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President Obama: How and when will you create jobs for us?

As Barack Obama assumes the presidency, one of his greatest challenges is job creation. He must take decisive action to restore confidence in American business to stop the mass layoffs. And the Obama administration must develop the best policies to create new jobs across the country.

If you had the ear of our new President, what would you ask him to do about the employment crisis in cities and towns throughout our nation? Where specifically would you like to see your tax dollars invested in job creation – and what kind of jobs could be created? And, how much time are you willing to give the new team to make things happen?


  1. Nancy Grochowski

    We may have to change some old County and State Laws, re: health department, I wanted to use my hobbies in cooking to start my own business in my own for some cooking lessons, and the health department said NO

  2. Carol Roberts

    As a 63 y.o. youthful, degreed (B.A.-Spanish, and J.D. Personal Injury), black woman with over 25 years in public relations, law, and Spanish interpretation jobs – it has been almost impossible to become employed in the past two years!
    The most obvious prejudice against people’s age knocks me and my peers to our knees! No amount of enthusiasm, excellent health, perfect attendance, dedication and generosity of spirit seems to count when we apply for positions for which we are absolutely already trained and qualified, and for which we are willing to be paid less! Younger, less qualified, less dedicated men and women are being issued into those positions, monies expended to train them, and then frequently,many end up leaving quickly -looking for “greener fields”. Senior workers tend to settle in, commit to excellence, and follow our “old school” work ethic of loyalty, for our options are fewer.
    Organizations established and funded primarily to assist seniors obtain meaningful employment like AARP and JF&CS (here in Atlanta) are constantly viewed by us as catering to their personal friends and favorites – job opportunities appointed for seniors seem to exist in only in nepotism…we don’t want to become bitter from our experiences, but it hurts so much. We arrive at the interview first, we smile and speak at ease and honestly, we demonstrate our intent to give our best…but, the playing field is frequently not level when non-seniors and young, career-focused “kids” (some who are just getting married or having babies) are in charge of senior programs such as those. They don’t care about the elderly, for they have their entire lives to which they look forward. What programs will you and Mrs. Clinton (both of you having been on the aging committees) aggressively generate and support for us seniors in employment?

  3. Dona Kramer

    President Obama,
    As you and your team tackle the issue of job creation I think it’s important to look at the demographics of the Americans who have lost their jobs. Creating jobs in construction and manufacturing is great but there are alot of white collar workers who will need jobs too. I suggest that you urge employers to look at an applicants transferrable skills before rejecting an application. Diversity in the workplace as well as in the country will make our workforce much stronger than we are now.
    I also believe in the Federal sector jobs reserved for status candidates should be open to all citizens. I think every American should have a chance to serve our country at the level of experienced gained after years of hard work. Exclusion will not allow diversity in our government infrastruture which should represent all Americans. Yes I know the government has different rules than the private sector, but we can learn and we can change accordingly. Isn’t that what your message is all about?

  4. Sue Kramer

    For me, its more about having health and dental insurance. There are many jobs that don’t offer those benefits and certainly working for yourself is one of them. I see the job market improving for many people if group rates were available to any group, like extended family or a co-op, not just a company. People could work in jobs they liked, instead of jobs they ‘had’ to have for their families.

  5. Nancy Lee

    My question for President Obama – Having recently been unemployed, I applied for a job that on 12/31/08 had 5-6 openings. On 1/15/09 the openings were still there and I applied; on 1/19/09 when I followed up and called in regards to the jobs I find out that they have all been taken offshore. What is President Obama going to do about all the jobs that go offshore? It appears to me that the job posting was just a matter of formality with no intention to keep them onshore. In this age of job loss with so many qualified Americans will there be anything done to turn this around and bring jobs back onshore? It is unfair that companies pay extremely large bonus’, job perks and high salary to their top management(in the millions) yet will offshore a job because they can pay an offshore person $15-20 per hour to an American that would be paid $40 per hour. An the average American will not get the bonus and job perk…just the salary. How many American jobs can equal that one bonus and allow the average American to take care of their family.

  6. Patricia Richer

    The best way to create jobs is to stimulate private investment in capital by lowering the corporate tax rate on companies. U.S. companies already pay the second highest tax rate worldwide. Also we must lower taxes on middle class individuals to encourage start-ups of small businesses – since most new jobs are now created in the small business sector.
    I do not believe that creating more government jobs which are funded by the current taxpayers (who are already hurting) and future taxpayers (our children and grandchildren)in other words, using “bailout” money to create jobs is the “right way” to create jobs.
    Finally, I do not agree with the move toward socialism and away from capitalism.

  7. Renee Walsh

    Dear President Obama:
    I hope that you will considering making Job Training Programs one of your first priorities in this economy. As a woman, who lost her job this past June, I need the opportunity to improve my skills and become a productive member of this new administration.

