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Please Give Me Something to Brag About

Editorial Team


Last week after several live TV segments, all of which I used to spotlight the successes of other women, I received a slew of emails and more than just a few phone calls from people asking what it would take for me to promote them.

• I bragged about Shameeka Ayers and her alter ego The Broke Socialite, a brand she created to help others with champagne tastes and beer budgets to live the good life.  When we first met, Shameeka and I hit it off so wonderfully that she affectionately dubbed me the White Shameeka and swore that I must be her sister from another mother – hence the t-shirt I had printed and then modeled as a surprise for her.

• I touted Cindy Morrison’s ability to turn her mess into her message, then more importantly, her book into a business.  She self–published Girlfriends 2.0, held 32 signings in one month and sold more than 1,000 copies in that time. But she was exhausted and broke because she was giving away all of her time and talent for free.  I convinced Cindy that it’s not only ok—but, essential—to profit from her expertise, and today she has a thriving business teaching social media that’s relatable and drives results.

• I shared Vivian Tenorio’s challenges as a teen mom, young wife and high school dropout, which never stood in her way of getting her Signature Flan on the shelves of 170 Whole Foods and other gourmet markets nationwide because she opted to make her own rules and forge her own small business path.

Why these women? Why have they captured my attention?

I met all three face–to–face at our events. They wowed me from the moment we connected.  Not only did they have great ideas, but more significantly, they’re serious hustlers.

Some people need drugs and alcohol to experience a high, but I don’t drink and my drug of choice is soaking up and studying the awe–inspiring success of other women.  I love putting the spotlight on them, not simply because they deserve it, but to enable others to learn from—and emulate—their particular path to profit.

In fact, I ended my last conference in Tulsa a few weeks ago by reminding every participant in the room that I expected big things from them because I need great material.

While they laughed, it wasn’t a joke.  My mission at the upcoming conferences is to meet many more incredible women who I’m expecting will share with me what they’re doing and how they’re doing it so I can use my platform to celebrate their successes.

Let me be clear: I’d love the opportunity to meet you too—to learn what you’re up to, to hold your products, to experience your services, and to get up close and personal to understand what makes you tick.

Then I want to be able to brag about you to anyone who’ll listen!

Please consider registering now for our conference – we have six major events in the weeks and months ahead, and the majority of attendees travel from all over the country to participate.  If you don’t see your city on the list, instead of waiting and wondering if we’re ever coming your way, make a plan now to pack your bags and come to us.

Bring your best game – or bring the pieces you’re hoping to put together so we can help create something that’s brag–worthy.  I like a work–in–progress as much as I adore an already–made–it story.

I’m counting on you to give me fresh material to talk about to the world!

Where will I see you?


  1. Julie

    Tory I watched a segment on GMA you did a couple of weeks ago. There was a lady on there that started a site on Google Ads with recipes. I am interested in doing that because I think it would be fun and I definitely need extra cash.Can you please let me know where I can find that interview you did with her so I can get some ideas.

    Thanks so much for all your info and advice!


  2. PatV

    I have enjoyed your website for years, even after I went to work. Recently moved to a new state and am finally getting my “sea legs” under me and started an initial job search.

    Yesterday, I found a posting on your website, followed the application instructions and within 15 minutes (! !), I received a phone call to set up an initial phone interview. And an email immediately followed.

    It’s too soon in the process to call it a success story, but a 15 minutes response is a pretty good start. It definitely inspires me to consider attending your conference in my area in April. And I will definitely make your website my first stop for my jobsearch.

    Keep up the good work

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  4. Nancy

    Your website caught my eye. I thought you might know of some women in need of training for a wonderful, fulfulling career as a State Tested Nursing Assistant. I am just starting a new class here at the Job Center in Akron, OH. It is located in the Job Center on Tallmadge Ave. conveniently located on a bus route, free parking as well. The class includes 3 weeks of training, including 2 days out in clinical site at a local nursing facility, and the State tester coming to the classroom, all for $625.00. How convenient is that. I know that you are far away from my location but I am sure that you many more contacts than I have. If you wouldn’t mind spreading the news of this wonderful, conventient new program that in three weeks will prepare women or men for a brand new career, I would appreciate it very much. Thank you, Nancy R. Young RN, BSN

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