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March 24, 2023

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Nobody's Hiring? Not so fast

I hear it over and over again: “Nobody’s hiring.” I’d be a fool to argue that jobs are plentiful these days – not with the jobless rate at 7.4 percent. Many people are justifiably worried about when they’ll see their next paycheck. That said, few jobs come easily even in good times. In a buyer’s market, sellers need to be open-minded, flexible and, in some cases, willing to do more for less. The New York Post asked me to find some jobs and with some digging I was able to find a number of open positions in The Big Apple.


  1. I bought a home in Fort Myers in 2007. Leaving my great job at Warner Bros. CA for Chico’s FAS was scary because the Recession was obvious then. Now I am unemployed and the only real industry is Memdical. With expert computer skills, I’m not considered because I don’t have Medical Terminology. I sent out 50 resumes to companies I found listed in Fort Myers. No interviews. Recruiters say they are trying to drum up business but here “freeze”. I may have to leave my home and live in an Apt in Boston to get work. Sad, because I went through the same thing in 1991 Recession and had to sell a home. If anyone knows a contact in Fort Myers FL, please send me the company and or contact name. Regards, Karen Turczyn

  2. RC

    Hi Tory,
    I have seen and heard a LOT about you. I need some advice or help? I have a job right at the moment. But, It is not in the field I just graduated in: Media Communications & Arts. It being a Home Health Aid. While this job has its emotional rewards, it pays for crap and has no medical benifits, no paid vacation or paid time off. I have put out over 2000 Resume have rewrote my Resume 3 times and still not even an interview.
    I was an Automotive Designer, but P/O someone and he Black listed me though my sos. I was laid off in 2001 as an Automotive Designer and could not get a job in it sence. Not sure I want one in it now, LOL but it paid well and I loved my job. Needless to say I dont now. I deal with “Shit” everyday literally. Help.

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