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Let’s Talk Out Loud

One of the most meaningful moments in the Oscars last night was almost missed as the producers turned up the music to signal time’s up.   But director Dana Perry kept going anyway.

When Patricia Arquette won for Best Supporting Actress, she used the worldwide Oscar stage to advocate for equal pay.

What issues do you think should be talked about openly with candor in the workplace?  If you were to speak up for what you really cared about, what would that be?

Share with us below.


  1. Basic etiquette, and consideration. The world has become so technical, with texting, and tweeting, most forgot how to look someone in the eye, hold a door, and say please and thank you.

  2. cc

    Compassion for the Mentally Ill, those who suffer with depression, PTSD, Bipolar, Our military that suffer with mental illness. Children who suffer with depression, elderly who suffer as well. The plight of the poor. Chronic fatigue.

  3. is what I’m advocating! This is a non profit that promotes the arts in the special needs community through workshops, performances, and art. Zylofone has promoted some special needs children to communicate through music when they couldn’t verbally express themselves. It’s also a safe environment where expressing themselves feels good and is promoted. Let’s talk out loud about Zylofone and giving the special needs community a place to bloom!

  4. Marie Lamoureux

    We should talk out loud about that fact that people over 40 are not getting hired anymore. While people of “that age” are usually the most dependable and the ones who have the best work ethic, employers are going for youngsters, who demand less salary and cost them less in insurance premiums. I think industry is going to pay for this in a big way.

  5. Susan

    I feel more should be said for mental health which it seems would go along with suicide but I feel depression is not talked about as much anymore

  6. I would speak out about autism and mental health issues.

  7. Sonja

    I think that emotional health should be discussed in the work environment. There are many situations where individuals are under pressure to do duties that may cause stress. Many are afraid to discuss whether they feel at edge because they fear they will lose their position and possibly be considered not productive or qualified. But, the truth is that all jobs can stress out anyone. Having stated that, too much stress can make many ill mentally, and even physically. To avoid becoming ill, and maintaining effective relationships with the employer, and prevent loss of employees due to quitting or termination, I think it is imperative that emotional health be discussed; it opens doors to better communication and a more harmonious work environment.

  8. angela carey

    How to find a new career after 60?

  9. Jam

    I feel strongly about age discrimination in the workplace and society. Especially against women. Then wage discrimination. Next up is mental illness. Medically, very little is offered and covered.

    Now, pregnancy is! Hum. That’s a personal pleasure. It’s a choice. Why is it so very medically covered?

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