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My Day With Jack Canfield

I recently attended an all-day workshop with Jack Canfield. He was teaching the theories from his book, The Success Principles. I spent the day redefining my goals, clearing blocks that prevent me from achieving those goals and reinforcing the clarity of my vision for my life. So much went on in those eight hours that there is no way to quickly summarize the day’s event.

I believe the most important step is to have a clear goal in mind. If you have no clear direction, then where do you expect to end up going? I hate getting lost when I’m driving. It’s such a waste of time, energy and gas. The same can be said for life. We need to have direction with our career, marriage, self, health, etc.

Here is a great exercise you can use to determine your life’s purpose and goal. Once you have your statement of purpose, then determine 5 things you can do everyday to bring you closer to this vision.
List two of your personal qualities, such as creativity and honesty.
List one or two ways you like to express those qualities when interacting with others, such as teaching and touching.

If you have a perfect world vision, what would it be? How are people interacting? This statement should be in the present tense, describing the best possible condition of a perfect world as you see it.
Combine the three sections into one sentence that will describe your life goal and purpose.

Here’s mine:

My purpose is to use my creativity and honesty to touch and teach others so they can mentally, physically and emotionally heal themselves.

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