian Lajtha, Accenture’s chief leadership officer. “In this rapidly evolving business environment, leading companies will continue to sharpen and develop their peoples’ skills through innovative training and leadership development programs that prepare them for the future.”
Those surveyed made a number of predictions about women in the workforce, including:

· Women on boards: Nearly three-quarters of respondents (71 percent) think the number of women on boards will increase by 2020
· Women at the top: Seven in 10 (70 percent) say the number of women CEOs will increase by 2020; 15 percent believe the increase will be significant.
· Women in senior management: Nearly half (44 percent) say their companies are preparing more women for senior management roles than they did last year.

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