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My Holiday Ah Ha: No More Mediocre

Just returned from two weeks of vacation—-a first for me. My family and I had a sensational holiday and I hope you did too.ImageProxyServlet

My favorite moment wasn’t belting out pop songs during our road trip. Nor was it paying for the car behind us at every Starbucks drive-thru on our 2,500 mile journey. It wasn’t laughing while walking on the beach or shopping in malls and Main Street.

The top moment wasn’t even hanging out with Paula Deen and her boys. (Wait, um, Emma and I didn’t actually meet them. Just a life-size picture of them that turned into a perfect photo op in Savannah.)

My best moment came courtesy of social media when I saw this tweet from my 16 year old daughter.

I share the dream with moms everywhere to have a teenager who proudly says she had a phenomenal year. Her tweet made my heart soar.

The happiness of my kids is at the core of my WHY. Giving them the best possible life, full of rewarding experiences and opportunities, rooted in love, comfort and kindness, is what fuels me to do what I do every single day.

So as I reflected on my own 2013, I had to agree with Emma: While it wasn’t without a fair share of challenges, it was a damn good year for me. Record-breaking segments every week on Good Morning America; a #1 New York Times bestseller, THE SHIFT; speaking opportunities that allowed me to connect in person with more than 30,000 women at events throughout the country, not to mention countless more online; the privilege of working with private clients through my consulting services to help them make more money or pursue a healthier lifestyle.

ImageProxyServlet-1And like Emma, I’m as determined as ever to make 2014 even better. To make that a reality, I must keep the bar high.

Yup, nothing mediocre. All of us—-and that means YOU—-deserve to up our standards, to demand the best for ourselves, and to chart a course of action to get exactly what we want.

After all, busy and successful are not synonymous. If you’re going to be crazy busy, you may as well be crazy successful—-however you choose to define that.

If I can help you do that, I hope you’ll join me at one of our events, chat with me online, read my books, or stop me on the street with your questions.

Happy 2014—-this is YOUR year and I’m rooting for you always.

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