  8. Diana Falcon Rojas

    The President is but one man, he can not create jobs out of the air. He has a team and they have procedures to make things happen for everyone. Our Country is a Great One and no matter what anyone says anywhere,there is no place like the USA.
    Mr. President please remember our elderly and our young, the ones that need a stronger voice. Our elderly can teach us so much and our young have so much to learn. All I would ask of the President is to help work on programs and jobs that focus on our future (our children), and help make life comfortable for our elderly. Together we can make it through any thing. TOGETHER.

  9. Anna

    I think Obama should concentrate on all the single mother’s out here that are on public assistants and are going nowhere with their lives. There are so many mother’s suffering because they are left on their own to fend for themselves and their children. The system treats them so poorly as if they don’t deserve a thing at all. Why can’t the public assistant help these women that really want to work get into a program that is going to really lead them somewhere not leave them in a hole of pitch dark.
    They expect women with children to live off of $70.00 every two weeks, and $150.00 of food stamps a month, you try living on that kind of food money. If the goverment doesn’t want to support these women then give them an opportunity to get a better education, job trainning.
    I would love to help in anyway I can, I myself am unemployed because of the economy, looking for work myself. I hope you can help them and me. Good luck Mr. President, I’m very happy that you were elected and God bless.

  10. Sally

    President Obama, the Senate, and the Congress;
    I think there are many things that you President Obama (Congress and Senate) can do. I appreciated President Obama trying to get $3k approved for all businesses that kept jobs and created jobs in America. However, Congress and Senate denied that request. Why?
    We need jobs in America. We need to put America back to work. Being recent older grad who worked full time, supported her family and went to school. I am now unemployed for three months. I cannot find a job that will pay my bills and my tuition costs. Infact, I cannot find a job at all.
    Like many other writers to this link we all want to work. None of us seem to be happy to go on welfare after long suffering of doing it without welfare, without unemployment, and without handouts. Now is the time to make America great and powerful once again.
    I am 39 years old and in the prime of my life. I am putting my daughter through college now and have no idea how to pay for it since last year I had income and that is how they base how much tuition I can afford to pay. Which is all of the $20k it will cost.
    Please help us. The young, the middle, and the old find jobs in America because we are American.

  11. Karen Hare

    President Obama and Vice President Biden,
    Thank you for the courage to run and to win a hard campaign – cleanly and with dignity. Dignity is one of those aspects which is far too easily taken as a marginalized value.
    I look to you for the following:
    1. Tell the truth.
    2. DO what is in the highest and best good of our nation AND the world.
    3. Collaborate vs. dictate and bully.
    4. Provide unemployment benefits and other support to those are in employment need. Those with experience and who have earned a their “Been there, done that!” T-shirts of infinite grace and transferable good as well as those who are beginning the rat race of Corporate America, FAITH IN A NEW TODAY AND TOMORROW would be a damn good plan to enact.
    5. Establish funds for those who are out of work to purchase new interview suits, shoes, blouses, shirts, socks, stamps, paper, ink, etc – when one is at the bottom of the barrell, the purchase of these needed items often equivolates no food or gas for that week.
    6. Increase the amount of unemployment awarded per week.
    7. Increase the business loans to small businesses for women – who tend to be considerably better risks than men.
    8. Improve fair wages for women.
    9. Send the message that just because one is unemployed, the economic status of the country has brought this on verses the action of those who are unemployed – I can’t tell you how many times people act as if being enemployed is MY fault. Mismanagement and daft planning of a company IS NOT MY FAULT!!
    10. COMPASSION IS IMPORTANT AND REWARDED ~ AS A NATION WE MUST RE-EMBRACE COMPASSION for all those in the world who are impacted by Wall Street’s short-sighted actions as well as the automotive industries “bigger and more is better”.
    11. Increase taxes – to support needed programs for the elderly, children, education, and healthcare. America must choose if it looks after it’s citizens or if it lets them drown in suffering and a sense of lack. Compared to France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Belguim, the Netherlands and Germany, the USA is shamefully out of touch with the needs of its citizens who need dental care, books to stimulate the mind and feed intellectual fortitude in children, elder care which is dignified and honors those who built what we have today. Social responsibility is not equivolent to socialism = it’s dignity, care, honor, education, long-term planning and accountability.
    12. Have Eliot Spitzer clean-up Wall street and put him in charge of regulating the bailout.
    13. Inform the automotive industry, bigger is not better and ENVIRONMETAL ACCOUNTABILITY COUNTS.
    14. Jobs can be easily added and reinforced to the environmental improvement opportunities being undertaken.
    15. Make teachers / school systems federal employees to better equivocate pay between states and cities.
    16. Increase gun control throughout the nation. Hold the manufacturer’s accountable for the damage in lives and property their product impacts.
    17. Inform the oil industry blatant over-charging is no go AND this industry MUST be regualted for over-active profits. In fact, have the oil industry doubly taxed to cover costs for the unemployed as they charged so bloody much for 3 years everyone’s pocket book is thinner due to pure greed!
    18. Invest in other fuel sources.
    19. Provide aid to Africa for health, education and
    20. Listen and act on Jimmmy Carter’s and Nelson Mandela’s wisdom.
    21. Pray and give thanks.
    22. Thank you President Obama and Vice President Biden! I send you and your families love and blessings.
    23. To all those who are in economic distress, go to the library and read inspirational books, pray and live in gratitude ~ things will improve!
    24. Go to to participate in the monthly non-denominational blessings to ease your emotional pain, restore a sense of well-being and grace yourself and all with whom you come in contact!
    25. Thank you Tory and team!
    To reinforce dignity of the USA, immediate outreach must be provided through the world in a sense of collaboration. The USA is long past a bully mentality. As someone having lived abroad on a European economic system, it’s bloody difficult to support the events in Iraq and the stupidity with which they occured.

