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Sweet Freedom

It’s a funny thing: now that I don’t have to wake up at a specific hour to get to the office, I’m bouncing out of bed, pouncing on the laptop, writing articles and blogging at the crack of dawn. Embracing my newfound unemployment freedom, my days feel more packed than ever before.

Is it possible the whole downsized process could be so liberating?

Aside from having flexibiliity to interview without hiding it from co-workers or your boss and making it a priority, there are countless ways to fill the day now. Yesterday I met my new mentor at a networking breakfast and was able to chat for a while without having to look at my watch.

The weekday after my upcoming Buenos Aires vacation I know I’ll be able to sleep in without having to set an alarm clock.

I can pursue tickets for Opening Day in the new Yankee Stadium without hesitation that I may have a conference call and won’t be able to make it.

Yesterday I sat in the grandiose New York Public Library on Fifth Avenue with my laptop transcribing a celebrity interview mid-afternoon.

Simply daydreaming and watching all of the tourists in awe of the fabled institution, I thought wow, this moment is pretty special and won’t come around too often.

Once the weather gets a little warmer I’ll be able to grab a book and head to Central Park, something I seldom get to do on a weekday. I’ll finally go to Ellis Island which has been on my to-do list for what, four years now? And maybe, just maybe, today I’ll be able to finally get to the gym to watch Oprah.

In fact, I’m beginning to wonder if I’m enjoying this stint of Vicki time a little bit too much? It feels like I’m taking personal time from work, able to do all the things in a fluid, flexible schedule which rarely gets squeezed in when you take a mental health day.

If you’ve been laid off recently, what are some daily rituals you’re able to enjoy now that you’re not tied to a 9 to 5 schedule? How are you embracing your newfound freedom?


  1. Judith Norman

    Its a small thing but I really like being able to go to the Union Square farmers market during the week instead of having to wait until Saturday. I also like having the leisure to “hunt and gather” my food items from different stores instead of being pressured to get the grocery shopping done as efficiently as possible. And of course, now I have time to cook and try out new and more complicated recipes.

  2. L.

    I am a graphic designer and lost my job recently. I’ve spent a lot of time reading design blogs and rediscovering why I love what I do in the first place. The creative inspiration is exhilarating, and I know it will make my work for my freelance clients and my next employer all the better.
    And I still get up early. But now I read quality literature, a chapter a day, before getting out of bed. What a luxury!

  3. I was laid off about 3 weeks ago from my Event planning job. Since then, I’ve been able to catch up on reading, try new recipes (or make dinner in general)! I’ve also been able to spend more time with my parents and my younger brother. He’s still in high school and going to his games has been wonderful. I’ve volunteered more at church and been able to work out and take walks. It has been glorious!

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