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Starting a Business Doesn’t Have to Cost Big Money

Some would-be entrepreneurs hesitate because they assume they need plenty of money – money they won’t get back for years to come. And they’re reluctant to part with what cash they do have – especially in a recession. But The Wall Street Journal reports that starting off doesn’t have to cost big bucks – with profiles of several people who got their ventures going for about $100.


  1. Jo-Ann Fair

    I have an online recruitment agency. As you know the world of recruitment has been hit hard by the recession. It’s driven by jobs. I started my business in Nov 2008, when we were pretty deep in the recession period. So, now that part of my business is stagnant while I pursue other things like resume writing for example. Any information about how to keep a business afloat in tough times would be helpful.

  2. Jessie Thatcher

    One year ago in July I was watching GMA and you were talking about Direct Sales to beat the challenging economy. I had tried this before with no success and thought not for me. Then you mentioned “chocolate” and my ears perked up. I logged on to the GMA website and found the info for DCD. I checked out their website and decided to call. It was so inexpensive to sign up and I wrote my business plan..”It is ony $149 and if the business fails I will eat the inventory”. Well it is one year later and I just had a fantastic month with my new team and our great company. This opportunity has kept me ahead of the game and builds on a daily basis. I thank you at every party and event we have and tell my GMA/Tory Johnson story to everyone. Please keep letting women (and men) know they can succeed in this down economy..because everyone loves chocolate and it is a very affordable “luxury”. Thank you again.

    Jessie Thatcher
    Independent Chocolatier
    Dove Chocolate Discoveries
    Dayton, OH

  3. Saira

    I find it that every make money at home job wants money. I’m not opposed to paying a small fee, because I know sometimes it takes money to make money. However I need to know who’s ligitamate.

  4. Erica Chism

    I started my business with $50 6 month ago. As I built opportunities to market and sell first, I then added supplies and inventory for those events, shows,and sales opportunities I planned out. The key was to plan first and then invest in supplies/ inventory that would yield a return on that investment. For businesses or leaders that encourage you to stockpile and buy in bulk in advance of having a plan, it could be discouraging to stare at inventory you have not made a plan to make it sell. (Actually it reminds me of Will Smith’s character and all those bone density scanners stacked up in his home, he had to hustle to move those things and get them sold) Stream Cosmetics actually puts into the training that you need a plan and they help you make one. I also invested in solid business training in addition to my company’s training, ‘Make Money At Home’ coaching series and ‘Spark and Hustle’ conference. Both are amazing and I could not imagine any of the successes in my 1st 6 month happening without these programs from Tory Johnson. “Thanks” Tory!

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