  12. Mazy

    I agree that jobs need to be created, but the only programs that I hear about are ones that in fact and (I agree that blue collar construction types in many cases) need jobs as well, but I see few in the way of white collar workers. Also, we have talked about industries that only a few have a skill set in, or are an upcoming skill set (like energy). This will boost a segment of the economy but the overall economy will still suffer. My husband and I have both been unemployed for over a year, during that time we have committed ourselves to searching for employment. There is always a barrier in the way. I am in the human resources field and I have done many things during my career that make me an excellent candidate for many positions, but, I have been: unemployed for too long, not recently local to the area (I moved away for a year), haven’t worked in a particular industry (although skill set for the position is the same in most), don’t have a particular voluntary certification (PHR, SPHR, CSP, PMP) all wonderful things but really in the larger scope much of it is fluff and the government is just a guilty by requiring in many contracts that people have those qualifications or even in many cases degrees, I can understand a specialized degree, (like engineering)but just to say that they must have a masters is too much, many people have years of experience, Another thing is the rigidity of experience in the same job type also in government, again we have a lot of experience but if you say you must have so much in a lower level position it makes the new comer start at the bottom. I am constantly being told when I apply that I am under or over qualified, when I put in for HR position in government I am told that I don’t have the requisite experience, I have been in the HR field for over 10 years, I tried putting in claims examiner for unemployment and workers comp. which again should use much of my proven skill set once again only to be told that I don’t have the requisite experience. My point is that we really need to stick to what skills are needed to do a job instead of past experience. Also we need to cut away much of the bureaucracy which has now become an industry in itself just to find a job. There are many fine people in these United States that have much to offer but the large amounts of hoops one must jump is becoming ridicules. Just my thoughts…

  13. Barbara

    The President can’t create jobs, it isn’t his job to do so. What he can do is lower taxes, not raise them, on private industry in order to allow companies the capacity to create jobs. The jobs he’s looking at creating are government-based, or will help companies looking to do business with the government. Along with those come government mandates on who these contract companies can hire. Instead of using our tax dollars to create more government entities, cut corporate taxes and allow those corporations to create/keep jobs here in this country. The day you have a larger government and more of those jobs, the more your tax dollars are taken away from private industry. This would be a path to a Socialist nation, not what our founding fathers envisioned.

  14. Josie

    I’m a woman over 50 that after 20 years was let go from my company due to a buy out. I am finding it very difficult to find new employment and I’m beginning to think that it is my age, not my qualifications. Whereas, it is illegal to age ones age, all of the companies that I have applied require graduation dates, which gives them your age. I am at a lost as to where to go from here. I haven’t even been able to get a mere customer service job because I’m told that I have too much experience. I hope that this new administration finds a way to get companies to be all inclusive – people are not dead and unproductive because we are over the age of 40.

  15. May B Evenbetter

    Why am I competing for available work with foreign workers awarded a Q visa?
    My employer was denied 300 H2B visa’s for potential employees. H2B Quotas had been filled: human resources found a grey area in the visa program and although qualified Americans were hired and trained when the Q visa opportunity was approved qualified Americans were backlined for available work. In result American citizens were unable to pay their bills, and filed for unemployment compensation in result.
    The constant stream of visa’d individuals present (and housed by the corporation) who are contending for work with the available skilled americans is neither fair nor moral. Foreign workers are / were put to work before qualified local residents, and other qualified americans who traveled from other areas of the US to work.
    The initial denial of visa’s was an attempt to protect the american worker. Although finding the Q-visa “grey” area would have provided ‘needed’ workers in a thriving economy, it is now causing an economic challenge to local long term, american Vail Resort employees who have served the corporation during stronger economic times.
    Middle management and the immigration department made a poor decision by bringing in Q visa’d individuals. The results are catastophic to local resident American workers attempting to pay their bills. Little effort has been made to protect the employment rights and opportunities of the qualified american worker.
    The H2B and Q visa programs were highly contentious in the press this fall. The bottom line is that in the Vail Valley did not NEED these workers, especially when, currently, american workers are being told not to show up for work because of the economy.
    Granted, each of these foreign individuals have skills but there are equally or more qualified americans waiting for work assignment while Q-visa’d foreigners are given priority.
    What is the remedy for the Americans not being given the available work? And who is protecting our right to work?

