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Leave it to Mom

I was three months into my job search and it wasn’t going well. My mom was secretly becoming as frustrated, but she hadn’t said anything — at least not to me. Then one day she did something that freaked me out, at first.

On her way to meet me for tennis, she recognized a local NBC anchor in the car next to hers at a stoplight. Never one to give up an opportunity to help me out, she opened her window, introduced herself and when the light turned green chatted with him for 15 minutes on the side of the road. She told him how much I wanted to work TV news and got advice on how I should go about doing this.
“Don’t say I never did anything for you,” she said as she marched onto the tennis court, mid-point, handing me his business card.

Today, five months later, I have a job that I hope will someday get me into TV news. I am still in touch with him. I go to him regularly for ideas and advice or simply to touch base. He occasionally brings up how he met me – and I laugh, thinking of Mom beeping to get this poor guy’s attention, waving her arm out the window until he noticed her – and walking away with his business card. What a mom!
What’s your best networking story?


  1. Comeback-mom

    Way to go Mom! It’s a good thing you took her help and advice!

  2. B Higgis

    Can I borrow your mom in Michigan?

  3. Image Architect

    Your mom is one in a million. And the NBC anchor is, too. I’ll look for you on TV one day!

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