  16. Patricia Sowers

    During his campaign he committed, and said he would create jobs. He would lower taxes. He promised change right away. So much of the car industry is in trouble because of Michigan having a democratic governor, democratic mayor, and the car union ran by democrats. Wishing him the best, and looking for his FAST RECOVERY he promised during campaigning. Don’t focus on government jobs, where you have control over us. Help the American people have control over their own destinies through personal responsibility and HARD WORK, taking care of our own and believ in success. The key to success in globalization is education-training our young people not just to survive but to thrive in this new world economy, to compete successfully with their peers in India and Japan and China.

  17. Anonymous

    Please, please, please do not make this a socialist country. Do not raise the taxes on businesses as this cause businesses to eliminate jobs, not create them. Please do not spend trillions on the economic stimulus plan as this will have no effect until at least late in 2010 and will only cause more debt that this nation cannot afford. Please pick someone else as your Treasury secretary because we should not have someone in charge of the Treasury and the IRS who cheats on their taxes.

  18. Teri R

    I am a 60 yr old single mother who has solely raised three college education children. I have three grandsons & identical twin grandchildren on the way. I have worked full time for over 30 years with absolutely no assistance from NYC or anyone else. My position was eliminated and 2 yrs later the company has now closed. I have been seaarching endlessly since for a position and it seems I am at an age where I am either “too experienced” meaning my salary is too high and I am “not suitable for the positon” meaning I am too old. I look wonderful (if I may say so myself) and I am efficient and quite able to handle any situation — I have dealt with many unexpected business upheavals — and I have experience running a CEO’s business and personal life 24/7. So, here I sit answering ads for so many positions – asking for the most minimal salary – and nothing. And I do mean nothing. I now have no medical, I have used my entire savings, and may face losing my home. Please, please help those of us who at my age are facing a situation that is dire. Our savings are either gone thru the recession or we have paid so many bills, etc. with no stable salary in sight. Any insight would be wonderful. My prayers are with you and all of us. God Bless,
    Teri R

  19. Yvonne

    President Obama,
    There are parts of most of the previous comments that strike a cord with me. Bring our jobs back home, more closely monitor age discrimination and let years of experience stand for something in the hiring process. I just turned 56 and I could see this issue in my job search. I can’t imagine what those older citizens musth have felt.
    Government jobs for status candidates outnumber those open to all citizens by a significant margin.
    I was unemployed for 8 months before finding a job at almost 20K less than I made previously. The insurance is less than stellar, although, for what I pay for it, it should be phenomenal. My husband is in radio and is not offered any insurance, so I must make that a priority.
    Let’s make the country strong with the experienced and dedicated people we already have.

  20. Cheryl Hendrickson

    I would like to see President Obama put in place something similar to what Roosevelt put in place with the public works program. I don’t think he should send out any rebate checks. We have enough problems with the older cities’ infrastructure. We need to put more people (who are accountable) back to work, get more done, pay more taxes, and we’ll have more money for the public service sector (fire dept. military, teachers, mayors, etc.) Put more people back to work in the manufacturing and construction associated with the old and new cities’ infrastucture (sewers, underground cable, TV, gas, electricity, etc.) It won’t take long to write the executive order, but we have to get Congress’ approval to fund it. Once we get Congress to fund it (maybe 90 days), we can put it in place right now.

  21. marie

    Its one thing to want to say this will work or that will work but the fact is that President Obama can’t do it by himself. I am hoping that our government stops bickering about their difference and starts reacting by giving American companies the tools it needs to create jobs here in the states-lets start by tax cuts for companies that stay in the states. Let’s make education and retraining available for everyone who has the want and desire to better themselves. Lets become the inventors- the leaders in new technologies, and the country that cares and does something positive about our planet. In supposedly still one of the richest countries in the world ,nobody should have to go without health care.
    But there’s another side to my ranting…First some of these companies shouldn’t be baled out -I question why they feel no need to let the public know what they are doing with the money. Having some personal experience with a certain bank for a loan -instead of baling regular people out they are off buying other companies- with a certain credit card I used to be able to afford,I got stuck with a 30 % interest rate until I needed to go into debt management! For what was less then $900.00-money I borrowed to pay bills, due to the lack of work-why is it they got bailed out, and tho I kept up on my payments they still shot my interest rate up?
    Another thing that bothers me is immigrates -not that they are here -I don’t blame them for wanting to be here -but there should be no hand outs or jobs for anyone thats illegal. Taxes should be payed by everyone…Whether a citizen or not -there’s no excuse -you can’t tell me they only have jobs nobody wants…
    And the last point I want to make is , I am willing to do my part -I am willing to get training ,I am willing to work overtime to make a better business ,I want to take pride in my work , company , and country,but I also want the rewards of a job well done. I don’t expect anyone to bail me out,but just want the chance to do it!

  22. Anita

    To God Be The Glory! Pray for the individuals who need employment and those who make the decision whether or not individuals will be hired. Pray for a heart of peace and discernment. Everyone deserves a second chance. Your Attitude determines your Altitude. Help employers and future employees to show and give appreciation and be humble day to day. God Bless America and our New President and Vice President and their families

  23. given this historic day in history, I am a middle aged female one of which who is presently unemployed in these times, and my hope for the new world if you will, is one that will give every American the opportunity to fulfill their hopes and desires in a profession that provides the statbility that this country needs today. For myself, I have interviewed, but the interviews of today focus more upon the “younger” set if you will, and not the experience. The younger set desire less of a salary, therefore, leaving me to “flounder” in a youthful society. While my past work experiences have taught me wisely, today, as I sit here and write this, I am still out of work. The one thing I would like the new administration to set as a priority is to allow we who are the middle aged of this glorious land, to be able to choose when we want to retire off into the sunset, if you will and not be “forced” to do so. Thank you for your time in reading my thoughts.

  24. Janice Rutecki

    In order to create new jobs, companies that are cash strapped need money. In order to find money somehow within their corporate structure, pay for top executives, along with perks given to board of director choices, should be reviewed.
    I never understood “golden parachutes.” How is it that an executive can be paid overblown amounts of money, when they have not proven themselves? This is not the way that a corporation can function, when it’s “dead from the head down.”
    Board of director choices cannot be effective and oversee the missions of corporations when they have their own full time jobs, and are directors on multiple boards.
    My hope for this administration as it goes forward are the development of business plans that support “bailouts.” (which is money that belongs to all of us.)
    Further it is my hope for this administration, that they lead by example. No longer is the job given to someone because “they knew someone,” but because the person is qualified to do the job.
    That is my hope, Mr. President.

  25. Cindy Austin

    Dear President Obama,
    So many of the above comments, especially the numbered/detailed (I think second one). The person who wrote detail, obviously put much thought into her comment(s).
    Like so many others, I am amoung the unemployed and hate every minute of it! I first lost my full time/permanent position in July of 2006. The CEO’s daughters were releasing orders that I had put on credit hold and then I was told I wasn’t doing my job, however, I handled my job and some of the payables. In other words, I was held accountable for other’s actions.
    At first, with my now ex-fiance’, I tried to start my own business in the home-improvement industry. My fiance didn’t hold up his side. He was a general contractor that moved to the Carolinas from Conneticut. My degree is in Architectural Design and Drafting. Yes, much different than the accounting career I have persued. Which is part of the dilema in my job search. By January 2007, I realized that without the support of my partner, the company I wanted wasn’t going to succeed, so I went to a temp agency I had worked with for many years.
    The last position I held through this agency was in May of 2008, with a few weeks here, a couple of days there, since that time. Now, in 4.9 weeks, I’m facing no income at all, unemployment benefits, extended, will end. Everyday, weekends included, I look for a job, even applying for censous positions. I am single, 49, and have no family to turn to. Both parents have passed. I have no insurance and have MS and dental complications. I have raised 5 wonderful children, that is two sets of twins and my oldest daughter who suffers diabetes and more health complications. 90% of the time, while raising these children, I was a single parent. Now they are grown and going on with their lives, including my youngest dausghter who has many challenges as a result of AVM brain hemorhages at the age of 13. Her father failed to pay child support a few months after.
    In the 80’s, I was involved with Solar energy. This is something I believe very strongly in and is right for the environment. I still maintain all of the research and information on products. In seminars, as a speaker, I remember all the things we would present, the dependancy on oil and other natural resources. President Jimmy Carter offered some answers, allowing inventive thinking, something you, Mr. President, stated we as a nation need to do. Yes, there were some bad products because of “profit” minded individuals, rather than saving our world’s environment or really help homeowners and business to save money on utilities and lesson our dependecy on natural resourses.
    So many decisions regarding energy, have been made to support American Oil and other energy related companies. Solar Refrigeration, a product that takes energy from sun, wind, rain, sleet, snow and so on, that could provide 90% of heating needs. I tried to look it up on line, but there’s too many other things that do not support this product. Photovoltaics have come so far in 20 years. These products not only would assist in the employment of people, but also would assist in less oil and other natural resource products.
    Another area, recycling is not nearly what it could be. The apartment complex I live in does not have recycling bins for plastic, glass and paper. In fact, they have only one recepticle for the entire complex, which compacts all the garbage and too many people don’t understand how to use. This is another environmental impact.
    Mr. President, there are solutions to our problems. We need someone who will look beyond the norm, take a few risks with high powered people that take advantage of the “profit only” mindset.
    One of the best things that I have seen, is this site allowing some imput from everyday people dealing with the “clouds” of the time.

  26. Please keep your promises! It really is time for a change. Reward those who reinvest in the country versus sending jobs over sea’s to save a penny. I am not convinced that we can’t match or do better than other country’s in area’s such as telecommunications and customer service. Put us on a true path a prosperity for our children and future generations. We have the resources and talent to make a difference here and the rest of the world.

  27. Dr. Jeanie Mastro PhD


  28. lora

    In order for a company, country or individual to become finacially prosperous,STOP SPENDING MORE THAN YOU MAKE. Obama spent over $150 million on his party before he was even president…. I guess we can see where this is going….I’ve started picking up pennies!

  29. Andre L. Banks

    Q: What would you ask President Obama to do about the employment crisis in cities and towns throughout our nation?
    A: I would ask President Obama to talk to the business leaders of America and ask them to creative alternatives to layoffs that would allow employers to retain its employees, even during hard economic times. For example, instead of laying off 500 employees, the company could create more revenue-generating positions.
    Q: Where specifically would you like to see your tax dollars invested in job creation—and what kind of jobs could be created?
    A: Part 1 – I would like to see my tax dollars invested in the creation of online training courses that can (1) help people learn new computer software skills and (2) teach people how to be effective leaders in their daily jobs. Part 2 – Creating more jobs within all of the job industries that give people a sense of worth and appreciation and creating more higher paying entry-level jobs would help significantly.
    This (referring to my ANSWER to Part 1 of the question) would be an alternative / preparation tool to those who aren’t receiving this type of training on-the-job. This will help people develop their talents and further acquire new job skills that would not have been acquired otherwise.
    Q: How much time are you willing to give the new team to make things happen? 24 months

  30. Joellen

    Dear President Obama:
    I have been unemployed for over a year. I used to earn $55,000 a year. I am now on EMERGENCY Unemployment funds at $96/week. I live with my 72 year old Mom and we are eeking out a living on her Social Security money $700 and food stamps $300.
    I have some college, no degree, and secretarial and some sales training. I have been an Executive Administrative Assistant to high level Executives for over 20 years! I am 47 years old. Before this economic slump, I would be snapped up within days of my deciding to change jobs. NOW, I am lucky to get a ‘thanks for replying to our job opening’. Very few interviews ever pop up. So far, no second interviews. From the ads they stress they are looking for applicants with BA’s or Master degrees, with 1 or 2 years experience! The jobs I am applying for (that any other day of my life other than now in the twight-zone,)require 8-10 years of experience for Executive Administrative Assistants! I don’t have degrees, and I am not going to lie, so I get weeded out. I have the exact level of experience and business judgement that any top level executive would need in a fast paced office – if we are talking real world reality. By the way, if I had a BA I seriously would be going for a Director/Manager-type position, not a support/secretary-type position anyway! What are they thinking!
    I need to see more jobs in my type of work. Making jobs in construction and road-building is great for the economy, but I can’t physically do these types of jobs. Please don’t forget me in creating jobs! Thank you, Joellen

  31. To create strong companies that are profitable, financially strong, and able to compete with the world, training must take place. The US has fallen short of providing skilled labor that can work competitively. The unions would serve this country and its citizens in a more ethical way by becoming the trade schools of the world while giving people who attend the self empowerment they deserve rather than being threatened and bullied. If the union were to take this stand they would be profitable, their jobs would be less threatened and people would be able to make a living when work is available without threats from union members. That being said. Students should learn what they love and be exposed to more things while learning. If they learned self motivation, creative thinking and ways to apply what they figure out instead of learning to regurgitate information to a substandard testing program, I think we would be miles ahead of the problems we face. Communications skills are the foundation of all relationships needed in life whether in families, organizations or working environments. Understanding is key to lean times and profitable growth. Obama, how will we build the infrastructure that will move our country forward when we are so lacking in skilled, creative, high thinking labor?

  32. Karen Cobin

    I have read varying ideas on what steps Pres. Obama should take to restore the economic collapse we are fighting hard to survive through. Stepping back to ponder what I have read, I feel first and foremost that our new President should exercise extreme caution when talking about goverment being the answer to our ills. Thomas Jefferson said “A government big enough to give you everything you need and want is strong enough to take everything you have” These words are powerful and should be carefully considered. Gov’t as we know is an inefficient, slow moving beaucratic sloth that can not get out of it’s own way. Try making a service call to the Unmemployment Office or the Dept of Motor Vehicle. I have had first hand experience of late and I can tell you that these offices are a clear example of how frustrating it is to deal with them and how truly ineffective their work process is. We need innovative fresh progressive methods to jump start this economy:
    Create incentive to save by NOT taxing saved earnings- at least for a year- we are a nation of spenders but if you incent to save that will change.
    Recalcualte existing mortgages based on the current value of the home- this will stop the never ending number of foreclosures and houses for sale which will then help to slowly increase value overtime.(this is where the TARP money should go)
    Bail out smaller to mid-size businesses that are the foundation of this country. We are so focused on the mega companies who have failed miserably at their posts when the little guys are working so hard to hold a competitive advantage and foster fresh innovative ideas.
    Due to the exorbitant losses incurred by all of us, increase the dollar amount that you are allowed to deduct from current income especially for those who are elderly- they may not live long enough to use up the losses if it remains at $3K. (losses have been staggering) This will give them larger tax returns which will then afford them more spending dollars to pay off debts and make more purchases.
    Guantanomo Bay should not be closed until a secure place is selected to house the 200 or more prisoners who are now there. Not sure why he is so concerned with this when he has so much on his plate that requires his immediate attention.
    Last but not least, a high caliber watch dog agency needs to be created to ensure that the SEC and big business dealings are fully transparent. We were sold out by our gov’t and big business- history must not repeat itself again in this manner.

  33. Suzy

    Our Country is suffering massive job losses in every aspect of business due to farming out overseas. Everything from our toothpaste to pet foods and supplies is manufactured overseas. We need regulation to dictate that if your an American based company…the jobs stay in America…period! Anything short of this is corporate treason in my book and should be federal grounds for prosecution. If we can restore our job market the rest will fall into place. Also, it doesn’t make sense for an automaker with little or no education to make $25 per hour when a graduated college candidate who spent years of perseverance and loads of money can’t find a job making more than $10 per hour…if even that lately. We all need to come together to help restore our Country to sanity and make our politicians acocuntable for their actions.

  34. Patricia Long

    I am 59 yrs. old, female, trying to “survive” on unemployment while I CONSTANTLY seek employment that pays decent (not minimum wage) I have some college and have worked for 42 years of my life. My Q/is: Why can’t ANYONE honestly seeking re-training or certification type schooling, etc. receive the funds for that so they can GET OFF OF UNEMPLOYMENT? I’m NOT trying to get a BA degree, etc. simply a NEW career field that requires about $3000 for funding and all I seem to do is run into walls when I seek funding!!!!!!! Help US to Help ourselves and make it easier to accomplish this goal! I can’t help rebuild our economic system by “spending” / purchasing anything that is NOT a necessity until I am gainfully RE-EMPLOYED…..and neither can anyone else who is simply trying to survive while being un-employed. Thank You

  35. S. Howleit

    I’m a 21 yr. old single parent. I lost my job and am living off unemployment. I have to pay rent, bills, buy food, things for my apartment, take care of my son and myself all with unemployment. I get less than $800 a month. So you can imagine how difficult, stressful and depressing this is. It’s so difficult to find employment. They want you to have a bachelors for a receptionist position. Why is it so difficult to find employment. And jobs are steady having layoffs. What about all the companies that outsource. It may benefit the company, but in the long run it negatively affects our country. So many people are struggling to take care of their families. It’s so much to have to deal with. With all the financial struggles I have to face, it’s hard to focus on my classes. It’s hard to pretend to be happy in front of my 2 yr old son because I dont want him to know anything is wrong. It’s hard for my son to ask for something and I cant get it because I cant afford it. It’s hard to only be able to afford to feed my son and eat when he’s done. Its hard to have to live through Chicago winter wearing a jacket because I cant afford a coat. Not only are all those things hard, but it’s also so much corruption in the system. Something needs to be done and soon. Not only is it me, it’s across the country.

  36. Janet Johnson-Smith

    I would like to see President Obama put together a corrections administration to research a more modern and rehabilitative process for incacerating prisoners. We are providng archaic confinement that has not been succesful for many years; it’s time for change!
    Our recedivism rate continues to be high partly because we are economically and financially an unequal society and because we do not provide adequate training and rehabilitation to incacerated individuals and especailly to women. in fact, incacerated women are tragically underserved in the job training and rehabilitative process.
    We cannot expect to lower our crime rate if we continue to treat offenders like they are participants in a musical chair arena. We must change our criminal justice system!

  37. Diana

    I agree with everyone else especially if you are over the age of 55 WE NEED JOBS. We can’t retire because a lot of folks have lost their money and have no retirement funds. We need to keep working as long as our health is good and we are an asset in the business world. THEY NEED US! So I would love to see jobs for everyone over the age of 55 and up. We have to rebuild our funds and even our social security. Which is another thing that should have more money and people should not be charged for Medicare from their social security or at least have a lower charge out of their social security. Why can’t women over the age of 55 get jobs. Like I said they are more vital now than their mothers! They have a lot to offer in the job force. we are strong, healthy and ready to work and I would love to see ALL of US working!

  38. Janine

    I for one am a full supporter of the free enterprise system, capitalism and social responsibility of business within those. I do not believe that raising taxes and providing more social welfare programs is the answer to our current economy. Nor will building roads and other physical infrastructures, other than investing in the internet, alternate energy resources, and education, provide answers to our current economic woes and need to improve upon global competition.
    President Obama, I would like you to consider several major changes.
    1. Reduce taxes and regulations for small and medium businesses (SMBs) to make it easier and faster to create and grow SMBs for local, national and global growth. It has long been proven that SMBs will continue to be the backbone of the US economy as well as have the agility to respond quickly to an ever changing market. Help them to respond to global growth not through more taxes, but through innovation and reduced regulations from local, state, and national agencies.
    2. Restrict the income capabilities of PUBLICLY traded large organizations in Executive and Board of Directors wages, pay, and other compensations. Especially for companies taking govt loans, subsidies or benefiting from tax breaks. Force them to put money back into growing the business rather than to a minority of the employees pockets. Give large organizations incentives to invest in SMBs, partner with them and help them to grow.
    A Fired Fact from, “Fired! Tales of the Canned, Canceled, Downsized and Dismissed,” by Annabelle Gurwitch, the ratio between the pay received by the average American CEO and the average American worker in 2004: 431 to 1. In 1980 it was 42 to 1. The Japanese CEO to worker ratio in 2004 was 10 to 1. To put these in perspective, according to an article in the NYT the average American salary in 2006 was around $47,000 thus making an average CEO annual compensation, $20,257,000.
    President Obama, your own salary is in the $400,000 range in line with Japanese executives. I have no issue with USA executives earning large salaries in a direct proportion to their accomplishments. However, it is a travesty to see executives that have ignored market indicators, allowed their organizations to be stripped of future innovation, lose money quarter after quarter or year after year and still walk away with tens of millions and more in wages, severance packages and bonuses. Don’t you think $5,000,000 is more than adequate for a CEOs pay? Thus leaving an additional $15,000,000 to put back into growing the business and compete globally. Whatever the formula, make PUBLICLY traded companies accountable for their compensation decisions. Decisions from INDEPENDENT Boards of Directors, not those hand selected by the CEO.
    3. Remove the cap on earnings for Social Security and raise the Social Security tax in graduated income amounts. This is one way to provide the much needed funding for the medicaid/medicare portions of Social Security for the aging population.
    Lastly, I am immediately impressed at your current wage freeze imposed on govt. positions and your aggressive 100 day plan. You and your administration have your work cut out for you. I for one hope that you succeed! God Bless you President Obama.

  39. I have recently registered for my Business Administration Associates classes. My Business as Medical Records Copy Service is slow so I decided to go back to school. Are there any programs for women and new business owners to help with the financial strain of trying to improve ourselves for the better.


    Dear President Obama,
    I often hear about “shovel-ready projects,” which is great. However, that doesn’t apply to me when it comes to the type of work I’m seeking.
    I’m seeking administrative work at community agencies that deal with assisting people with job training, career resources and education.
    I know you aren’t a miracle worker, but please keep in mind that we need job for both genders and all age groups.

  41. diane dreyfus

    It is evident that since women are only 3% of the construction industry that additional effort must be placed on finding women jobs that pay as well in other industries.
    The idea has been put forth that Mr. Obama should also fund Hospitals and Schools both documented as “Female Ghettos” —
    Glass ceilings are facts of life in high paying executive jobs — witness the # of female CEOs and the fact that women still make little more than 70% of what equally educated men drag in.
    There seems to be no work that women can do that pays sufficiently for them to have a “room of one’s own.” We are, thus, imprisoned.
    For the last eight years, since wireless technology obsoleted my arcane field of cable management, I have been told, variously, to quit whining and go get a “joe job” or just continue volunteering.
    Hope your are doing better than me.
    62 year old M.S., Arch.

  42. Jean Brennan

    To President Obama,
    The jobs program needs to consider opportunities for women. Most of what I hear are construction related, and while their are a number of women up to that challenge, many of us are simply looking for white collar opportunites.
    Job training programs become unnecessary unless there is are guaranteed jobs. With an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts and over 25 years in the corporate world, people that lose their jobs suffer significant pay cuts, if and when they do find a new job.
    For some of us, Temporary office work becomes the option to keep some money coming. Unfortunately, many companies choose this option so they can pay less and avoid benefits. Temporary employment agencies for office workers do not pay into Unemployment Insurance, do not offer any health, retirement or savings benefits and this is a real problem for some of us who are willing to go the extra mile, but get nothing in return. I’ve been on the same temporary assignment for two years, however, if the company decides to let me go, I don’t have a right to Unemployment Compensation like everyone else. This is fundamentally wrong and needs to be changed through regulations.
    We should not be using the peoples hard earned tax dollars to support illegal immigrants in this country or medical research that is considered immoral. We should not be bailing out companies without specific discretionary and accountable performance plans which include reducing CEO pay and eliminating bonuses – period. The companies budget needs to be open to scrutiny to eliminate waste before tax dollars are awarded.
    Thank you.

  43. Joanne Beardsley

    As I read these comments the women of America are strong and diligent. The President of the US is showing his inexperience when he takes the bailout that Polosi has put together.. not for the employment of the American people, which by the way is only 33 million of the 8 to possible 9 billion dollar bail out, but if he were to really be for the American people he would have read the bill himself instead of being a puppet of his party. The housing is where it started and the housing is where it should be bailed (people who are American,living in their homes)out not the banks not the CEO and not new cars for the Federal government in Washington DC or the new Buildings …. The economy is the people and if you keep in touch with your governments bills to be passed taxes are to be increased to help make our goverment comfortable in new cars new surroundings etc… yes I read the bill over 600 pages that he gave our reps 6 to 8 hours to read and you need to read the information your self and Acorn is to get 1 Billion of the bail out /// please that is dmore than the people are getting to help us if it is to help… ask question… get informed… we are in for the long haul .. looks like the only one not to suffer from this is our congress and senate and president…
    WE the peple of the United States have a right to note opression when we see it and when the people you voted in to help express your rights ignore our calls and pleas to really make change It is not black its not white it is dirty politics
    Companies are requesting H 1 visas to import legal low wage paid employees / call your congress everyday and state your requests it is your country not theirs

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